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Posted by scousethief | Yesterday @ 07:39 AM | 613 Views

Weight (including battery and propellers): 398 g
Diagonal Size: 250 mm
Max Speed: 110 km/h
Max Service Ceiling Above Sea Level: 6000m
Default altitude limit: 120 m above takeoff point
Operating Temperature: -15°C to 40°C
6-axle Gyro

Dynamical Balance Charging 100% Inspection: Yes
Balance value criteria: < 0.006g
Material: PA6 + GF, Crash-proof
Weight: 4g

Type: 2204 brushless 2300kv
Size: Φ28mm
Weight: 28g
Voltage Range: 2S~3S

Main Board
LED Buzzer
Voltage Display
Battery Reverse Operation Protection
Plug-in Design Flight Control Board
EVA Foam Damper

Li-ion Smart Battery
Capacity: 2500 mAh
Voltage: 3.7 V
Energy: 9 Wh
Weight: 45+/-1.5g
Max Flight Time: 15 minutes
Operating Temperature: -20°C to 60°C
Max Charging Voltage: 4.2+/-0.05
Size: 18.2mm * 65.0mm

Video & Image Max Size: 648 x 488
Focal Length: 1.8

FOV120° IR Infrared Ray Jamming-proof Filter
Aperture: F2.0
Image Distortion: -<8 percent
Transmission Rate: 60fps /NTSC
Voltage: 5V
Operating Temperature: -30°C to 80°C


5.8G FPV with camera are tuned amazingly to capture stunning pictures and videos from the sky.
The intelligent battery with large capacity extends the flying time last to 15 minutes.
With Three Flight Mode: self-stabilization mode, 3D flight mode,full manual mode.
WIth Alarming System, live flight data and battery status display, buzzer will sound to alert to avoid any injury occur.
With brushless motor.

Package Included:

1 x Quadcopter
4 x Three blade propeller
4 x Two blade propeller
1 x Charger
4 x Battery
1 x Back cover
2 x Screw driver
1 x User Manual

Posted by scousethief | Yesterday @ 07:01 AM | 595 Views
Disclaimer : i have removed HD from the title , i personally do not consider anything with 400 lines HD, it also comes with a Deans rather than XT60, with that said its still a reasonable price.

Receiver: 5.8G 40CH
Display: 7 Inch
Screen Type: TFT LCD Screen, LED backlight
Snowflakes screen
Can be 180° rotation
Ratio: 4:3, 16:9
Format: NTSC PAL switchable
Resolution: 800*400
Lightness: 450cd/m2
Visual Angle: 140/20 Degree(Horizon/Vertical)
Working Voltage: DC 12V
Temp.: -10℃~+ 65 ℃
Size: 175mm*115mm*48mm
Connector: RP-SMA

Posted by scousethief | Jul 28, 2016 @ 08:38 AM | 712 Views
Ok i have had a few pm's asking why i have deleted certain links from my personal blog so rather than answer each one, as it concerns my blog its simpler to just reply here.
I removed the posts for 2 main reasons , first and foremost i dont like being lied to , i forgave the first time then it happened again, that in truth was enough for me and enough reason for me to remove the posts , secondly and its just again personal choice , i dont agree with their idea of "reviews" , there is nothing nefarious going on i just prefer to not take part in that side of things.
I just want to be clear that no one has asked me to remove those posts i am doing it purely for the reasons above. The links that are left on are put there because i want to put them there to provide to information to anybody reading.

Anyway, back to posting nonsense........

Posted by scousethief | Jul 28, 2016 @ 08:07 AM | 849 Views

Micro compatible Futaba receiver 8 CH

Item name: Mini Receiver
Channel: 8
Weight: about 3g
Sensitivity: about -95dBm
Working frequency: 2.4GHz
Operating voltage:60mA, Max.
Output mode: SBUS / CPPM
Dimension: 33x14x3mm
Distance: 500m+
Delay: S.BUS mode:13.6mS
CPPM mode: 20.4mS

1. Designed for the multirotor, support SBUS, CPPM output
2. Just 3g, compatible with all FUTABA S-FHSS remote control
3. With 4 custom lines, perfectly compatible with CC3D NAZE32 F3 and other flight control

Posted by scousethief | Jul 28, 2016 @ 08:04 AM | 853 Views

Brand Name: Giant Power
Item Name: Lipo battery
Cells: 3S (11.1V)
Capacity: 1050mAh
Constant Discharge: 65C
Size: About 20*35*68mm
Approx Weight: 87g

Brand Name: Giant Power
Item Name: Lipo battery
Cells: 3S (11.1V)
Capacity: 1350mAh
Constant Discharge: 65C
Size: About 23*35*74mm
Approx Weight: 111g
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Posted by scousethief | Jul 27, 2016 @ 04:26 PM | 616 Views

Fire Micro FPV is a highly integrated ultra small racing quadcopter, compatible with the DSM2 remote control system, and universal 5.8G FPV video receiving system. The factory has completed most of the installation and debugging, and the burning of the latest CleanFligh firmware. Users only need to be bind with their own DSM2 remote control on. And this can always update the latest CleanFligh firmware.

