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Posted by cvlex | Jun 30, 2015 @ 07:04 AM | 1,641 Views
Last Sunday my friend Daddy-S sailed his Kyosho Seabreeze 600 under calm wind conditions.

I took several pics and short vids from the bridge over the channel.


Posted by cvlex | Jun 07, 2015 @ 09:33 AM | 1,380 Views
Today I maidened my new EFX Racer Yellow.

The airplane is very very stable even at low speed. No bad tip stall tendencies at all.

My friend SHIRO took a short vid and several pics:

Posted by cvlex | May 10, 2015 @ 05:39 AM | 1,687 Views
Today I flew my Durafly Me-163 Komet under windy conditions.

Since almost all flying wings are unstable just after launching, the hand-launch is a bit too difficult in general.
With the OrangeRX 3-Axis Flight Stabilizer, my Komet climbs straight after launching though.

My friend SHIRO took short vid:


My friend Sadatoshi took several pics on May 30, 2015.


Posted by cvlex | May 07, 2015 @ 07:42 AM | 1,746 Views
Yesterday I maidened my Durafly Me-163 Komet with an OrangeRX 3-­Axis Flight Stabilizer V3 with Spektrum/JR DSM2 Compatible 6Ch 2.4GHz Receiver from HobbyKing.

With the Flight Stabilizer, no elevon mixing on your trasmitter is required: simply setup normal aileron and elevator control.

The hand launch is easy in moderate wind conditions, around 5 to 8 m/s wind. The airplane is very very stable and easy to control. The landing is also easy.

Great in the air!

wingspan: 950mm
length: 585mm
Durafly 2836 2200KV outrunner BL motor (factory installed)
Durafly 40A ESC (factory installed)
Prop 6x4 (including in the kit)
four 9 g servos for elevon, rudder and dolly (factory installed)

control throws for normal cruising flight (no aerobatics):
aileron: +/- 10 mm, expo 30%
elevator: +/- 10 mm, expo 30%
rudder: left/right 30mm, expo 25%

elevon neutral: 3mm up (reflex)

CG: between 208 to 210mm from the front of the yellow plastic cowl (the factory recommended CG range is 205 to 213mm). For getting the CG, 30g lead is attached under the ply nose brace.

AUW: 852g with Turnigy nano-tech 3S2250mAh 65-130C Li-Poly pack, without the dolly.

RX servo connection:
the right elevon servo to CH2: AIL 1
the left elevon servo to CH3: ELE
the rudder servo to CH4: RUD
the dolly servo to CH5: GEAR

Flight Stabilizer DIP switch setting:
5.RUD: nor
4.ELE: rev
3.AIL: rev
2.V-TAIL: nor
1.DELTA: rev
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Posted by cvlex | May 06, 2015 @ 04:41 AM | 2,009 Views
May 3, I flew my Poky 40 DS at Sasayama, Chichibu, Japan.

This was the third flight of my Poky. Since the wind was so good, I enjoyed cruising flight for around fifteen minutes. Then I also tried light DS. Sooo challenging!

The landing area is so restricted, we lay a net and land into it.

My friend Takaya took a short vid:

笹山RCグライダークラブ 2015.5.3 (1 min 54 sec)

Posted by cvlex | Feb 01, 2015 @ 08:11 AM | 3,116 Views
We recently try belly taking off, starting from ground, under windy conditions at slope.

1. Put your sailplane on the grass and hold the tail fin.
2. Keep the wing level.
3. Lightly push your sailplane forward.
4. Your sailplane will be in the air soon.

The following vids show belly taking off under 10 m/s wind.
It is easier and safer than hand launch.

RCRCM Typhoon 2m:
RC sailplane makes belly taking off #1

The above flight, taken by the holder, Takaya:
RCRCM Typhoon flying

Launch Model LUNA 2m:
RC sailplane makes belly taking off #2


Posted by cvlex | Jan 04, 2015 @ 05:28 AM | 3,115 Views
Since the throttle management is a bit too difficult for me, I modified the TC for the stunt mode on my XG14. I added two new points at 35% and 65%.


