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Archive for May, 2012
Posted by CyberJay | May 26, 2012 @ 12:40 PM | 6,983 Views
Since I absolutely love my little E-flite Taylorcraft I had to jump on the big one when a fellow club member indicated he was ready to let it go. This aircraft is one of my favorites and I am thrilled to finally have the big one in my hangar.

This airplane used to have a G-26 mounted but I have converted it to electric. I have a 2000 watt, 17.25lb, 1/4 scale Monocoupe that has nice aerobatic performance, a little better than scale but far from fully "sport" like my little Taylorcraft is. So when converting the Big-T I was shooting for 16lbs or less and 2500 watts or more.

With the current 18x10" prop I'm at 16lbs even and just a hair over 3000 watts WOT with fresh batteries. This is exceeding the rating of the motor, but it comes down cool to the touch so I'm not terribly worried about it. I do, however, plan to back down to an 18x8" prop the next time I do a Hobby King order and see what that does. I really think 2500+ watts would be plenty for how I fly.

AUW: 16lbs even.
Static test: 3080 watts.

The Big-T is setup like this:

Hangar 9:
80.5" Taylorcraft "20cc" ARF

G160 290Kv outrunner
Sentilon 100A HV ESC
18x10 Beechwood light electric prop
10s1p 5000mah 30c LiPo (5s1p x2)

T12FGA transmitter
R617FS receiver

(5) HS-645MG servos (elevator, ailerons, rudder)

Radical RC:
2300 A123 RX pack