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Posted by charlieoneseven | Jan 17, 2014 @ 11:18 PM | 2,420 Views
When I moved into my loft condo I thought I would have enough room now but not the case. I am up to my pits in models so I have decided to try to sell a few.
Giant Scale warbirds, jets, sport and helis are all going to be listed.
It is my desire to upgrade to just a couple of bad ass planes. A turbine jet or two,
Keep my TF Corsair and Cessna 310 and my BH Pitts.
Listing for sale.
TF P51
TF p40
both bnf
check actual listing for the currently available models.
too many to boar you with here.
Posted by charlieoneseven | Jun 24, 2011 @ 07:46 PM | 3,752 Views

I have a few helicopters in the hangar. They are front to back the Blade mcpX RTF, Mystery RTF in a MD 500 E magnum PI paint job, Trex 500, Hirobo Schedu 50, Raptor 30, Radikal G20 (missing the tail rotor gear box) and in the very back an HK 600 GT.
Not shown but the G20 has a Jet Ranger fuselage in paint, trex has a UH1 olive drab and the HK 600 Gt has a blue and silver A-109. I like trying new things out of the simulator with the blade outside but it gets so hard to see so fast. The Mystery I can loop and roll easy enough but a power plug came undone the other day causing the T-tail to break so it has the stock fin on it now. The raptor was an ARF with the PRO 39 motor and the Hirobo has a red head 53.
The G20 has a Zenoah 20cc gas engine with a pull and electric starter.
I've had the Hirobo for years the others are new this year. The HK 600 was almost built out of the box just a few hours in final assembly. I got a Turnigy 600 884kV motor for it and the pinion gear needs to be reamed out to fit the 6mm motor shaft.
Posted by charlieoneseven | Jun 13, 2007 @ 01:02 AM | 4,229 Views
started 2007 Since starting my Rauch MD-80 I have built the engine pylons and glued on the nacelles and cut away the doors. Cut the foam for the fuse and flying surfaces and have made some seats and windows too. Having fun making the horizontal stab mounts. It is going slow so far this year I took a job with Gulfstream they keep me pretty busy during the week on G-IV's and various others. This week we are doing some advanced composite projects with thermo sets, carbon fiber and vaccum bagging.

2011 Well not too much to report on the airliner since I moved a few times since starting it and losing my larger work space.
Posted by charlieoneseven | Aug 25, 2006 @ 10:28 AM | 5,721 Views
I am a full scale aircraft mechanic and build scale models RTF for customers and myself although I fly the G3 simulator more these days then going to the field. Currently I am working on an JHH F-4 Phantom turbine conversion. I also have a JHH Skyray EDF with the biggest lipo battery pack I've ever owned.
It is getting the last graphics laid down and the servos installed.