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Archive for May, 2013
Posted by Cody f86saber | May 28, 2013 @ 12:37 AM | 5,357 Views
About eight years ago, in 2005 I put together a GWS DHC-2 Beaver that flew for 40~50 minutes between charges. Since then, neighbor had been at me a few times to put together a plane for him that could provide something more than the 5~7 teasing minutes of barely-able-to-climb that his Parkzone J-3 Cub offered up. It so happened, that in 2010, he bought a used Hobbico Cessna 182 from a relative of his. Using the older stock NiMh pack and a possibly worn out direct-drive brushed 380 motor with a slightly bend shaft unwillingly swinging a 7x3 2-blade propeller, it didn't have enough cowbell to lift off the ground. I can validate that, because I tried it firsthand. Fuggetaboudit! So, one day while visiting him, and I said I was ordering some parts from Hobbyking and would be happy to select the components and convert the plane over to brushless and Lithium polymer power. He took up the offer, and now I want to share how I did it for anyone out there who has wanted better climbing power or speed, but wasn't sure where to begin. This setup will not provide 30~40 minutes flights, as the wing loading does not permit that. With that said, it will provide longer flights and good performance. Read on by clicking on the Comments...