Now it is slightly easier to flip, hover inverted. It is also easier to cruise. The following vid shows my 19th flight with the modfied five point curve:

JR NINJA 400MR 3D quad: Fast Forward Flight (3 min 13 sec)

Posted by cvlex | Nov 26, 2014 @ 04:31 AM | 3,741 Views
Last Sunday, I maidened my NINJA 400MR, fixed pitch quad utilizing bi-directional brushless motors.

The street price for the COMBO (#88357, w/o rx) is JPY39,000, around US$332 now in Japan.

The kit quality is really supurb. Since all parts are finished fine, no trimming or modification is required. It will take five to six hours to build for any intermediate modellers who have already built some heli kits.

The AUW comes 870g with an RG712BX receiver and a Turnigy nano-tech 3S2250mAh 65-130C pack.

In Japan, JR claims that the flight controller NFC-01 accepts only X BUS receiver and you have to use JR radio exclusively. So I newly purchased XG14 with RG712BX for my NINJA.

Flight controller NFC-01 transmitter software compatibility
XG14: all version compatible
XG14E: all version compatible
XG11MV: all version compatible

XG11: 0002-0011 or later
XG8: 0001-0015 or later
XG6: 0001-0010 or later
The following vid shows my fourth flight, the first attempt to fly in stunt mode. Since the throttle management is very very critical, I failed to flip properly. I should practice hard.

This is just the quad for sport flight, not for aerial photography. It will be nice for FPV racing also. The quad is so stable in normal mode yet highly responsive in stunt mode. The combination of the short front arms and long rear arms makes it easy to keep orientation. You will enjoy FLYING!

Sooo exciting, sooo fun to fly.

#Ninja is a Japanese secret agent in feudal times with almost magical powers of stealth and concealment. In entertaining movies, Ninja often shows acrobatics


JR NINJA 400MR 3D quad (2 min 36 sec)
Posted by cvlex | Jun 17, 2014 @ 08:03 AM | 3,856 Views
The kit quality is really supurb. The wing and the fuse is fully molded and painting. The wipers are factory installed. Two 1mm dia wires for elevon push rod, two glass horns for elevon control, two glass servo covers and two wing fixing nylon bolts are included in the kit.

Since the fuse is so sleek, the receiver pack must be 1+3 configuration (see the diagram bellow).
I fixed the receiver pack with hot glue, the Discovery buzzer and the receiver with double sided foam tape. Three 5" servo extensions are required for the two servos and the receiver pack.

For the factory recommended CG, 29mm back from LE, 28g lead must be installed in the nose. The AUW comes 328g.

wing span: 40" (1016mm)
length: 18.9" (480mm)
servo: Hyperion DS-09 SCD x 2
receiver: Spektrum AR600
receiver pack: eneloop NiMH 900mAh AAA cell x 4
Hobby King discovery buzzer

Posted by cvlex | Jan 05, 2014 @ 04:08 AM | 4,183 Views
The red Japanese spiny lobster (Panulirus japonicus) is the lucky symbol of longevity in Japan. It is also one of the traditional Japanese New Year's decorations.

My friend SHIRO photoshopped my Stingray 500: the flying lobster.

Good wind,

Posted by cvlex | Jan 02, 2014 @ 05:18 PM | 5,051 Views
I maidened my T-Rex 150 DFC in December 31.

I attached the OrangeRX R100 DSM2 satellite receiver on the receiver unit.
The roll dial and the gain dial was set to 12 o'clock viewed from the front.

Since the tail holds so well, tight back flips are easy.

The following vid shows my second flight.

Posted by cvlex | Dec 28, 2013 @ 06:06 AM | 4,615 Views
Today I flew my Stingray in calm wind condition. I tried several back flips, rolls, inverted hovering and cruising around.

I concentrated my attention on the white nose.

Posted by cvlex | Dec 22, 2013 @ 01:42 AM | 5,358 Views
Today I hovered my Stingray 500 in windy condition, 6 to 9 m/s (13 to 20 mph) wind.

Since I am not an expert heli flyer and do not accustomed to the quad yet, I tried only tail-in hovering.

My friend Sasame took some pics and SHIRO took a short vid.

Posted by cvlex | Dec 11, 2013 @ 06:10 AM | 5,981 Views
Today I flew my Stingray 6 packs with DX8.

