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Posted by arocholl | Oct 17, 2006 @ 11:21 AM | 5,921 Views
After months using a simple 12v wall charger for my EVO, I ended up adding a simple constant current source to guarantee 1/10C charge and also a simple LED to guarantee the EVO is charging.

See for circuit and more detailed info.

By the way, none of the components are critical. You can use almost any PNP transistor, and the resistor values are not critical either, except the 8.2ohms resistor to guarantee 150mA constant current.
Posted by arocholl | Apr 23, 2006 @ 06:25 PM | 6,947 Views
Fantasy is a 2M, full house electric glider from

I consider it a 2mts glider with a good combination of speed and thermal capability. Aditionally, this plane -as all the gliders coming from this builder- is very original as it has this aspect of "wood wing" no other builder has.

Details of my current configuration:

* MEGA 22/30/3 direct drive
* 3s2p4400mah Lipo
* Aeronaut CAM folder 10x6
* Jeti Opto Advanced Plus 70A
* Multiplex 7ch IPD DS Synth receiver
* 4x2/3AA 1200mah IB receiver batteries
* 4xHS81MG servos
* 2xHS85MGBB servos (flaps)
* Reinforced fuselaje with carbon fiber
* Added a Ultra Dean in the fuselaje side to act as a power drive interruptor, otherwise you cannot easily unplug the motor battery before you remove the main wing. I find that dangerous and tedious.
* AUW 1.65kg

I fly it both V-tail and X-tail.

Photos at

Details of flying it (only Spanish)