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CyberJay's blog
Posted by CyberJay | Feb 12, 2012 @ 05:17 PM | 6,084 Views
What I wanted was a foam flying boat that would need minimal modifications to get in the air. I looked at some of the Cessna 182s, the Sea Wind, and some of the Guanli models but all of them seemed like they would need a fair amount of work to get them into the air. The goal was to have a plane that I was not very invested in, so that I could fly off of water with little to no pucker factor.

So far the Icon has been great. I've only got four flights on it at this time, but so far it meets my expectations. I am having the wag/dutch roll issue that everyone else seems to be having but it's not the end of the world, it still flies fine. I hope to spend a lot of time at the lake this summer since I won't have to worry about getting my two favorite wooden planes wet (Toledo and Taylorcraft).

The specs on the Icon:

AUW: 44oz

Static test: 220 watts

Icon A5 PNP
480 960kv outrunner
9" x 8" x 3 prop
(2) SV80 micro servos - ailerons
(1) DSV130M micro digital servo - elevator

(1) HS-82MG servo - rudder

30 amp pro ESC

Ultra 3s1p 2200mah 35c lipo

DX8 transmitter
AR636 AS3X receiver

Ultra connectors
Posted by CyberJay | Jul 04, 2011 @ 08:41 PM | 7,609 Views
I've wanted an Auto Gyro for a long time. There aren't many ARF Auto Gyros, and the ones that are out there don't have the best reputation. I finally worked up the nerve to build a kit. (This is the first balsa kit I've ever built).

Build thread:

AUW: 29oz

Static test: 300 watts

Flying Balsa:
Doozy kit

AerodriveXp 35-30 1100Kv outrunner
Plush 40a ESC
10x7 beechwood light electric prop
3s1p 2200mah 30c lipo

T12FGA transmitter
R6106HFC receiver

(2) HS82MG (head)
HS65MG (rudder)

WS Deans:
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Posted by CyberJay | May 26, 2011 @ 11:01 PM | 8,583 Views
Got to take my Taylorcraft out to Lake Elmdale today. Flew good. Not quite as good on with floats as the Toledo Special though. On wheels the Taylorcraft is 2lbs, with floats it is 3lbs, so that's a pretty significant increase.

This is an E-flite Taylorcraft 450 with 27" foam core floats from PlaneFunFloats.com finished in 3/4oz glass and paint. I fabricated the landing gear wires myself from 1/8" and 3/32nd" music wire.

My wife took a few good shots..

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Posted by CyberJay | May 06, 2011 @ 09:56 PM | 7,009 Views
Last summer I threw some lights on my old Parkzone T-28. I have found night flying to be very enjoyable so I've been thinking about doing a nicer dedicated night plane. When I fly during the day I tend to do a lot of touch & goes, and spend a lot of time messing around down low. At night, with hidden obstacles and frequently VERY wet runway I tend to stay up higher doing more traditional aerobatics. So for a night plane I wanted a non-scale, reasonably fast, traditional sport aerobatic plane. I also had the power system sitting in my toolbox, so I needed something in a 6-7lb .46 size. After quite a bit of indecision I finally went with the Revolver.

*** CRASHED 5/12/2011 ***

Unfortunately the Revolver crashed on it's maiden flight. At least the maiden was at night so I did get to see it fly at night. As I was finalizing the trims I made a downwind turn going way too slow. Totally my fault. I still have the wings and have been contemplating ordering another one, but for now, there are no plans to replace it.

AUW including lighting: 7lbs 9oz

Static test: 1150 watts

Great Planes:
59" Revolver

AerodriveXp SK 42-50 650Kv outrunner
85a BESC w/ 5a SBEC
13x8 beechwood light electric prop
3s1p 1300mah 30c lipo (for lights)

Flightmax 5s1p 5000mah 35c lipo

T12FGA transmitter
R617FS receiver

(4) HS-485HB servos (ailerons, rudder, elevator)

Some old brushed ESC to use as a dimmer
Approximately 12 meters of LEDs which translates to about 720 individual LEDs
Posted by CyberJay | Mar 02, 2011 @ 08:47 PM | 8,060 Views
This one was a Christmas/Birthday preset from my Mother-In-Law. Got to fly it tonight for the first time. It's just as good as all the others.

Seems silly to make a new blog entry for each of the Ultra Micros. But here it is anyway. Completely stock. Flown with my Futaba 12FG with a DSM2 module.

Need to work on some airborne photos of this one and all the others.

