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Posted by Hemikiller | Mar 18, 2012 @ 01:34 PM | 6,993 Views
I responded to an ad by John Kim advertising a new Enya 90 4 cycle engine.


Transaction went off fine until the engine arrived. It was clearly used and had been run quite a bit. I contacted Mr Kim about this and he insisted that the engine was new and never run. I had to resort to a Paypal claim to get all of my money back. He offered a partial refund, but minus the initial shipping charges, which I rejected as he had intentionally misrepresented the engine to me. His lies cost me the return shipping to him after Paypal found in my favor. During the course of this episode it was discovered that I was at least the second member to purchase and return the Enya engine due to it not being as described and the Mr Kim had used a picture from a British website for the ad photo.

Mr Kim still insists that the engines he's selling are new when they are obviously used.

Links to some very informative threads...

My post on the engine:


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If you decide to purchase from Mr Kim, please tread carefully and make sure you are positive of what you are going to receive.

Pics of his Enya 90 are now posted..