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crash-man's blog
Posted by crash-man | Jul 25, 2011 @ 01:35 AM | 3,596 Views
News And More

Well, all three of your hosts are back in the workshop this week for our 127th installment. And here's something cool - now ALL of us are licensed Amateur Radio Operators! Tim was the veteran as an Extra Class operator; Ron got his General Ticket last week, and I got MY General Ticket yesterday. Woot! Now I can continue on with the QSC FPV project.

In this week's show we'll share some new RC products on the market, some interesting sites, and a new contest where you can win a neat prize package!, Also, the RCadvisor joins us again this week answering the question of whether or not an all-American-made electric ARF can be assembled. Hmmm....

Catch the show and links HERE
Posted by crash-man | Jul 18, 2011 @ 12:24 AM | 3,266 Views
A Change Of Heart

In our 126th installment, ol' Crash expresses a change of heart in his opinion of classic airplane. The GWS Slow Stick has turned out to be a pretty nice little airplane! There's some discussion on the QSC FPV project, the weather, some flying, and some general news. The RCadvisor is back again this week, too!

Posted by crash-man | Jul 11, 2011 @ 01:45 AM | 3,756 Views
All Over The Board

As the title suggests, we cover all kinds of ground in this 125th offering, including robots! LoL There's an update to my FPV project, and we talk about some new videos, as well as a great contest going on this month. The RCadviser is also back this week with the second of his two-part discussion on batteries.

Posted by crash-man | Jul 04, 2011 @ 01:11 AM | 3,561 Views
SlowSticks And TearDrops

You have the full crew again this week for our 124th installment, and we've got plenty to talk about! Tim tells us about his participation in last week's Amateur Radio Field Day, as well as his first flights on his new TriCopter. Ron's having great results with his new charger and has been draining some electrons, and I have been busy researching some interesting solutions for hauling my planes and gear around to the field and to out of town events. I've even got another FPV update for my "QSC FPV RIG" and share what plane I'll be starting with, as well as how I'm considering seeing video on the ground. The RCadviser is back again this week, too, with the first part of a two-part series on batteries!


Have a Safe And Happy Independence Day!
Posted by crash-man | Jun 27, 2011 @ 01:29 AM | 3,706 Views
Venturing Into FPV

Well, it's official - I've begun the process of getting an FPV plane in the air! I'll tell you all about the preliminary equipment that I've ordered and share a little about how I'm going about my adventure legally and following our AMA's guidelines. I've even started the wheels in motion for getting my Amateur Radio Tech-level license! Additionally, we share some cool things found on the interwebs as well as some listener emails, and we even have the RCadvisor back for another segment.

This week's LINKS

Remember, you can listen to our show right from the website, as well as subscribing to the show in iTunes (just search TheCrashCast - all one word).

Do you use Twitter? If so, you can follow our adventures HERE.

Do you use FaceBook? Well, were there, too! Just search for TheCrashCast (again, all one word).
Posted by crash-man | Jun 13, 2011 @ 02:19 PM | 3,403 Views
Links And Letters

In this week's installment (our 122nd), Tim, Ron, and I discuss a plethora of links to some cool stuff we've found in the last week - some are for products and some are for some great informative sites you'll probably want to bookmark. Additionally, I read some letters we've received. Our resident RCadvisor (Carlos Reyes) is taking a few weeks off, but he'll be back soon!

This week's links are HERE
Posted by crash-man | Jun 06, 2011 @ 01:08 AM | 3,442 Views
Fires And Hams

While Ron is out enjoying a company picnic with his family and coworkers, Tim and I handle this 121st installment. No worries, though - the banter is bountiful, as we have a couple of guests in the workshop this week! John is in from Florida to talk about some of the new gadgets we're trying out in the Multi-Rotor arena, and my buddy Bob makes his debut on the show to tell us about his new BIG quad and the flying wing he and I built this wekend. Cool stuff!