TX settings:
throttle: Travel 150%
aileron: Travel 100%, D/R 75%, Expo 20%
elevator: Travel 100%, D/R 75%, Expo 20%
rudder: Travel 120%, D/R 125% Expo 20%
PC Normal: 51-51-51-75-100
TC Normal: 29-49-70-70-70

battery: 4 x Turnigy nano-tech 4S2650 35C and 2 x 4S2700 65C

1st flight:
4 minutes hovering. Auto trim type 1 was set.
She was so stable, keeping level almost automatically. To keep constant height was a bit hard for me though. I adjusted the PC for normal: 51-51-51-66-100.

2nd flight:
4 minutes hovering and basic slow tail-in transition to right, left, forward and backward. Now my Stingray is very easy to hover. Taking off and landing is also very easy without any drifting at all.
Since the rudder control was not so crisp, I reduced the Expo to 0% for rudder.

3rd, 4th and 5th flight:
4 minutes hovering and basic slow tail-in transition to right, left, forward and backward.

6th flight:
4 minutes hovering and slow forward flight with rudder turn.

Stingray is just innovative, exciting and challenging flying machine.

Posted by cvlex | Dec 08, 2013 @ 06:36 AM | 5,548 Views
I've completed my Stingray 500 from Next-D/ CJ Youngblood Enterprises.


-Watch carefully 'Stingray Setup Video' #1 to #22 on the Curtis You will get many helpful infos which are not on the manual.

Stingray 500

-The stock ESC must be programmed for Sringray after the instruction.

- All screws for the pitch control should be checked and adjusted to achieve the silky smooth working. I applied small amount of machine oil to the pitch sliders and moved them up and down several times.

-The ball links were all slightly tight, I enlarged their holes with a resizing tool.

-Check the flat face of the motor shaft matching the set screw hole of the motor pulley. If not, remove one spacer 4x7x1.5 from the motor shaft and push the motor pulley to the motor.

-I boiled the landing skid around 15 minutes to increase the flexibility.

-I attached a 1/16" ply plate with a piece of velcro to the carbon tray for securing the battery.

-At first hovering, I heard some cracks intermittently. I attached two 0.5mm washers to the two center pinning screws and the cracks disappeared.

Troubleshooting Pinning screws binding center bearing

Posted by cvlex | Oct 13, 2013 @ 12:53 AM | 5,861 Views
Today I maidened my new C-Ray 180 electric flying wing.

The magnet attached canopy comes factory painted in black. I applied two iron cross stickers including in the kit on the wing upper surface. The black canopy and the crosses give good visibility.

span: 550mm
AUW: 118g
stock 2500KV BL motor / stock prop
stock 8 amp ESC
stock 3 g servo x2
AR 6310 receiver
Turnigy nano-tech 2S460mAh 25-40C Li-Poly battery

It was a bit too windy today, 7 to 10m/s (around 15 to 22 mph), and my C-Ray flew so well.
With the factory recommended CG and the elevon neutral, no trim change is required. Easy to cruise, easy to loop and easy to roll.

Although the maneuverability is extremely well, she is very stable.

-The stock servo comes with 1.5mm pitch micro connector, not 1.25mm pitch. So you cannot connect the servo to any Orange RX with 1.25mm pitch socket.
-The stock ESC comes with the standard JR connector. The adapter cable is included in AR6310 package.

# I fly my Blade 130X (replaced the stock connector with JST), Flyzone Eraze and SuperFly R/C Mini-Fly with the same 2S460mA packs.
# I flew my UMX Habu DF today. She also flew so well.


Posted by cvlex | Oct 02, 2013 @ 02:41 AM | 5,818 Views
I replaced the stock canopy/landing skid with the new yellow one. My friend Takashi chose green. Now you will find five Forzas (Forzi in Italian) in our flying field.


Posted by cvlex | Sep 30, 2013 @ 05:55 AM | 5,569 Views
I flew my Ultra Micro Spitfire Mk IX in Sept. 22.
Although it was a bit windy, 3 to 5 m/s wind, my Spitty flew very well.
The AS3X flight stabilization system is really great.
My friend Sasame took several cool pics and minokasago took a short vid.

#The 1S150mAh battery is compatible with Nano CPX and Nano QX.