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Posted by Dr Komet | Jul 05, 2014 @ 08:42 PM | 2,265 Views
I have not been very good about documenting my projects but here is something that I have been tinkering with...
2 mm Depron foam

Posted by Dr Komet | Mar 24, 2013 @ 11:48 PM | 2,252 Views
I just finished a very preliminary test of the new 8mm brushless MCPX BL tail rotor motor in my home brew 30mm Ducted Fan, 3 blades...

Very encouraging for a light weight, lower output unit.

Fan is cut down GWS 30mm
Shroud is lathe turned ABS (way too much work)
Stators/ motor mount modified from Nitro 25mm for 8.5mm motors

On a 1/2 charged 200mah, 20c E.Flight pack I measured:

Thrust @ 26.5 grams
Watts. @ 8.2

Unfortunately my battery charger was at work so I am stuck for today. More later in the week...
Test @ full charge of the following:

30mm duct:
w/ 6 blade fan
Re-test w/ 3 blade fan

25mm duct:
w/ 6 blade fan
w/ 3 blade fan

(Nitro and BIM, you guys are awesome!!
Freddie, you are an inspiration to many builders & flyers! )