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Posted by Get Real | Apr 07, 2008 @ 01:39 AM | 3,096 Views
Finally spring weather is here . Windy as usual but its a lot easier to fly when you can feel the sticks. Ive really been rough on the velox lately.. letting it drop out of harriers onto cement,ripping around full throttle into spins and walls etc,3DHobbyShop planes take a beating and keep flying,finally something had to give.. not a design issue but a pilot that used some cheap old ca,pulled out the elevator control horn and touched down in the weeds but the velox was fine . Ca and epoxys have failed me before,usually do to the drastic changes in temps.. i fly in the winter and its hell on covering and on adhesives etc. The velox will be flying during the week probally,using elmers ultimate on control horns now,its had the best overall longevity with a little flexability and a strong bond that doesnt get brittle and crack in the cold. Its really nice to get some flying in without all the cold.. after flying its time for bbq.. what better way to end a fun day of flying .
Posted by Get Real | Apr 04, 2008 @ 10:06 PM | 2,805 Views
The weather out here is starting to look up finally and my rc fleet is moving forward some more . After doing this a couple years i recently took the plunge into larger planes.. not 40% or anything but 55'' electrics,i just got my second one tonight and it should be flight ready in a couple weeks. Along with 3D planes i started flying the helis off and on shortly after learning to fly planes,there a lot of fun and i recently moved up in size with them to.. trex 600 . Like the past two years i plan to fly harder and learn more.. hopefully fly more than once a week to like i normally do and do some more ap and video along with learning more 3D with planes and becoming a better overall pilot.

A couple pics of my bigger birds for this year .
Posted by Get Real | Mar 31, 2008 @ 12:26 AM | 2,859 Views
Got a 2 day weekend and had time to fly both days . Weather was less than pleasant but its flying.. Cant wait for warmer temps and sunny skys to get some better flying in. Flew my velox on 3s and it was fun with the lighter set up at 38oz and very floaty.
Posted by Get Real | Mar 16, 2008 @ 11:38 PM | 2,894 Views
It was a bit windy but i got a flight in on the shp,sunny but cold with the windchill.
Posted by Get Real | Mar 07, 2008 @ 06:23 AM | 3,306 Views
Ive currently flown all the 47'' planes and im working on getting another 55'' and starting on the bigger ones . Heres a video of all of them and my 55'' katana .
Posted by Get Real | Mar 06, 2008 @ 12:23 PM | 3,401 Views
Finally got to fly my trex 450se,its been about 4 months since ive flown it but i have 3s packs again so the trex will start getting more flights . Took the shp to the park to try some things out and went back later with my nitro trucks and got some air off some snow jumps. Even with trying to get the tail trimmed flying a heli again was a lot of fun,i should just get a better gyro and servo or atleast a digital servo for it (maybe this summer) .
Posted by Get Real | Mar 02, 2008 @ 04:48 AM | 3,486 Views
The weatherman lied.. so much for mid 30s,i had fun getting a few flights in today though inbetween warming up in the truck though .
Did a hover to elevator landing to,havent done that one in a long time.. last time i did that it was with a foamy. The shp rocks .
Posted by Get Real | Feb 25, 2008 @ 05:36 AM | 3,458 Views
Heres some video from sunday.. 1 flight on the shp,i havent flown it in a couple months and this was the first time in probally 3 months since ive flown it on 3s. I took the aspera for a flight to and that didnt go much better,some days nothing goes right . It was nice to get some flying in though and overall i had fun considering the flight conditions .
Posted by Get Real | Feb 20, 2008 @ 11:55 PM | 4,260 Views
Still waiting for spring to get here,didnt do as much building over the winter as i would have liked but slapped together one foamy and bought an EPP one to mess around with . Really thinking of doing a 55'' or larger one.. EPP is elusive around here so i went with depron again for this little one. Started a new video page here. Planning on going to larger aircraft this year (55'' and larger planes) wanted to get some stick time in a full scale heli last year but that got side tracked maybe this year . My trex 450 has been grounded since november but i recieved new tp 3s v2 2200 packs this week so i'll get the dust off my rc heli finally and be able to run my planes on 3s packs again for lighter set ups to . I really need to fly more often this year.. my flyings coming along but i know i can do better,i have fun flying regardless though .
Posted by Get Real | Feb 16, 2008 @ 12:46 PM | 3,938 Views
Its been rough with this cold winter weather and flying every other week or so. Had some things to try out on the little epp plane so i took it out front for a couple quick flights.. still in the 20s out here .
Posted by Get Real | Feb 03, 2008 @ 10:58 PM | 4,468 Views
The set up needs a little work,the ailerons would respond much better using 2 aileron servos. Not a bad little plane for my first epp plane.. it should only get better from here on out .
Posted by Get Real | Jan 31, 2008 @ 02:24 AM | 3,240 Views
Finally got a decent day to fly that i wasnt freezing after the first few minutes.. lastet about 7 minutes before i had to jump back in the truck to warm up . Only had a few flights on the katana prior but they were in really high winds and cold . This was the first time i was able to get a feel for it and have a little more fun . ''Bigger Flys Better''
Posted by Get Real | Jan 28, 2008 @ 06:56 AM | 3,415 Views
First time flying in over 3 weeks.. the weathers been frigid but finally had time and somewhat decent weather to get a couple flights in . First time flying the velox without sfg's.. it still harriers extremly staple. I kept the flying pretty layed back and slow paced but it was still fun to get some flying in .
Posted by Get Real | Jan 06, 2008 @ 02:46 AM | 3,771 Views
Got two flights in today,one with the aspera and one with the velox on 5s. Both planes are quick stock but i was looking for a little more today from the velox and flew it on 5s for the first time .


