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Posted by CyberJay | Jan 21, 2009 @ 05:55 PM | 8,977 Views
*** SOLD October 2010 ***

I had a power system and some servos laying around.. what could I do? Turns out it's a pretty nice flying little plane. Plenty of power for basic aerobatics and of course it looks pretty doing scale flight.

AUW: 31oz.
Static test: 145 watts.

Hobby Lobby:
44" Cessna 172

22a brushless ESC
Park 450 outrunner

Thunder Power:
3s1p 2100mah lipo

2" wheels from a T-28

T12FGA transmitter

DM-9 DSM2 module
AR6100 receiver

(3) HS55 servos - (ailerons, elevator)
(1) HS56HB servo - (rudder)

10x7 electric wood prop

Ultra connectors
Posted by CyberJay | Nov 25, 2008 @ 03:41 PM | 8,953 Views
I decided to try the 3D Hobby Shop brand of Kool Aid. Took the gear out of my Mini Pulse XT and put it in the new 40" 3DHS Edge 540.

*** CRASHED, Dead.. 3/14/09 ***

Static test: 225 watts.

3D Hobby Shop:
40" Edge 540
Long "3D" servo arms

25amp Pro BL ESC
Park 480 910kv outrunner

Thunder Power:
3s1p 2100mah lipo

T12FGA transmitter
R616FFM receiver

(2) HS56HB servos - (Ailerons)
(2) HS65MG servos - (Elevator, Rudder)

12x6 wood electric prop

Ultra connectors
Posted by CyberJay | Nov 22, 2008 @ 08:52 PM | 7,974 Views
Now that I have a DSM2 radio (12FG w/ Spektrum DM9 module) I caved in and bought a Blade mCX to add to my hangar. I so totally don't need it, but it's fun to have an I had a coupon for the LHS... heh. Yes, I fly a $99 heli with a $1199 radio... what of it?

It took a bit of configuring... Had to change CH2(from rudder to Elevator) and CH4(from pitch to rudder). Also reverse channels 2, 3, and 4. Then it flew like a champ.

It's AMAZING that this little thing flies as good as it does. Every bit as good as my old Hirobo XRB which cost $350 only a few years ago.

AUW: ~1oz.
Posted by CyberJay | Oct 24, 2008 @ 08:52 PM | 9,228 Views
Well I've been wanting a new radio for several reasons.. First my T7CHP is out of model memory. Second is 2.4Ghz of course. And finally I feel that I'm getting enough "into" the hobby to warrant owning a high end radio.

I had decided on getting a Futaba 10C next spring but fate(or Tower) would step in.

While killing time at work I was looking over the Tower Hobbies site and I saw that had the 12FG radios on sale for $799! Upon closer inspection I see that they also come with a free HD chair($40 value), $20 coupon at checkout, and $40 gift card for future merchandise. This was a deal I could not pass up.

I do like to try to keep my money local, so I went to Todd who is the owner of our local Hobbytown USA and asked if he could match the deal. Since I spend a *few* dollars there he said he could match it dollar for dollar out the door. So it was a done deal.

I also got two of the 616 RXs and two of the 617 RXs. Once I get a feel for the range and performance of both I will decide which way to go for the rest of my planes. I ordered 100 of the molex connectors from Digi-Key for the 616s. I know a guy at the field who wanted some too. I'll just splice these on rather than spending $6!! on Futaba's adapters.. haha

My Taylorcraft is already converted over and setup. I flew it... feels like a different plane now. The radio is VERY comfortable in my hands and I love the new high end neck strap that it came with. I'd been using the tiny one that came with my 7CHP.

Next up is my Trex 450se. I've got it all installed, I just need to finish all of the programing and tweaking. Hopefully I'll have that done before the end of the weekend.

Posted by CyberJay | Oct 09, 2008 @ 10:50 PM | 7,832 Views
Here's a cool model at my flying club. This is a 100" Miss Delaware. I'm told the plans were originally from the 1930s and it was intended as a freeflight model. This particular one was built 15-20 years ago. At one time it had an OS .91 on the front.

The designer of this model must have owned a rubber mill. The two halves of the wing are held together with rubber bands. The wing is held to the fuse with rubber bands. The landing gear are held to the fuse with rubber bands. Even the tail feathers are held on with rubber bands!

Last week Bob L. brought it out to the field setup with three channels and a Power 10 turning a 12x8e prop! He proceeded to fly it at about 2 MPH for 5 minutes with a 3s 2200mah lipo. He had 4(I believe) lipos in the nose for ballast but no parallel adapters on hand.

