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Posted by RayH | Aug 15, 2006 @ 02:01 PM | 3,970 Views
... Last 2 years have been a relocate (x2) and family rebuilding process following my Divorce of a 13 year Marriage. As things continue to settle in and settle down, I am able to dive back into the RC hobby again. In small stages, and most likely not back to same level as I was before. There is some "clean-up" and damage control that is taking place, if this includes you specifically in anyway, please continue to be patient as you have been. I appreciate it very much.
I am also enlisted back into the US Army as a Flight Operations Specialist, so there is a very good chance I would be called to participate in the ongoing War against Terror, by deploying to any of the current theaters of operation.
Stay safe, stay tuned, and return for updates.