Video:Velox 5s Set Up!
Posted by Get Real | Dec 26, 2007 @ 02:26 AM | 4,890 Views
Had a chance to fly today,was trying a different set up in the aspera and wanted to get some more flights in on my new planes.. 55'' katana and 47'' velox,ive only had time to get the maidens in on the two newest ones so it was nice to get more stick time in finally . Heres some pics and theres also a video from the ''Noggin'' cam of the aspera,the aspera cuts through the sky well and has good top end speed,watch twards the end of the video for the close in fly bys .

Video:Aspera From The ''Noggin'' Cam !
Posted by Get Real | Dec 20, 2007 @ 12:48 AM | 4,557 Views
The SHP is set up for ap now,in my haste to get some ap in with my favorite ap bird... it bit the dust on a cold windy day. After switching gear.. set ups.. radios etc in the EBT i failed to check aileron direction . That didnt go to well on a tight take off area with some good winds blowing . The shp with 2+ oz camera and mount i made gets results until i figure out what im gonna use for a full time video and ap ship. Thinking about a .40 to .60 size trainer set up currently,probally set it up with the torque 4014t elite 80amp esc on 4 or 5s. Its a strong power system and i currently have the same set up in my 55'' katana and plan to get another power system in that size for next spring. Heres some pics of the current weather.. would of really been cool if things didnt go the way they did with the ebt sunday... there was snow everywhere and the streets were covered,i was also in a new area with lots of scenic value for ap....Continue Reading
Posted by Get Real | Dec 05, 2007 @ 02:52 PM | 4,756 Views
First time flying a balsa plane around at night,it was cold and windy.. i'll be doing more night flying when theres calmer conditions .

Video:SHP First Night Flight
Posted by Get Real | Nov 30, 2007 @ 08:16 AM | 4,901 Views
Its that time of year again.. freezing cold and snow are on the way . When its cold outside i dont have the month of may.. but i do have some depron . More pics and specs coming,i really wanted to do it lighter and out of epp but there wasnt any epp around locally. Pattern hybrid,big fun fly airfoiled wing.. all 6mm depron so its a bit heavy but i wanted to finally do an airfoiled wing.. think i'll do a flat design yak or something next if i can ever find some epp around here.
Posted by Get Real | Nov 25, 2007 @ 01:13 AM | 4,924 Views
The last time i flew foam was around 6 months ago.. and it was a scratch built of my own design. Here it is winter and design time again for foamys but this was a production foamy not one of mine,cool little plane with plenty of potential.. just need to add more expo and bigger throws but thats why you fly maidens . Using a camcorder sitting on the car is so lacking,even with editing etc it misses so much and its difficult to have someone around when i fly on the weekend usually to shoot video so i decided id try a pov set up,i just rigged it up mcguyver style before i left and flew one pack in the plane.. it was freezing out . I plan on doing a lot more with video just like with flying but time and money always seem to be lacking. The pov vid came out pretty well but it will improve with trial and error.. works good for close in 3D etc.... had a hawk wonder what the heck i was doing,he had to check out the foamy .

Video:Stay Away From My Foamy Hawk !
Posted by Get Real | Nov 19, 2007 @ 04:46 AM | 4,891 Views
Went to the big field sunday. Weather was cold and a little windy,got two flights in,one with the ebt and one with the extra 300 shp.. flew both planes on 4s so i had fun despite not flying to well with freezing hands . After landing the ebt i answered some questions others had about it etc... 3DHobbyShop planes always draw attention in the air or on the ground at the big field ,then it was time to get a flight in with the shp before i had to leave,i waited a bit to take up the shp.. during the shp flight one of the last guys at the field seen me take off i guess and came over to watch,he was really taken back that the shp held up to some of the flying i was doing,i assured him it was a routine flight pretty much for the shp and its been flown harder and held together no matter how hard i flew it,told him ive broken other planes in the air but not 3DHobbyShop planes . He was really impressed with the performance and power the plane has and i told him as well as others earlier about the 3dhs planes and the combos to make it easier for non electric pilots to get complete packages that work well from the start without guessing. Almost every time i go to the big field someone comments.. thats all you have(meaning a plane and a small box for the tx and lipos etc). Unfortunatley a very nice ultra stik with a 4 stroke went in a bit earlier while talking to the first guys that came up and it was the guy that was watching when i took off. So i have some video of the crash site...Continue Reading