Sunday it was updated with ailerons, a Power 32 and 14x10e prop. Bob also picked up a parallel adapter so he can run 3s2p 4400mah. It flew for around 9 minutes. Much of the flight was spent figuring out how much aileron/rudder mix to use.

Being into electrics and a relative newb to flying, I think it's extremely cool that Bob has this old plane, built from even older plans and it gets up there and flys great with electric power.

Pictures are somewhat poor, I was getting my own planes ready to fly.

Posted by CyberJay | Oct 09, 2008 @ 09:13 PM | 7,770 Views
I got an itch for a WWI bipe. I like seeing the 25% ones flying around at the club field. Went with this S.E.5a since I prefer wooden planes with ailerons. The kit went together really nicely. I did a clear matte spray paint over the covering to make it look more like cloth.

*** SOLD April 2010 ***

AUW: 22oz.
Static test: 135 watts.

Great Planes:
S.E.5a kit

2812-0850 Brushless

Castle Creations:
Thunderbird 18 ESC

10x5 wooden prop

S75 Servos (Ailerons)

Team Associated:
XPS Micro Servo (Rudder) (Yes, it's a steering servo from my RC18MT)

94091 Micro Servo (Elevator)

T12FGA transmitter

DM9 DSM2 module for Futaba MZ
AR6100 receiver

Flight Power:
1345mah 3S1P LiPo

Ultra Connectors
Posted by CyberJay | Sep 28, 2008 @ 09:32 PM | 7,192 Views
*** SOLD September 2009 ***

I like my T-28 so much, how could I not get the F4U.. it's just as nice. These planes are perfect to keep in the truck during the winter, so I can fly at lunch since it's dark by the time I get home.

AUW: 30oz.
Static test: 210 watts.

F4U Corsair
480 Outrunner
9.5" x 7.5" Prop
(2) Micro Servos - Ailerons
(2) Micro Digital Servos - Rudder, Elevator

25 amp ESC

Thunder Power:
3s1p 2100mah LiPo

T12FGA transmitter
R617FS receiver

Ultra connectors
Posted by CyberJay | Aug 12, 2008 @ 06:21 PM | 7,530 Views
SUCH a beautiful plane.. I'm happy I finally got one...

EDIT: Originally purchased in 2008, in the 2+ years that it flew I managed to ding both wing tips, rip the landing gear out twice, destroy the cowl twice, break the windshield twice, smash the firewall out completely, break the battery tray, crush the leading edge of one wing, poke two holes all the way through the wings, bend three or four pairs of landing gear, knocked the motor box off of the firewall, and I'm sure I'm missing some things. I have always repaired it but since it is one of my most flown airplanes with probably close to 400 flights, I decided to go ahead and replace the airframe.

In January of 2011 I moved all of my electronics to a brand new Taylorcraft. It's awesome to see it all shiny and new again.

EDIT2: Well, now August 2014 I've had another bad crash. I will be ordering my third Taylorcraft 450 airframe. Shortly before my crash I had upgraded to an AR636 AS3X receiver which was absolutely awesome. I am becoming a big fan of AS3X and similar systems.

Float flying pics here.

AUW Land: 34oz
AUW Water: 50oz
Static test: 320 watts.

(It used to have a Park 480 but I stole it for another project)

Aerodrive SK 3530 1100kv outrunner
Plush 40a ESC new version with switchmode BEC
11x7 electric wood prop
3s1p 2200mah 40c lipo

DX8 transmitter
AR636 AS3X receiver

(2) S3110 servos (ailerons)

(2) HS-56HB...Continue Reading
Posted by CyberJay | Jul 05, 2008 @ 04:57 PM | 6,991 Views
So I pull into the LHS parking lot and I hear a whap-whap-whap noise.. I look around and in the reflection of the glass window in front of me I see a K-Max heli lifting RTUs onto the building across the street(A Walmart distribution center). We watched him do several lifts, and snapped some pictures. The pilot was VERY good, moving units up very quickly. I'm sure it helped that the wind was dead calm. It amazed me how quiet this helicopter was, since there was no tail rotor to interfere with the main rotor wash.

I snapped some pics for all of you.

Posted by CyberJay | Jun 28, 2008 @ 09:48 PM | 7,307 Views
*** SOLD! May 2009 ***

Sold the stock radio.. Don't care for the way it felt in my hand.

