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Posted by RCBABBEL | Nov 16, 2011 @ 11:10 PM | 41,241 Views
Closed for the Labor Day weekend.

BB Hyperion (1S) 180mAh 25C RTF w/UM connector $9.95

BB Hyperion (1S) 240mAh 25C RTF w/UM connector $9.95

New listing:
Stock Hyperion (1S) 250mAh 25C/45C for Blade MCPX Heli & Nano QX 3D $4.95

BB Hyp (1S) 320mAh 25C RTF w/UM connector $10.95
Weight approx: 9.3g

BB Hyp (1S) 550mAh 25C w/UM connector $11.95
Weight approx: 14.3g

BB Thunder Power (1S) 325mAh 70C w/UM connector $14.95
Weight approx: 10.4g

Battery mounting info here:

10" 6-port (1S) parallel charge & balance harness. $9.95
See Pic...

4" (1S) mini plug extension cord with L.E.T. (liquid electrical tape) and heat shrink on connectors $1.50

*For those using (1S) stock chargers, I recommend ordering an extra stock 4" extension cord. Makes charging these packs very convenient.

Radical RC (1.5mm~4mm) laser cut prop adapter. $1.00

Additional prop adapter info here:


My lightest, custom made (2S) batts:

BB Hyp (2S) 120mAh 25C RTF w/UMX connector & silicone rubber leads $15.95

BB Hyp (2S) 180mAh 25C RTF w/UMX connector & silicone rubber leads $16.95

BB Hyp (2S) 240mAh 25C RTF w/UMX connector &...Continue Reading