AUW: ~2.6oz

*** RETIRED 2012 ***
Posted by CyberJay | Jan 29, 2011 @ 01:17 PM | 8,184 Views
Rather than just adding these pics to my Toledo Special Blog I decided to create a new one just for the floats since I have 20 some pics.

Today was my first time flying off water. I was very nervous about it since I didn't have a boat handy and it is January, but it was really not very hard at all. I'm not sure exactly what I was expecting, but the plane flew pretty much the same as normal, takeoffs were easy, landings might have been slightly more technical than normal, but only because a bounce on the runway isn't a big deal but a bounce on water can cause you to nose over.

All in all, I LOVED flying from water, I will be doing this a lot. I'm about to order floats for my Taylorcraft and I may one day put some floats on the 1/4 scale Monocoupe, but that remains to be seen, the 'Coupe may not have enough power (120 some watts per pound on wheels).

Specs for the Toledo are in it's blog entry. Now enjoy the pics.

EDIT: Video from 2/22/2011

Toledo Special float flying. (0 min 58 sec)

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Posted by CyberJay | Dec 26, 2010 @ 04:23 PM | 9,240 Views
First plane with retracts! Parkzone has just gotten better and better.

AUW: 43oz.
Static test: 360 watts.

(2) micro servos (ailerons)
(4) micro digital servos (flaps, rudder & elevator)
950Kv 15 outrunner
10.5 x 9 prop from the PZ Extra 300

30a Pro ESC
.10 - .15 electric retracts

T12FGA transmitter
R6106HF reciever

3s1p 2200mah 40c lipo

Ultra...Continue Reading
Posted by CyberJay | Nov 04, 2010 @ 07:48 PM | 8,188 Views
My son made me do it. Yet another Eflite micro.

Stock, flown with my Futaba 12FG with DM9 DSM2 TX module.

AUW is ~3.75oz.

*** SOLD 4/23/13 ***
Posted by CyberJay | Oct 08, 2010 @ 08:22 AM | 8,033 Views
I've had my eye on this one since they announced it. Got a few hours of overtime this week so I went for it. I've been flying my 44" T-28 at night recently and that brought back all the fond memories of learning to fly. Flying this little guy around my front yard is great. WAY more enjoyable than my little 3ch Parkzone planes.

It's stock. Nothing special. I fly it with my Futaba 12FG with DM9 DSM2 TX module.

AUW: ~1.34oz

*** RETIRED 2012 ***
Posted by CyberJay | May 28, 2010 @ 08:36 AM | 9,808 Views
Several years ago one of our club members built this beautiful B-17 from a Wing Mfg. kit. He's flown it a few times but wanted to move to smaller planes and I was lucky enough to get my hands on this one. I would also love to add retracts but I'm not sure if that will ever happen.

EDIT: It flies! It flies nicely too!

Here is how it's setup for now:

AUW: 17.5lbs
Static test: 2300 watts (total)

Wing Mfg:
B-17 short kit. Built by Terry S.

Heads Up RC:
3542-10 outrunner 960Kv x4

Master Airscrew:
10x7 3 blade glass fiber props x4

40a BESC x4

Flightmax 4s1p 2200mah 40c LiPo x4

T12FGA transmitter
R617FS receiver

(6) HS-311 servos (Aileron x2, Elevator x2, Rudder, Gunner)

Radical RC:
2300 A123 RX pack

WS Deans:
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Posted by CyberJay | Mar 06, 2010 @ 02:14 PM | 9,058 Views
With the Monocoupe (10s1p 5000mah) and the Toledo Special (5s1p 5000mah) being some of my favorite planes, I had a problem charging batteries at the field. (EDIT: And now the B-17 with (4 x) 4s1p2200mah)

My experience from last season showed me that I could charge the 10s1p pack 3 times from a 55ah car battery before the charger would show low voltage. So, assuming I didn't fly anything else, I could fly the Monocoupe 4 times in one day and end up with a completely dead car battery, which is not good.

My charging station is located in the bed mounted tool box in my truck. It consists of the following:

(2) 125AH deep cycle batteries
(2) plastic battery boxes
(4) 3/8" copper wire lugs
(2) 1/4" copper wire lugs
(1) 40amp giant blade fuse and holder
Roughly 6 feet of streetwires 4awg wire
(1) 15A deep cycle charger
(1) Sunpro 8-18v volt meter from Autozone.
(1) Toggle switch from Autozone. (Used to switch the volt meter on and off).
Misc scrap wood and other nuts, bolts, and small crimp on connectors.

Except for the couple items from Autozone, everything came from Walmart. The entire project ran me just under $300 for everything.

