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Posted by Punkie | Apr 28, 2013 @ 02:51 PM | 6,404 Views
Its that LMA time of year again.
The yearly struggle with the wind and rain at Rougham.
Its easy for Lady Punkie and me, we live 1/2 and hour away, but for those who come any distance, choosing the day you come or if you camp, it must have been cold last night.
Some nice models on show, some great flying, I managed to avoid buying any more aircraft, but I did buy an Estes rocket???
Thor knows where I will fly the thing??...Continue Reading
Posted by Punkie | Oct 21, 2012 @ 12:15 PM | 7,083 Views
Sitting in the pub on Saturday I was told to go outside as Battleship Bob was flying his plane off the river.
The river flows past the garden of the pub and Bob was moored down at the end of the meadow so he is well away from people.
I sometimes fly planes on the meadow, so flying planes off the river there is a natural progression.
It would have taken too long to get one of my flying boats ready to fly and join him, so instead I got my vapour ready for some night flying and flew that as it got dark....Continue Reading
Posted by Punkie | Jun 10, 2012 @ 03:38 PM | 7,300 Views
Met the secretary of the Fenland flying club at a gig on friday night, he said to bring some models to Littleport on Sunday for the Funday.
We had a stand and an area to fly in.
Lots of fun.

I got complimented on my flying at one point, I think landing in the same field as the one I took off from was quite impressive for me.
Well I was flying my Britflight HTWO-0 flying boat, hand launch...Continue Reading
Posted by Punkie | May 16, 2012 @ 04:19 PM | 7,596 Views
I visited Long Marston near Stratford upon Avon on Saturday for the model aircraft show.
Lots of good models, some nice stands.
I managed to not spend too much.
I will post some pictures from the airfield in LTUP....Continue Reading
Posted by Punkie | May 13, 2012 @ 02:31 PM | 6,873 Views
Last weekend the weather cleared enough for the LMA show at Rougham to be worth driving too.
Lady Punkie took me as my car is out of action, it was her first show so I hoped she would not get bored.
Lots of nice models on show, the highlight was the first public showing of a big Lightning, running on two engines, it was great to see, I remember seeing the real thing many years ago, great memories.
I managed to control my urges, until I got to the Kings Lynn models stand and saw they had the Eflite P-40 0n sale for £30, it would have been rude not to buy one at that price. I think I have servos and speed controller going spare somewhere on my boat.
I met some members of the Ramsey and the Ely model flying clubs wandering around, there was some gentle ribbing about the P-40 and if I would get it flying this year.
It got cold towards the end of the day and as Lady Punkie has a few health issues, we went home.
Lady Punkie enjoyed the show, in fact enough so she wanted to come with me to Long Marston this weekend.
I will probably post some of the pics from that here and in LTUP....Continue Reading
Posted by Punkie | Apr 08, 2012 @ 09:41 AM | 6,479 Views
I was flying my escale phoenix at Wardy hill today and the battery died at low level, going the wrong way, just over the next field.

I managed to turn it, I probably should not have as it decided that the drainage ditch bordering the two fields was as far as it was going to fly.
To add insult to injury, I had not turned the camera on before the flight so I didn't get the splashdown on vid

Never mind

Posted by Punkie | Mar 12, 2012 @ 04:48 PM | 6,156 Views
A fun evening with my Britflight HTWO-0, she flies lovely.
Not so my mates Wot4 with well oversized floats, it just staggered into the air then thumped back down.
Posted by Punkie | Feb 29, 2012 @ 06:55 AM | 6,332 Views
Sunday, grab a couple, well several planes and batteries up to Wardy hill with Lady Punkie in tow.
Art tech mustang, that thing is slow, still it flew, Jerry wing, sweet, the new slightly larger motor works great, no more sparks and screams when you open the throttle to full.
I could not get my Mambo slope soarer converted to electric in the air, not enough wind to launch into, I guess the weight of the bloggie camera didn't help.
I stuck it on the mustang and it just managed a flight, complete with black prop lines on the playback, I hope to youtube that when I get time, then I maidened to World models Wingjet, apart from the noise at full throttle hurting my ears when I launched it, great, cracking wing, flew really well, slow and fast, I liked doing the low slow pass, open the taps and go vertical, another club member shouted "That looks good" when I did that.
Mostly I flew at lower throttle settings, which is how I fly normally (I must be getting old) but it was nice to have the power available.
I finished off the session with my Hobby king Kinetic 800, its a fun little thing, goes where you want and fits in the car easy.

