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Posted by vgoodrones | Feb 18, 2016 @ 02:40 AM | 10,059 Views
Free Testing-VGOORC ARM 32bit ESC!
Sincerely inviting multi-drones enthusiast for testing!
Feb. 17th,2016 Mar. 17th, 2016

V-Good RC launched the smallest and lightest ARM 32bit ESC to do free testing! Total 10sets, 4pcs per set! For the more enthusiasts who dont get the free testing chance, we will offer the ESCs with half marketing prices. (Limited 100sets). If the tester can post an elite test report and video to this thread, we will return all the payment.

Welcome every enthusiast to sign up!

Test requirements:
1、 RCG member.
2、 Applicants post a reply on this thread or send an email to us for application. We will choose 10 outstanding testers from the applicants, then publish the chose names on this thread and meanwhile send a private message to inform them. Please pay attention to information in a timely manner.
3、 The 10 free testers should do testing and post a test report within 15 days after receiving the ESCs (since the date the goods is signed for). Test report contains quality comments (no less than 50 words), 3pcs high quality pictures or clear video.
4、 The other testers who get the ESCs with half retail price, if can post test report within 30days (since the date the goods is signed for), and the post can be rated as a essence post, we will return all payment for goods (excluding freight).
5、 Please note, the one who cant post the required test reports during the required time, the payment will not be...Continue Reading
Posted by vgoodrones | Jan 28, 2016 @ 01:27 AM | 8,058 Views
V-Good RC launched new programming card for its Firefly series ARM 32bit ESC.

The purpose we launched the programming card is to expand more ESCs preset functions, to meet more personalized needs of the users and make it more convenient for the users to program the settings for the ESCs.

Currently we divided the programming cards functions into 6 major parts.

1. Flight Mode choice. For example: common single track and 3D flight mode.
2. ESC input throttle signal choice. For example: common remote control signal or One-shot signal.
3. Motor PWM frequency choice.
4. Active brake setting.
5. Motor timing choice.
6. Motor direction choice.

To program the settings is very easy. we just need to insert the mini jumper into the default port of the corresponding functions, connect the ESC signal cable and power up the battery, then the programming is finished and succeed.

Posted by vgoodrones | Jan 18, 2016 @ 08:30 PM | 9,355 Views
The RC brushless ESC is developed so far, we experienced different developed eras from old 8 bit processor , AVR Mega series to C8051 series, to today's STM32 which as the representative of the ARM series. With these richful experiences in the past years of R & D, we set up a strong ARM electric R & D team. We chose the 32 bit single-chip which is from European STMicroelectronics ST company as our hardware cornerstone, equipped with professional 3 & 1 MOSFET driver chip. So our ESC has very fast switching speed and can drive much more current. Compared with the ordinary triode driver, it has imcomparable advantages, even compared with common single-phase drive IC, it also has advantages of small volume, light weight. It is absolutely a shining star during the hot and popular multidrones' products.

As everyone knows, the era is developping, technology is in advances, the electronic products are more newer more better. 8 bit processor as a old hardware products which appeared in 10 years ago, depending on the software simulation of PWM signal to control the MOSFET, it has been unable to meet the high requirements of the performance of today's ESC. On the 8 bit basis, we developped the products which using hardware driven PWM output to the gate drivers to control the switching of the MOS fets. The product has an excellent linear accelerator, accurate high resolution. We tested it with hundres of motors, whatever with high KV or low KV, or market type motor, all...Continue Reading
Posted by vgoodrones | Jan 14, 2016 @ 08:47 PM | 8,803 Views
Super small and reliable 10A ESC with no external capacitor!

* Special designed for multi drones.

* STM32F051 48MHZ ARM 32-bit micro-processor.

* No external electrolytic capacitors

* Exact speed control, accurate signal acquisition

* Rapid response of gas changes, very fine linear.

* Adaptive timing. It can compatible with much more motors.

* Automaticly detect if it is the ordinary remote control signal(PWM) 50-500Hz or One-Shot125 Signal.

* Having synchronous rectification technology to increase the working efficiency of ESC.

* Regenerative braking, active brake. Motor deceleration response increased significantly.

* Anti blocking protection. When motor or propeller is blocked by something, ESC will stop the rotating of motor immediately to avoid the damage of motor. The motor will autamatically begin to rotate when detect there is no blocking.

* Output PWM frequency is 24KHz.

* Throttle resolution is about 1480 steps.

* Normal control signal throttle range is 900us~2400us, One-Shot125 signal throttle range is 100us~300us.

* Max. RPM: 450,000rolls(2 poles), 150,000rolls(6 poles), 75,000rolls(12 poles)

* Support 2-4s Lipo battery.

* Size: 11*20mm

* Weight: 1.2g (Not include cables)

Posted by vgoodrones | Jan 05, 2016 @ 08:54 PM | 8,491 Views
1. Features
1).Using 32-bit ARM processor. With small size, light weight, rapid running speed.
2).Fine speed control, fine linear throttle response, rapid implementation of gas changes, throttle signal loss protection function
3). Synchronous rectification, regenerative braking, energy recuperation (Compared with the other such kind of ESC, it can save more than 15% power).
4). Support and automaticly detect the ordinary remote control signal and One-Shot125 control signal. Available throttle setting can compatible with different remote control.
5). Automatic starting power mode, with great acceleration performance.
6). Adaptive timing to compatible with much more different motors.
7). Having start up protection function. It will stop the start up of motor when motor is blocked or dont start for a long time to avoid the damage of motor.
8).Special designed for multi drones. Having complete independent intellectual property rights, product sustainable for updates.

2. Parameter specifications

1). Support 2-6s Lipo battery(Please check the sticker to see the specified battery cells)
2).Output PWM frequency is 24KHz.
3).Ordinary control signal throttle range 900us~2400us, One-shot125 signal throttle range 100us~300us.
4).Throttle resolution is about 1480 steps.
5) Max. RPM: 450,000rolls(2 poles), 150,000rolls(6 poles), 75,000rolls(12 poles)

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