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Archive for September, 2006
Posted by RayH | Sep 30, 2006 @ 11:48 PM | 5,807 Views
I have the honor of helping an old friend part with some of his planes, at the same time, I am trying to bring down my own fleet a bit.
Posted by RayH | Sep 23, 2006 @ 09:11 PM | 5,302 Views
No kidding, nothing makes you slow down more, than being totally and completely "unplugged". My Fiance' and I had an excellent 7 day voyage on The Royal Carribean Ship, Radiance of the Seas.
I highly recommend it to everyone.

I will be back in the shop on Monday.
Posted by RayH | Sep 12, 2006 @ 05:05 PM | 5,801 Views
For any following along .... I am gonna step aside from the Fermin issues for the moment and update on a few others.

I have a few personal Slope related projects on the bench, also continuing on my Giant scale Warbirds too.

I have some orders to fill and back fill. From the list you will know that I am talking about your order or not.

Lots of SlopeFuses to lay up
Me-262 x 6
Spitfire x 2
L-39 x 1
Vintage racer x 3
Dc-3 x 2
Macchi x 3

not in any order, I just lay out the molds and go at it. I will update here as I progress.

From Sep15 - Sep 24 I will be on a cruise from Vancouver Canada to San Pedro CA, so shop will be closed during that time.

Stay safe, stay tuned, and return for updates.
Posted by RayH | Sep 12, 2006 @ 10:03 AM | 5,669 Views
What did I think would happen?

Funny sometimes how when you take a stand for something, you end up having to explain things you didnt even talk about.

Example: I have never said word one about flying at night, yet, when I show up at The Hill this evening, all of sudden I am "point man" against night flying. (Ian, you left before the fireworks started. Must have seen it comin', huh?)
I am also "enemy number-one", against "grown-men" executing their right to consume whatever they want, smoke whatever they please, and act however they will, and then go fly @ Pt. Fermin.

Tonight I found myself against a small, hateful clan, as I tried to explain my position to them. Only one listened! And Dave, to you I say "Thank You". To the rest, I hope this gets to you intact.

Read the entire night flyer thread!

You guys were ready to lynch me over stuff that was being said a long time ago. You guys were hot and pissed over stuff other people have been saying way before I said anything online. But you guys all wanted to vent at me cause I informed the Police, Coast Guard and Lifeguard! I am not looking to lose Fermin, but on the contrary keep it safe.

The talk I had with the two agencies (not the Coast Guard, by the way) was that I was concerned about a safety issue, involving ___________.
The input that I received from both was that ON THE WHOLE WE HAVE NO PROBLEM WITH THE GUYS THAT FLY AT PT FERMIN! THEY ARE NORMALLY SAFE AND...Continue Reading
Posted by RayH | Sep 05, 2006 @ 02:29 PM | 6,176 Views
Pt. Fermin;

My home site for slope soaring, one of the most talked about locations on the West Coast for getting in some of the best slope soaring anywhere is become a filth haven! The Fermin I knew of old was “territorial” at worst as most surfing and true sloping sites are, but Pt. Fermin was never unapproachable to non-local flyers, there was never the element of vile and profane gestures. Fermin was where you went to cut your teeth, where you went to strut your stuff, where you went to do your best, and be respected for trying. Fermin was where you went, just so that you can say, “I flew there”. Planes at Fermin had as much grass flying as it did air time once. Pt. Fermin made you proud to say that you got past the launch, and that you survived the landing.
NO LONGER. There is now a very small but loud group of “people” that have chosen to rebel-ize the flying area. This small group has chose alcohol consumption,
pot smoking and whatever else, things that do not make for a fun, clean and safe environment while calling themselves slope flyers. Shame on them all!

I personally will step up to bat, and will not continue to watch my home site degrade at the hands of a few “people”. They are all on notice as of now. Be it the double edge sword that it is, I will take the high road on this issue. I will make frequent trips to Fermin now to fly or not, and if the same small group of people want to continue on with their past actions, then they will have...Continue Reading