Wheelbase: 104mm
Weight: 37g (not included battery)
Propellers: 55mm
Flight controller: NAZE32 (Open source CleanFlight/BaseFlight)
Motor: 8520 Brush Motor
Built-in Receiver: Compatible with DSM2 7CH
ESC: Built-in Brush ESC
AV Wireless Transmitter: 5.8G 16CH 200mw
Transmission Distance: 500-800m
Camera: 650TVL 170° CCD 720X576
Batterry: 3.7V 700mah 25C Lipo battery
Flight time: about 8 minutes

1 Made of high quality carbon fiber material, which has the characteristics of light weight, high hardness, strong toughness, anti deformation and so on.
2 camera have 3 angle adjustment, 5°, 25°, 45°, suitable for different environments, different speed flight.
3 integrated design, reduce the difficulty of assembling and debugging.
4 ultra lightweight design, maximize the lifting power to extend the flight time.
5 flight control using Naze32,open source firmware, convenient according to the personal touch, habit of adjusting parameters.

Compatible with:
DSM2 System transmitter
FPV 5.8G receiver system

Posted by scousethief | Jul 25, 2016 @ 10:15 AM | 907 Views

£69.18 / $ 89.99

Brand: Syma
Item NO.: X5UW
Channel: 4-Channels
Mode: Mode 2 (Left Hand Throttle)
Motor Type: Brushed Motor
Built-in Gyro: 6 Axis Gyro
Night Flight: Yes
Material: Electronic Components,Plastic
Product Size:32*32*7cm
Battery: 3.7V 500mAh
Model Power: Built-in rechargeable battery
Charging Time (h): 60mins
Charging Way:charging is light up and full light off
Transmitter Power: 4 x 1.5V AA battery(not included)
Camera Pixels: 2MP
WIFI Video Distance:40 Meters
Support Phone type:IOS and Android
Memory card size:4G
Remote Control: WiFi Remote Control
Detailed Control Distance: 80~100m
FPV Distance: 40m
Flying Time: 7mins

3D rollover,Automatic Return,Camera,Emergency Landing,Forward/backward,FPV,Headless Mode,One Key Automatic Return,One Key Landing,One Key Taking Off,Sideward flight,Turn left/right,Up/down,WiFi Connection

1. Cool design with a 2MP camera, this quadcopter can be taken everywhere you want. You can record photos and videos during every happy moment
2. With attractive height hold function, the quadcopter can hover at a fixed height. It is a great function for aerial photography
3. You can control the quadcopter by your phone via the customized APP
4. 6 axis gyro fly system provides a more sensitive gyro's regulating, more stable and flexible flight
5. With functions of one
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Posted by scousethief | Jul 25, 2016 @ 10:10 AM | 874 Views

£ 28.44 / $ 36.99

Brand Name: STAR POWER
Item Name : SP-180X Frame Kit
Wheelbase: 180mm
Thickness: 3mm
Weight: 102g

Wheelbase 180mm, the integration of 3m machine arms and its body
The low center of gravity design is very well.
Ajustable camera angle

Recommanded Part(not included):
ESC: 10A-20A
Motor: 1806/2204/2205
Flight Controller: SP Racing F3/CC3D/NAZE32
Propeller: 4040/4045
Battery: 3-4S 1500-2200mAh
Camera: Foxeer Camera
Transmitter: 5.8G 200mW TX
PDB: Matek PDB

Posted by scousethief | Jul 25, 2016 @ 10:08 AM | 875 Views

£ 29.21 / $ 37.99

Brand Name: STAR POWER
Item Name : SP-215X Frame Kit
Wheelbase: 215mm
Thickness of Uppoer Fuselage: 1.6mm
Thickness of Arms: 3mm
Weight: 112g

Wheelbase 215mm, the integration of 3m machine arms and 1.6mm body
The low center of gravity design is very well.
Ajustable camera angle

