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Archive for April, 2006
Posted by sectrix | Apr 24, 2006 @ 11:21 AM | 2,595 Views
Ugh. UPS is not a great job. Let me rephrase that. In some ways it's a great job, in most others it is deplorable. I'll start with what I like. Medical benefits and tuition reimbursment right off the bat. Fairly high starting pay, considering the only prerequisite is you graduated highschool. Internal promotions always take precidence. Free poptarts and rice crispies treats on Friday. But, otherwise this job sucks. I start at 4 AM and continuously move usually heavy packages for five hours. I get yelled at when a supervisor tells me to do the wrong thing(but I'm always thanked at the end of the day....wierd). It gets friggin hot. I make barely enough money to stay afloat, much less expand into this FPV airplane project, or my other projects. I still have yet to repair the Firebird, and thats hardly expensive at all. I really need some flight hours under my belt, and I cant fly. I cant even get a RC flight simulator for my Macintosh because one doesn't exist (barring Helis). So, I decided to get a second job. Without it, it would take months to save enough money to fix the Firebird. And after I master this, I want to get a gas trainer kit, and a good set of electronics. Right there is something like $400. Soon, in order to advance any longer in my study of electronics, I'll need to get test equipment. At least an oscilloscope and signal generator. Maybe even a frequency analyzer since I want to try and design the radio controls for my plane. That's all a lot of money, at...Continue Reading
Posted by sectrix | Apr 02, 2006 @ 04:12 PM | 2,619 Views
I went from doing nearly a chapter a day in the text book to doing almost nothing. Since I last wrote I have only completed one other chapter, pulse response of resistor-capacitor circuits. I've been unproductive due to my buddies band's website finally going up. I offered to build it for them, and I had to spend some time getting it up and running properly. The 401 is still grounded on account of the tail section.

My lack of money hasn't gotton another one yet. When I order it. I'll probably get two sets of wings and an extra tail as well. I finally got a job recently at UPS. Crappy hours (3:30 AM to 8 AM), but enough spending money for a college student plus tuition reimbursement and medical coverage. I work an easy shift too; primary sort is a no-brainer. UPSers know what I mean. Not much else has happened. I finally got my first issue of Model Aviation, which was somewhat interesting. I haven't really learned much more about the FPV project. I wonder just how much of my avionics will be home-made. There seems to be a lot of great equipment out there at reasonable cost, as far as telemetry and data transmission are concerned. But it is still unclear to me how it will all interconnect, what sort of system I will use for control (if, indeed, regular RC aircraft TXs and RXs are out of the question for the range I wish to achieve), RC redundancy issues, and of course, the legal restrictions on FPV aircraft.