Static test stock with APC 12x8e: 430 watts.
Static test CC ESC with APC 12x10e: 450 watts.
Statis test CC ESC with APC 13x6.5e: .

T-34 Mentor
Power 25 outrunner
(4) ST47 standard servos
3s1p 3200mah LiPo

Castle Creations:
Thunderbird 54 ESC

Thunder Power:
(2) 3s1p 2100mah LiPo

T12FGA transmitter
R6014FS receiver
S3151 standard servo (flaps)

12x8e prop
12x10e prop
13x6.5e prop

Ultra connectors
Posted by CyberJay | Jun 25, 2008 @ 09:59 AM | 5,701 Views
For the last 9 years of my life I have lived in a townhouse where the only place to work on projects was at my desk in my office, or on the dining room table. Needless to say it was "difficult" to work on my junk.

Anyway, I know it's nothing real special, but in March we bought a house with a 2 car (Yeah right, like I'm gonna waste that space on a car) garage. Now that we're somewhat moved in I have been spending some time on building it up. Did the floor in epoxy shield, added some lighting, etc etc. I also enlarged the access to the attic and sheeted the floor of the attic over the garage for 350 sq.ft. of storage. I have a small antenna farm in the attic over the rest of the house.

So the 16' x 3' workbench is on the south wall. 10' x 2' shelves on the west wall which still need to be organized a little better. And finally bike hooks, airplane rack, and lawn/garden equipment all hanging on the north wall. The overhead door is the east wall.

There is still some moving debris in the middle of the garage, that will need to get put away. Then I plan to build a 10' x 4' table on large casters using similar construction as the workbench.

So as far as I'm concerned this is about the only room in the house that I need.

Posted by CyberJay | Jun 05, 2008 @ 05:27 PM | 5,848 Views
*** SOLD February 2009 ***

Went into a hobby shop I hadn't been to in months. Sitting there on the counter for an incredible deal was a slightly used Mini Pulse XT. How could I say no?

I put the 22a esc and Park 450 into my P-47D. I put a Park 480 and 25a Pro ESC into the Mini Pulse.

EDIT: The Mini Pulse has been a good plane, but I'm ready to move on. Mini Pulse retired November 2008. To be replaced by a 3D Hobby Shop 40" Edge 540.

Static test: 220 watts.

Mini Pulse XT PNP
25amp Pro BL ESC
Park 480 910kv Outrunner

Thunder Power:
3s1p 2100mah LiPo

3s1p 2200mah LiPo

T12FGA transmitter
R616FFM receiver
S3110 Servo - (Elevator)

(3) HS56HB Servos - (Ailerons, Rudder)

Master Airscrew:
10x7 GF Prop

Ultra connectors
Posted by CyberJay | Jun 02, 2008 @ 09:07 PM | 5,618 Views
*** GIVEN AWAY September 2008 ***

Well I wanted to try out a 3D plane. This kit is very complete, Mike does a good job. I used all of his recommended parts. It's fun to fly but I have a lot to learn..

EDIT: I've flown it a bunch more... I am not meant for 3D.. Stripped all of the electronics and will bring it to the next club meeting and try to find it a new home.

Static test: 140 watts.

Fancy Foam:
Yak-54 printed kit

2812-0850 Brushless

11x4.7 Slow Fly Prop

Castle Creations:
Thunderbird 18 ESC

(4) HS-55 Servos
Micro 05S RX
CH40 Crystal


Flight Power:
1345mah 3S1P LiPo

Ultra Connectors
Posted by CyberJay | Apr 24, 2008 @ 06:07 PM | 5,146 Views
I went to the hobby shop to buy a second battery for my Cessna 210 so I could fly back to back. Ended up coming home with a Citabria.. Now I can fly different planes back to back.

Citabria is easier to fly, but the Cessna is faster in speed and handling.


EDIT 11/2008: I sold off the Parkzone TX and RX Brick. I then installed a Vapor brick so I could bind it to my Futaba 12FG w/ DM9 Spektrum module. Now I can fly my Citabria with a good radio.
Posted by CyberJay | Mar 16, 2008 @ 09:58 AM | 4,931 Views
*** SOLD November 2008 ***

I totalled my first T-28 so I bought another PNP and used all of the electronics from the first one to put together this P47D that I got on special from the LHS. I had a problem mounting the Parkzone 480 that came out of the T-28 so I had to pick up an Eflite Park 480. Flies nice, but doesn't need all that motor.

