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Posted by sectrix | Dec 28, 2007 @ 06:09 AM | 1,869 Views
...the 401 is still grounded and I have given up on my build-the-whole-plane approach. Numerous problems with what I was thinking before. I could design and build the whole plane, but the amount of learning and extra cost and time it would require to make the electronics is vast. Especially when everything I need is sitting in a box somewhere for like $150.

On the positive side, the idea of this UAV is much more solid in my head. I have sorted out the obvious issues, and just have to get to work to find the ones I don't know about. I've done a lot of research and thinking, and this is what I've got it down to.

The general idea is a remote controlled airplane that I can fly up to about ten miles away using a live video and telemetry feed. This will consist of five systems on the plane, and four on the ground. The first three systems are common to both the plane and the ground; video, telemetry and control. The plane has two additional systems, an airframe and an autopilot. The ground also includes a base station.

This is obvious, it is a video link from the plane to the ground. WirelessVideoCameras.com sells video camera and Tx/Rx packages for around $700 - $1000. They have ranges varying from 1000' to 25 miles, and are built specifically for RC aircraft. The camera is also optimized for the conditions it will mostly see: pointing at the sky. The Rx on the ground has a simple yellow RCA video connector, and is NTSC compliant so I can use whatever video screen...Continue Reading