First trip to the field I charged 5s5000mah x2 and 3s2200mah x6. Second time out I charged 5s5000mah x3, 4s3300 x3, 3s2200mah x6 and 2s2200mah x1. Third time out was today and I charged 5s5000mah x4.

The lowest I have seen it was the end of the second day out where it was 12.4v and the charger claimed 70%...Continue Reading
Posted by CyberJay | Feb 16, 2010 @ 11:31 PM | 9,430 Views
Round two with 3DHS. I had the 40" Edge about a year ago and I liked it. I was progressing well until I rammed it into the ground.. I'm definitely NOT a 3D guy but I do enjoy the challenge.

I tried to keep it as light as I could. Only one extension and it's 32awg. I soldered the motor's wires directly to the ESC. No shrink wrap on the ESC. Minimal hardware, all bolts and pushrods cut as short as possible, used as few washers as possible, etc. The motor and battery are heavy, everything else should be as light as possible.

*** SOLD 09/13 ***

AUW: 34oz w/ the 188g 2200mah pack and wheel pants ON
Static test: 340 watts

3D Hobby Shop:
42" AJ Slick

Park 480 1020Kv outrunner
30A Pro ESC

12x6 light electric wood prop
3s1p 2200mah 40c lipo
3s1p 1300mah 30c lipo

T12FG transmitter
TM-14 2.4Ghz module
R6106HF reciever

(2) HS-56HB servos (ailerons)
(2) HS-65MG servos (rudder, elevator)

Ultra...Continue Reading
Posted by CyberJay | Dec 30, 2009 @ 06:49 PM | 10,995 Views
I love my Taylorcraft, but I wanted something a little larger. I love my Monocoupe, but it will not fit in my truck without taking the wings off, which means I can't make a "quick" run to the field. Hopefully the Toledo Special is the solution. It's about the biggest wingspan I can put in the bed in one piece.

Modifications from the instructions include: Oak standoffs(that replace the stock metal ones) to move the motor away from the firewall an additional 15mm since the Turnigy is shorter than the Power 46. I cut a hole in the underside of the cowl for an air inlet. I left the port rear window out for air exhaust. I added 1/2oz of lead to the tail to get it to balance with the huge battery. I also put regular socket head cap screws on the wing instead of the nylon bolts.

I recently picked up the Hangar 9 40 size floats, this is my first float plane. I really like flying from water.

AUW Land: 6lbs 10oz.
AUW Water: 8lbs 5oz.

Static test:
1200 watts with a 14x8 prop
900 watts with a 13x8 prop (what I use)

Hangar 9:
Toledo Special
40 size wood floats

AerodriveXp SK 42-50 650Kv outrunner
Plush 80A ESC
13x8 beechwood light electric prop

Flightmax 5s1p 5000mah 35c lipo

T12FGA transmitter
R617FS receiver
(3) S3151 standard servos (ailerons and elevator)
(1) S3003 standard servo (water rudder)

(1) HS-645MG servo (rudder)

Morgan Mill RC:
12" Grasslander main skis on spare landing...Continue Reading
Posted by CyberJay | Nov 06, 2009 @ 08:53 AM | 12,653 Views
This little guy really caught my eye.. small, very light with a very small power system. Pretty neat. It built really fast and is a real sweetheart to fly. Not as aerobatic as some of my other planes, but looks great puttering around the sky.

AUW: 10oz
Static test: 70 watts

L4 Grasshopper
10a Pro brushless ESC

2211 brushless motor
2s1p .8aH 20c LiPo

(4) HXT-500 servos (rudder, elevator, ailerons)

6x5 slowfly prop.

T12FGA transmitter
R6004FS receiver
Posted by CyberJay | Nov 06, 2009 @ 08:40 AM | 10,276 Views
One of my buddies in the club GAVE this to me... it's got a little wear and tear on it, but really looks ok and should fly fine. It's completely stock.

AUW: 21oz with the smaller battery.
Static test: 240 watts

Phase III:
3 blade 55mm fan

KBL-21EF brushless motor
30a brushless ESC

(2) S-75 servos (eleverons)

T12FGA transmitter
R616FFM receiver

3s1p 2200mah 40c lipo

WS Deans:
Ultra plugs
Posted by CyberJay | Oct 24, 2009 @ 04:45 PM | 9,956 Views
I wanted to try a glider. The fellows over in the sail plane forum convinced me that the Radian was the right way to go for a beginner. I really wanted something that wasn't foam and had ailerons. In retrospect I think they're probably right, for someone just learning to thermal this is the way to go.