This week's LINKS
Posted by crash-man | May 30, 2011 @ 01:13 AM | 3,885 Views
Stinger Quad Review

In our 120th installment, we talk about build projects for the kids, the "Charging Cube" I am working on, checking your model's speed with an iPhone app, a free 3D CAM solution, LED strips cheap, and Carlos answers a trick question. Also, I do a little review on the new Radical RC Stinger Quad that I built this week.

This week's LINKS

Please take a moment during your activities Monday to remember all of the brave men and women that have given the ultimate sacrifice securing this great nation!

Have a Safe And Happy Memorial Day!
Posted by crash-man | May 23, 2011 @ 12:57 AM | 3,443 Views
Cameras And A Teensie Bit Of Fun!

Tim is back in the workshop for our 119th installment and he imparts some impressions of his visit to the Joe Nall event two weeks ago, as well as sharing a Teensie bit of information on a new plane he's built and flown recently.The RCadvisor is also in the shop this week to discuss some considerations on horizontal stabilizor design.

We get an opportunity to review a couple of items for you this week. If you've been wanting to try your hand at some Aerial Videography, you're in luck as I review two inexpensive keychain cameras from a couple of our favorite suppliers. Also, I tell you about a must-have gadget for your field box for checking the voltage on your LiPos before you fly!

You can listen to the show and see this week's links HERE (also, you can subscribe to our show in iTunes by searching for "TheCrashCast" - all one word).
Posted by crash-man | May 16, 2011 @ 10:36 AM | 3,519 Views
QSC QuadCopter And FSS Boards

We covered quite a bit of ground again in this 118th installment, but perhaps the biggest news is the release of the files for the new QSC QuadCopter, so if you've been holding off on starting your own multi-rotor project because you wanted an inexpensive Quad instead of the TriCopter we did, now is the time to get started!

The other big news item we deliver this week is that you can now order your bare, v2.1 QSC Interconnect Board so that you can build your own FSS. So many of you have been asking for this (since the minimum board order through ExpressPCB is 3 boards), and now we are ready to take care of you. This is how it works: PayPal the money to me ($35/board USD) using the email address I provide in this show and tell me which bare board that you want (Arduino Pro Mini-based or ATmega 328-based). I will place the group order on Monday, May 23rd, 2011. As soon as I receive the boards here (7-10 working days from date of order), I will put them in a padded envelope and send them out to you within two days via regular post. Remember, the ATmega 328 board will require you to flash the chip, but if you don't have that ability, we can do it for you (just email me and we'll work it out). Also, we hope to publish the build instructions for the ATmega 328 board, along with the shopping list, very soon. Everything you need to know about the Pro Mini-based board is already on my site. Please remember, these are bare boards only. You have to buy all of the goodies for them and populate them yourself.

Also, the RCadvisor is back again this week with further discussion on thrust angles with this week's discussion concerning downthrust.

Lots of great links HERE
Posted by crash-man | May 09, 2011 @ 12:17 PM | 3,464 Views
Rambling On

In our 117th show, Ron and I ramble on about all kinds of cool stuff! We discuss what we've accomplished this last week, a new QuadCopter I've just about completed, some new Flight Stabilization System boards you can order, some new capabilities a friend of ours has added, and even a really inexpensive camera I just ordered! Oh yes, we have an Ask The RCadvisor segment this week, too! We covered so much ground this week that I honestly haven't a clue what we could have left to talk about next week! LoL

Listen to the show and check out this week's links HERE
Posted by crash-man | May 02, 2011 @ 02:10 AM | 3,396 Views
Night-Flying Tips

In our 116th installment, we delve into some of the lighting systems we are using in our Night-Flying airplanes. Setting up a Night-Flyer is surprisingly easy to do, so if you've ever thought you might like to try this out, now is the time get one ready to go!