Edit: Bought a used Mini Pulse XT that had a 22a Eflite ESC and a Park 450(real, not PNP version). I swapped the Park 480 out for the 450 and the ESCs.

With the 450 Static test: 140 watts.

Setup is:

P-47D Thunderbolt
22amp BL ESC
Park 450 Outrunner

(3) Micro Servos - Ailerons, Elevator

Thunder Power:
3s1p 2100mah LiPo

T7CHP Transmitter

MS4 Reciever
Ch40 crystal

10x5 Wood Prop

Ultra connectors
Posted by CyberJay | Feb 07, 2008 @ 03:01 PM | 6,210 Views
On my second PNP. Crashed it real bad once and just bought another one. Electronics from the first one went into my EFlite P47D.

AUW: 34oz.
Static test:
385 watts with the stock prop!
410 watts with the 3 blade prop.

T-28 Trojan
(2) Micro Servos - Ailerons
(2) Micro Digital Servos - Rudder & Elevator
9.5 x 7.5 stock prop

Power 10 outrunner

Plush 40a ESC
3s1p 2200mah 40c lipo
3s1p 1300mah 30c lipo (for the lights)
~2 meters of LEDs, 270 individual LEDs.

T12FGA transmitter
R617FS receiver

Ultra connectors
Posted by CyberJay | Jan 31, 2008 @ 10:10 PM | 4,447 Views
*** RETIRED/CRASHED May 2008 ***

Still taking baby steps into fix wings...

Piper Cub J3 BL
380 Outrunner Brushless
8.25x5.5 Prop
(2) Micro servos

10a BL ESC

Thunder Power:
2s1p 1320mah LiPo

CH40 crystal


2" Super Lite wheels

Ultra connectors
Posted by CyberJay | Dec 23, 2007 @ 05:27 PM | 4,335 Views
Got the little Parkzone Cessna 210 as my first fixed wing. I've been flying fixed wings on the sim and I saw the cute little guy in the LHS and had to have it. More fixed wings to come.

It is absolutely 100% bone stock.

*** RETIRED ***
Posted by CyberJay | May 04, 2006 @ 11:40 PM | 6,657 Views
Another little distraction I got WAY to carried away with.

Titanium turnbuckles
Alloy suspension arms
Alloy front caster blocks
Alloy steering blocks
Alloy rear hub carriers
Alloy motor mount
Alloy wheel nuts
Alloy front and rear shock towers
XPS servo
11t pinion
12t pinion
13t pinion
15t pinion
MT tires
Foam on-road tires/wheels

Caste Creations:
Mamba 6800Kv motor
Mamba 25 speed control
Phoenix Link USB cable
Heat sink

Mini-Max GP1100 6 cell battery

2500mah 6 cell monster pack
GP1100 7 cell battery

CVDs front and rear
Super Diffs front and rear

New Era:
Roll Bar

Ti ball studs
Ti hinge pins

Servo hold down
60t spur gear cover
Motor mount washers and screws
57t alloy spur gear
3 piece steering set

T2PL transmitter
R142JE reciever

Alloy battery strap
Rear hinge pin holder
5 spoke wheels
Mini pin tires

TBone Racing:
Pro front bumper

Racer's Edge:
Alloy shocks

MT Off-road tires/wheels
MT On-road tires/wheels

Ultra connectors

R/C Madness:
Steering linkage
Posted by CyberJay | May 04, 2006 @ 11:32 PM | 9,711 Views
Aircraft are my main R/C interest, but I do have a couple other toys...

Super Clod Buster parts truck

CX2 chassis Kit
Adjustable motor mounts
Clear dust covers
Complete 4ws setup

Traxxas (TheCrawlerStore.com):
Modified TQ3 for independant rear steering.

Super Rooster ESC

55t lathe motors

HS645MG servos front and rear.

Heavy duty servo savers

Moab 40 series tires
Commando beadlock Weld 40 series wheels narrowed 1"

Bender Engineering:
Clod to 23mm delrin adapters

Complete bearing set

Robinson Racing:
9t pinions
11t pinions

Alloy gearsets front and rear
Trackloc III spools front and rear

Aluminum T/E-Maxx threaded shocks

GP3300 6 cell packs
GP3700 6 cell packs
GP3300 8 cell packs

Battery mount from a Corona Helicopter

F350 Body

Ultra connectors

Thunder Tech:

Stock Clod rims narrowed 3/4"
Pro-Line rims narrowed 1"
Pro-Line tire foam narrowed and shaped
Lead weights in front tires
PVC skid plates on the motors