Recommanded Part(not included):
ESC: 20A
Motor: 1806/2204/2205 (suggest 2205/5045 Prop,4S 1300-1500mAh)
Flight Controller: SP Racing F3/CC3D/NAZE32
Propeller: 5045
Battery: 3-4S 1500-2200mAh
Camera: Foxeer Camera
Transmitter: 5.8G 200mW TX
PDB: Matek PDB

Posted by scousethief | Jul 25, 2016 @ 07:15 AM | 972 Views

£ 40.60 including Parcel Force 24hr delivery

We’ve listened to the users of our extremely popular Quanum DIY FPV Goggles V2 and incarnated many changes into the Quanum DIY FPV Goggles V2Pro set.
Our latest version of the Quanum DIY FPV Goggles follows on from the successful version 1 and version 2 goggles and incorporates some major changes, such as adjustable 3 position head straps to make wearing the V2Pro more comfortable than ever before, re-designed, lighter neoprene support glove with integral storage pockets for rear mounted battery, FPV video receiver and head tracker components. With a longer focal plane and new curved clear acrylic optics hour glassing and distorted edges found when using larger LCD screens and Fresnel type lenses will be a thing of the past. These new lenses can be assembled into their custom frame individually as well as back to back to increase magnification rates.
The newly manufactured monitor housing will make your immersive experience even better due to its re-contoured face cut-out with spacing for your nose and even glasses. The neoprene glove and better custom cut out areas for facial contact on the housing assist in making a light tight seal.
Imaging is done by an 800 x 480 super pixel display, and of course non-blue screen monitor .
• New design can be used with glasses
• Extra comfortable sponge rubber cushioning strips for facial comfort
• 5” TFT
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Posted by scousethief | Jul 25, 2016 @ 07:12 AM | 948 Views

£ 56.93 including Parcel Force 24.

Quanum FPV heralds in the new age of lightweight plug & play style FPV headsets packed with more features than its closest competitors. Introducing the Quanum Cyclops FPV Goggle.
Lightweight and super comfortable the Quanum Cyclops is one of the best FPV Goggles on the market today using a rear mounted battery pouch for optimum weight distribution and soft sponge rubber facial foam lined with smooth sweatband material for maximum comfort. The one piece molded plastic shell design even allows for those that need to wear glasses during FPV flying.
The 5”, 800 X 480 non blue screen monitor and integrated 40 Channel Raceband compatible receiver maximizes the users immersive FPV experience.
A true Plug and Play solution that is compatible with Jack, XT60 or even 9 Volt style battery plugs can be used with 7.4 to 12.6 Volt power inputs.
No need to be “One Eyed” about your next FPV Goggle purchase the Quanum Cyclops is the natural progression, just power it Up, Autoscan to your FPV Channel and your flying, Boom Done!
NOTE: Click here for full Product Profile Video
• Plug & Play
• 5” TFT Monitor with new 3X magnification lens
• 800 X 480 non-blue screen monitor
• Focal length adjustment
• New design allows use with glasses
• Extra comfortable sponge rubber cushioning strips for facial comfort
• Adjustable elastic 3 position head strap
• Durable
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Posted by scousethief | Jul 20, 2016 @ 02:19 PM | 1,182 Views

Current Price £ 176.90 / $ 229.99

This is Gorgeous !

The Diatone Crusader is a Built PNP with Naze32 Rev 6 controller, 200mW transmitter, D20 4S OPTO and powerful motors! These can be very aggressive for racing or docile for learning to fly. In Cleanflight adjust your Roll, Pitch and Yaw rate to your liking.

Brand: Diatone
Item name: Crusader 165
Size: 165mm
Flight controller: Naze32 Rev6b
Video transmitter: Diatone SP1 40CH 200mW
Camera: 800TVL 1/3" mini camera
Motors: 2204 2300KV
Battery recommend: 4S (not included)
Remote control recommend: 2.4G, at least 4CH (according to your needs, not included)
Receiver recommend: 2.4G, at least 4CH (according to your needs, not included)
(Naze32 Rev6b flight controller isn't compatible with specktrum receiver)
Antenna: RHCP
Prop Size: 4 inch
Weight: 230g (all but battery, props and receiver)

Running Cleanflight or Betaflight these come fully assembled and only need a receiver and a battery! Attach the included propellers and antenna and you are off!

Note: this is the PNP (Plug and Play) version that comes without battery, charger, receiver or remote control.