Here's a LINK to this week's show and links!
Posted by crash-man | Apr 25, 2011 @ 01:13 AM | 3,424 Views
SEFF 2011 Wrap-Up

Our 115th installment has us again babbling about SEFF. We are safe and sound now in our respective homes, but our minds are still reeling from this incredible event, so please indulge us as we cover the events of the last day, including SEFF Night Bowling and significant adult beverages. LoL

You can catch the show and links HERE
Posted by crash-man | Apr 18, 2011 @ 04:26 PM | 4,210 Views
Quasi-Live From SEFF 2011

Our 114th installment has all three of your hosts together for the first time. We all piled into Bob's camper, fired up the ol' laptop, and attempted to give you our impression of SEFF live from Hodges Field (well, it was live when we recorded it LoL). If you listen carefully, you may hear the generator running in the background, as well as the occasional Ritewing fly-by, as my noise filter just couldn't get it all.

Thanks to every one of you that went out of your way to make us all feel so welcome. This was, by far, the greatest event that I have ever attended and will be making plans to do it again next year!

Here's the LINK to this week's show.
Posted by crash-man | Apr 07, 2011 @ 11:00 AM | 8,747 Views
I wanted to take a QuadCopter with me to SEFF this year to demonstrate how well the Flight Stabilization System that John and I have been using works. The QuadCopter I've come up with is, by no means, an optimal setup. It is WAY over-powered and WAY small - so small in, in fact, that with the props off it will fit inside one of my larger transmitter cases!

As you can see in the video, I have some settings that I need to adjust to make this as stable as my TriCopter, but it is quite flyable with the "stock" settings that I am using here. I think that once I get it dialed in, it will prove to be a very nice flyer and will be able to hover "hands off" like my Tri.

SEFF Quad Maiden (4 min 14 sec)

Posted by crash-man | Apr 04, 2011 @ 01:07 PM | 7,843 Views
That Sweet Smell Of Diesel

It's been a busy week for all three of your hosts as we are preparing for our week of fun in Georgia. Nonetheless, we get together for this 112th installment of the show to talk about some new offerings that have popped up (some are just totally unbelievable! LoL) and a conversion that Ron has been considering. Additionally, the RCadvisor is back this week to discuss another publication that may help you understand these models we fly.


Posted by crash-man | Mar 31, 2011 @ 07:39 PM | 4,583 Views
Woot! After a month of hard work, the QSC TriCopter build-along project is now complete! If you are going to SEFF, you will be able to see it up close and personal, too, as I plan to bring it along to play with.

Head on over to my site for the last installment of the build log, complete with video, as usual.
Posted by crash-man | Mar 28, 2011 @ 11:05 AM | 3,873 Views
Wii MultiCopter Interconnect

For our 111th installment, this week it's just me, but I have a guest in the workshop! My friend John joins me and we discuss our custom Wii MultiCopter Interconnect board. As you probably know, this board goes far to tame the wiring mess that is inherent in the Flight Stabilization System for our Multi-Rotor projects, and we've already shared the necessary files so that you can order them yourselves. However, if you do not want to order the minimum order of three boards from the manufacturer, we will start coordinating group orders this week so you can order less than three - be watching for the article to pop up on AllThingsCrash this week with instructions on how you can get in on this!

Albeit a bit somber, I take an opportunity to say goodbye to my dear friend Dennis who lost his fight with Cancer last week. If you would like to send a card or letter to his wife Anne, please email me and I'll provide her address. You can also share your kind thoughts on the Online Memory Book, as I am certain that the family would find it uplifting to hear from all of Dennis' online friends.

LINKS for this week's show.
Posted by crash-man | Mar 24, 2011 @ 11:28 PM | 3,676 Views
I've just uploaded a couple of videos and instructional information to my site to help you guys with the software and programming end of the Flight Stabilization System (FSS). I hope this helps you to make sense of this stuff.

Here's the LINK to the latest information!
Posted by crash-man | Mar 21, 2011 @ 10:24 AM | 3,400 Views
Bearings And Boards

So this week, it's just me and Ron in the workshop for episode #110. We do a little reminiscing and discuss bearing replacement in nitro motors and give a status update on the QSC TriCopter project. Wow! This year's Scratch-Build Club project has turned into more work than last year's design! LOL Bear with us, though - we're almost done!

Be sure to join us next week, as we are expecting to have the information ready so that you can order your board kits directly from us so you can avoid that "bird's nest" of wires! Also, be watching AllThingsCrash this week for the setup and configuration information for the FSS.