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Archive for February, 2006
Posted by The Don | Feb 03, 2006 @ 11:06 PM | 38,982 Views
Well the Blade CP arrived yesterday. I am happy with the condition it is in. I bought it off RCGroups from a guy in WA named John. He took great care of it and included so much extra parts I almost feel like he got ripped off! The crazy thing is that the frequency of the 4in1 unit is on CH19 which happens to be the same as my Futaba 9C. Talk about good luck! I tried it in my front room and got it to hop a few times. John was kind enough to email me all his setting from his 9C radio so I can program it into my 9C. I guess it was helicopter destiny. For those NCEF members who read this, I personally blame Blackhawdown for me buying this heli. After watching him fly at Osborne park with it, I was very interested as my last Heli was a ebay junk model that never flew. These Blade CP are a nice looking chopper. Parts are cheap and easy to get as well.

I also bought one of the Cox micro warbirds Corsair yesterday at Hobbytown USA in Mentor. I figured since I have a GWS corsair, the micro one will be nice to have with it. I was quite impressed with the little $20 kit. Better quality than I had expected actually. That will be a build in the near future.