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Archive for July, 2009
Posted by CyberJay | Jul 25, 2009 @ 10:21 PM | 13,562 Views
Never saw a model of one of these before so I wanted to try it out. It's pretty fun to fly, much different from flying an airplane. I also hope to get my wife interested in flying this since it's pretty durable and easy to fly.

I find ROG takeoff to be easier than handlaunching, but maybe that's just me. ROG is pretty easy if there is a light breeze.

EDIT: Still having a good time with this. I ordered up some LEDs from Hobby King and tried night flying. I used a similar design to what Sea Breeze sells on their site, but I used even MORE LEDs.. The canopy is completely visible at night. It's really neat.

AUW: 49oz.
Static test around 320 watts.

Sea Breeze:
82" yellow and red parachute
QBSe gondola kit

42-40-1000kv brushless outrunner

Advance 70 Plus ESC

T12FG transmitter
TM-14 module
R617FS receiver
FP-S148 standard servo

10x7e prop

WS Deans:
Ultra connectors

3s1p 2200mah 40c lipo
Receiver controlled switch
High density LED light strips, red, green, and white
Posted by CyberJay | Jul 22, 2009 @ 09:41 PM | 12,042 Views
My first gas/electric conversion. My first giant scale. Before this my largest plane was a 55" Eflite T-34, so this is a big step up. So far I've been getting 9 minutes of flight and putting between 4000 and 5000mah back into the pack when charging as a 5s2p 10,000mah pack.. So I bet I can get 15-20 minutes of conservative flight. Not that I'd really want to do that, but I could!

AUW: 17lbs 4oz.

Static test:
1500 watts with a 19x8 prop.
2000 watts with a 19x10 prop.

Kangke USA:
1/4 Scale Monocoupe 90A

AerodriveXp SK 63-64 230Kv outrunner
Sentilon 100A HV ESC
19x10 Beechwood light electric prop

Flightmax 10s1p 5000mah 40c LiPo (5s1p x2) (Brand new, hope they have some more "punch")
Flightmax 10s1p 5000mah 20c LiPo (5s1p x2) (Starting to puff, currently at 43 flights)

T12FGA transmitter
R6014FS receiver

(5) HS-475HB servos (elevator, ailerons, flaps)
(1) HS-645MG servo (rudder)

Caste Creations:

Thunder Power:
Prolite 3s1p 2100mah 15C LiPo RX pack

Hobby King:
3s Battery Monitor for RX...Continue Reading