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Posted by ScottSails | Oct 20, 2012 @ 06:33 AM | 2,293 Views
FlySky 9X cautions...

For those of you thinking about purchasing a FlySky 9x, I ask you to check several thing prior to first time use (and maybe worth checking yearly if you yank on the sticks like a helicopter pilot).

Check the wires as they go to/from the switches and gimbal pots. These appeared to be hand soldered on my unit - and not well done. The boards are well made (standard production, not hand done) with SMT components.

Throw away the battery box! The wires are simply atrocious and will likely fail on you. Pick yourself up a 3 cell LiFe and never look back. Actually I have 2 LiPo's I use but intend to switch to LiFe when they get tired.
Posted by ScottSails | Nov 08, 2011 @ 07:13 PM | 3,073 Views
I have converted every single sailplane that I have over to electric and now instead of collecting dust, they get flown!

Inexpensive Lipo's, ESC's and brush-less motors are awesome (and Hobby king).

I have also switched over to 2.4Ghz. I started with my Hitec Eclipse 7 with a Fly Dream module which has been great but feel the need for telemetry so have now moved on to FrSky fully integrated with a FlySky 9x transmitter. I also have fallen in love with the FlySky 9x with Eraz's software - it is simply awesome and supports 10+ models in memory with ability to move to and from computer (or other transmitters). For those that have not tried it - having the ability to directly monitor the plane's on board Lipo voltage as well as received signal strength is an awesome capability. Oh yea, having the ability to see how high my plane is flying is awesome as well!

Transmitter mods - ER9x (FlySky 9x with Erazz's SW)
This is a picture that shows the modifications I did to get real-time telemetry on an FlySky 9x. The white board is the smartieparts board that allows the firmware update (and requires no soldering). It also provides the USB connectivity for saving models data offline on my computer (and includes a backlight). The red board is an RS232 interface card that ties to the FrSky telemetry port.

This is prior to the FrSky module being installed so that is why the loose wires. All are tied down with straps or hot glue.

Have now flown FrSky with telemetry for a few...Continue Reading