Package included:
1 x Diatone Crusader 165 X Racer Frame

Modular Design ? YUP

200mw 40ch VTX ? YUP dont need 600mw in race class

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Posted by scousethief | Jul 20, 2016 @ 12:07 PM | 1,055 Views

PREORDER £ 423.04 / $ 549.99

rand: Xiaomi
Camera:4K and 1080P Wifi FPV
Gimbal:3 Axis
Smart Battery:5100mah 17.4V
Flying time:27 mins

- With 4K and 1080P Wifi FPV camera,3-Axis gambal.
- 2KM and you can see 720P video in the screen.
- With Pointing flight feature,the drone can fly to the point you touch.
- With Surround feature,can surround the point.
- It can also flight the routes you set.
- APP control,XIAOMI quadcopter will preview controlled by transmitter or APP.
- 4-propeller system with detachable shields
- 17.4V battery 5100mAh, 27 minutes non-stop flying
- 4K camera at 3840 x 2160 pixels; supports recording of stills in RAW format
- Camera attached to a 3-axis gimbal, stabilizes up to 2000 vibrations per second
- Unbelievably lightweight design
- GPS + GLONASS + vision-based positioning for max precision
- Autopilot options: automatic take-off + landing, waypoint flight path planning, tap to fly on map, circle an object on the ground
- Intelligently detects low battery and returns home automatically
- Real-time location tracking for easy retrieval even post crash
- Hovers automatically at the edge of no-fly zones
- Built-in PCB antenna array in remote control for maximum reach
- Modular design and foldable landing gear

Package Included:
1 x RC Quadcopter
1 x Gimbal
1 x Charger
8 x Propeller
1 x Transmitter
1 x Manual

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Posted by scousethief | Jul 20, 2016 @ 11:03 AM | 1,189 Views

Current Price £50.76 / $ 65.99

Wheelbase: 90mm
Flight controller: SP RACING F3_EVO_Brush
Motor: 8520 Brush Motor
Built-in Frsky 8ch SBUS/PPM Receiver
Camera: 520TVL Camera
AV Wireless Transmitter: 5.8g 25mw 32ch
Batterry: 3.7V 650mah Lipo battery
Flight time: 5-6 minutes

Compatible with:
FRSKY taranis X9D(D8 Mode)
XJT (D8 Mode),DJT DFT DHT BIND and Flight

Package included:
1 x QX90 Carbon Fibre Frame kit
4 x 8520 Coreless Motor
1 x F3_EVO_Brush Flight controller
1 x 8CH Receiver
1 x 520TVL Camera
4 x Blade
1 x Battery
1 x Charger

Posted by scousethief | Jul 19, 2016 @ 05:39 PM | 1,394 Views

Current price £ 52.30 / $ 67.99 , this is the 5.8ghz fpv model ,you know you want one

Item name: CX-33S 2.4G High Hold Mode independently 5.8G video transmission system
Frequency: 2.4G
Channel: 4CH
Gyro: 6 axis
Material: ABS
Quadcopter Size: 310 x 345 x 85mm
Quadcopter Weight: 164g
Package Size: 42.4 x 35.8 x 11.3CM
Color: white
Blade size: 140mm
Flight time: 6--7 minutes
Charging time: About 210 minutes
Control distance: about 30-80M
FPV transmission distance: about 30-80m
Battery for quadcopter: 7.4V 450mAh
Battery for transmitter: 1.5v AA battery (not included)

* 4 channels with LED lights
* 6-axis gyro with gyro calibration function
* Ascend, descend, forward, backward, turn left, turn right, hover
* Left sideward fly and right sideward fly etc.
* With 2 mega pixels independently video transmission system which can take pitures and records and make real-time transmission
* One-key to take off, one-key to land and one-key to switch of Mode 1 and Mode 2
* With high density air pressure sensor which can precisely hold the height; it adopts the dual-spring control sticks
* It allows many people to play it at the same time and the transmission function has 8 frequency points, which would not disturb the picture-taking function between each other
* R/C Distance: about 30 - 80m, FPV transmission distance: about 30~80m
* New Y-shaped main structure, with 6 motors and more power

Package Included:
1 x CX-33S 2.4G 6-axis gyro High Hold Mode independently 5.8G video transmission system
1 x 2.4G transmitter
1 x USB charging cable
2 x spare blades
1 x User Manual

LIGHTS and not that many that it looks like a christmas tree !

Look at all the bits !! blade protectors are for girls though..... unless your a girl... no offence.