In fact this plane is so slow and gentle I think I may use it to teach my wife to fly RC.

*** SOLD 11/30/12 ***

AUW: 25oz
Static test: 210 watts

480 brushless motor
9.5x7.5_1 folding prop
(2) Micro digital servos (rudder and elevator)

30a Pro BESC

T12FG transmitter
R617FS receiver

1.3aH 3s1p 30c lipos

Ultra connectors

I also bought a standalone Eagletree altimeter just for kicks.
Posted by CyberJay | Sep 20, 2009 @ 01:11 PM | 10,282 Views
I've been wanting a PT-17 in this scheme in this size. I almost went with the Nitroplanes Navy schemed one but luckily I held out. The build went together really nice, better than some of my previous eflite builds. It flies great but needed a fair amount of nose weight.

I've been messing around with endurance flying, since this plane looks good cruising by real slow. Currently I've flown it for 25m30s minutes at about 40% throttle. When I landed the batteries were at 11.09v and I put about 3450mah back in. So I guess that's about all I can do with these batteries.

EDIT: On October 31st 2009 I crashed my first PT-17. It has been replaced with a second ARF that came out exactly the same as the first. The maiden of the second plane didn't even require any trim.

*** SOLD 06/14 ***

AUW: 67oz. (4.5oz of lead in the nose)
Static test: 530 watts

PT-17 Stearman

AerodriveXp SK 35-48 1100Kv outrunner
3s1p 4400mah 40c lipo (2x 3s1p 2200mah in parallel)
12x6 electric wood prop

Caste Creations:
Thunderbird 54 ESC

T12FGA transmitter
R617FS receiver

(2) HS-56HB servos (ailerons)
(1) HS-81 servo (elevator)
(1) HS-82MG servo (rudder)

WS Deans:
Ultra...Continue Reading
Posted by CyberJay | Sep 01, 2009 @ 10:20 PM | 10,172 Views
Had to grab one of these guys. I'm real impressed with it so far.

It's stock, and I use my Futaba 12FG with a DM9 DSM2 TX module.

AUW: ~1oz.
Posted by CyberJay | Jul 25, 2009 @ 11:21 PM | 13,207 Views
Never saw a model of one of these before so I wanted to try it out. It's pretty fun to fly, much different from flying an airplane. I also hope to get my wife interested in flying this since it's pretty durable and easy to fly.

I find ROG takeoff to be easier than handlaunching, but maybe that's just me. ROG is pretty easy if there is a light breeze.

EDIT: Still having a good time with this. I ordered up some LEDs from Hobby King and tried night flying. I used a similar design to what Sea Breeze sells on their site, but I used even MORE LEDs.. The canopy is completely visible at night. It's really neat.

AUW: 49oz.
Static test around 320 watts.

Sea Breeze:
82" yellow and red parachute
QBSe gondola kit

42-40-1000kv brushless outrunner

Advance 70 Plus ESC

T12FG transmitter
TM-14 module
R617FS receiver
FP-S148 standard servo

10x7e prop

WS Deans:
Ultra connectors

3s1p 2200mah 40c lipo
Receiver controlled switch
High density LED light strips, red, green, and white
Posted by CyberJay | Jul 22, 2009 @ 10:41 PM | 11,808 Views
My first gas/electric conversion. My first giant scale. Before this my largest plane was a 55" Eflite T-34, so this is a big step up. So far I've been getting 9 minutes of flight and putting between 4000 and 5000mah back into the pack when charging as a 5s2p 10,000mah pack.. So I bet I can get 15-20 minutes of conservative flight. Not that I'd really want to do that, but I could!

AUW: 17lbs 4oz.

Static test:
1500 watts with a 19x8 prop.
2000 watts with a 19x10 prop.

Kangke USA:
1/4 Scale Monocoupe 90A

AerodriveXp SK 63-64 230Kv outrunner
Sentilon 100A HV ESC
19x10 Beechwood light electric prop

Flightmax 10s1p 5000mah 40c LiPo (5s1p x2) (Brand new, hope they have some more "punch")
Flightmax 10s1p 5000mah 20c LiPo (5s1p x2) (Starting to puff, currently at 43 flights)

T12FGA transmitter
R6014FS receiver

(5) HS-475HB servos (elevator, ailerons, flaps)
(1) HS-645MG servo (rudder)

Caste Creations:

Thunder Power:
Prolite 3s1p 2100mah 15C LiPo RX pack

Hobby King:
3s Battery Monitor for RX...Continue Reading