Posted by scousethief | Jul 19, 2016 @ 05:30 PM | 1,396 Views

Current price £133.06 / $ 172.99 price is for an SP Racing F3 and mode 2 tx ( thats a bargain imo )

Package Included: (without bag)
1 x Frame Kit
1 x PDB
4 x Motor Base
4 x 2204 Motor
4 x 20A ESC
1 x Flight Controller
4 x Propeller
1 x Power Connector
2 x LED
1 x 3S 11.1V 1500mAh 25C Battery
1 x B3 Charger
1 x 700TVL Camera
1 x Camera Mount
1 x FT200 VTX
1 x Antenna
1 x Eachine i6 Transmitter
1 x Eachine iA6 Receiver

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Posted by scousethief | Jul 19, 2016 @ 05:17 PM | 1,248 Views

Current Price £63.83 / $82.99

Brand: UFO
Screen size:5"
Max Charge Rate: 1c
Lens type: fresnel lens
Antenna connector: RP-SMA
Battery weight: 75g
Weight: 320g (not excluding battery)
Current consumption:400mA@7.4V
Dimension (mm):158x155x105
Working temperature: 0°C-50°C
Work time: more than 120 minutes
Supply voltage:1600mah 7.4V Li-po with power display
Screen resolution:800x480HD with intensity control, contrast control on buttons
Frequency channel: build in two 40 channel 5.8GHz A/V receiver module with racing band module

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Posted by scousethief | Jul 19, 2016 @ 11:04 AM | 1,094 Views

Coming soon

Price: £ 174.60/ US$ 226.99 ( price for SP Racing F3 version , mode 2 TX )

Falcon 250Pro Frame Dimension: 240 x 190 x 70mm
Compatible with 5 inch propeller
Compatible with 2204 motor
Can be used with 4S/3S battery
With direction indicator LED
Inclined motor base design
Removable protection motor base

ESC Model: Fairy-20A
Continuous Current: 20A
Instantaneous Current(10S): 30A
Li-Po Battery: 2-4S
Weight: 7G
Support OneShot 125
Support the refresh rate of throttle siginal up to 500Hz,
Prevent locked rotor protection

Motor KV:2300
MAX Thrust:440G
NO.OF Cell:2-4S
Framework: 12N14P
Propeller:5-6 inch

Controller CC3D / SP Racing F3

Battery 3S 11.1V 1500mAh 35C Battery ,XT60 plug

700TVL Cam Power supply: 3.6-5.5V (powered off TX)
Power consumption: 60mA @5V
Imager: 1/3” CMOS, more than 700TVL
Angle: 127° diagonal FOV, 110° horizontal FOV
FPV tuned light handling
NTSC or PAL (selectable; jumper on = PAL).
Lens: 2.6mm IR coated
FOV: 127°diagonal 110°horizontal (ideal for fixed camera)
Operation Temperature: -20 to 70°C
Square: 32 X 32 X 23.5mm
Lens extrude (LxDia): 15mm X 14mm
Weight: 12g

FT200 VTX Modulate: Wideband FM Modulate
Video Format: NTSC/PAL
Output Impedance: 50 Ohm
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Posted by scousethief | Jul 17, 2016 @ 10:36 AM | 912 Views

Brand Name: Eachine
Item Name: Ripple
Material: EPO
Wing span: 864mm

Electronic Devices
Servo: 9gx3
Motor: RA3536-1300KV
ESC: 40A with reverse function
Propeller: 8X4

Recommended Parts
(Not Included)
Radio System: 4CH,Click Here
Battery: 3S 2200mah or 2600mah T plug,Click Here
Balance Charger: Click Here

Recommended FPV Equipment
(Not Included)

APM Flight Controller Set 2.8,Click Here
Eachine 700TVL 110 Degree Lens Camera,Click Here
Skyzone FPV 5.8G 32CH 7 Inch Monitor,Click Here
Eachine TS832 5.8G 32CH 600mW TX,Click Here
Eachine RC832 5.8G 32CH Receiver,Click Here
5.8G Gain Petals Clover Mushrooms,Click Here

Dimension and Weight

Overall Length: 1168mm
Flying Weight: 1050g
Package Weight: About 5kg

Easy to assemble
ESC with reverse function, provides more fun
Powerful RA3536-1300KV motor coupled with the 40A ESC,and all pre-installed.
Comes with FPV platform, enjoy FPY flying.
Ultra durable EPO foam construction
Upgraded package, minimize damage which may occur to the airplane
All terrain flight ability - capable of flying from water, snow, ice, grass and more

This item is the PNP version,not included the transmitter,receiver,charger and battery.
When switching the ESC to reverse mode ensure the motor has come to a complete stop before switching to avoid damaging the ESC.