Then last night coming home I stopped off at Wardy hill again to maiden my Britflight HTWO-0 flying boat, Hand launched, on rails, no trim required, easy flying, lovely plane, I can't wait to fly her off water, then I played with my Quad the Spaghetti Incident, just as it was getting dark, UFO time
Posted by Punkie | Dec 16, 2011 @ 07:05 AM | 6,626 Views
On a recent trip up north to see friends I was given a new engine to fondle.
Indian made nine cylinder radial, UMS 9-99.
I can't tell you any more than that.
All I know was it looked good, they recon they will have a list of customers for it.
Posted by Punkie | Sep 02, 2011 @ 03:46 AM | 7,405 Views
Here are my impressions of the British Model Flying Associations, National finals at RAF Barkston Heath.
I will be adding pics as I get time.
I am still on holiday in the North West of England, away from my usual Fenland habitat, so I am relying on the pubs wifi to post these, plus I am spending a lot of time out looking at places I have not been to before, like Liverpool.

They seem quite proud of some little 4 piece beat combo, who were popular a few years ago.

The Nationals were good, at least the wind was only 30 mph this year not 60 like last year.

More pics added
And more
And more
Some more, this time in the hanger and some freeflight mayhem
Final lot...Continue Reading
Posted by Punkie | Jul 29, 2011 @ 01:45 PM | 7,016 Views
It had seemed a good idea at the time, flat field, bigish glider, pull it up with another plane.
As unofficial gang photgrapher, I was there to record the attempt.

Large two channel glider had a tow release fitted, line was attached to tow plane, maybe the choice of tow plane was not the best, but well sometimes you run with watcha got.
Is a midget mustang a good tow plane?

Well the first flight went OK, not too high, the release worked fine, down she came to a safe landing.

OK, lets go for a bit more height.
The problem is it gets a bit more difficult to judge things as they get higher, things get a bit stressy, the line starts to jerk a bit, following the tow plane gets harder.
Suddenly a wing folds, tow release works, luckily....Continue Reading
Posted by Punkie | May 30, 2011 @ 03:37 PM | 7,078 Views
Now and then a few guys from where I work, get together at the Model flying club patch we are members of and perform aviation.
Other club members turn up as well and fun is had by all.
No pics of me flying as I am the one with the camera
Don't ask me anything about the aircraft, I don't know.
Its the first time I have really gone to photograph from the flight line.
Good fun and I think I got a few decent shots.
I only had to tweek the horizon on a couple of the posted pics...Continue Reading
Posted by Punkie | May 15, 2011 @ 03:07 PM | 6,634 Views
Right there is the SAS Mambo, that is an old combat slope thing, that I stuck a motor on the back because we have a shortage of hills in the Fens.
Flys great.
Then there is the Free air Terry, no idea what the motor is, I got it at the nationals, the guy who sold it to me, just put a pile of bits to gether for me and apart from the screaming sound and sparks from the motor if I opened it up above half throttle, its been great.
He sold me a 3s Lipo to go with it, I replaced that with a 2 cell and its much better, it only screams if you open it up fully with a fresh charged battery.
I have chucked it around in 10+ mph winds, it does it, but its much nicer when the wind is lighter.
The Kinetic is fun, great on a two cell 450 pack, but more fun with a 3 cell.

I moved into 2.4 with a Spectrum DX6i, apart from having to go back for new gimbils because the rudder pot was not working its been great.
The only problem has been because I have a badly damaged right hand I need to use a neck strap, when launching my planes. That gets in the way of the screen, so I upgraded my MPX cockpit MM, brilliant, I can hold that one handed with no problem and see the screen.
Posted by Punkie | May 08, 2011 @ 12:42 PM | 6,157 Views
I went to the Large Model Association show at Rougham near Bury St Edmunds last Saturday.
Shame about the wind, to much for the Dawn Patrol, I gather it was even worse on Sunday.
I picked up a second hand Alpha Mig 15 from the bring and buy, Not sure when I will fly it, having probs with my DX6I, its had to go back as the Rudder pot is not working.

I only to pics of a few of the planes flying, I was talking and looking at the stalls for a lot of the time. But here are the ones I did take.
Sony Alpha 200, sigma 70-300mm lens with a 2x converter.

Mostly set on Auto because I can't be d to do it properly...Continue Reading
Posted by Punkie | Oct 23, 2009 @ 10:04 AM | 8,478 Views
I flew my Minium Cessna loads. It got me flying again when all the other things were just too much trouble.
Unfortunately it got a case dropped on it in the car. Joys of taking daughters back to Uni. The fuse was messed up & the RX was damaged so I got a new fuse and RX assy and rebuilt it, got it wrong and it flew like a pig trying to claw its way into the air.
So I got the Christen Eagle without a TX and used the old Cessna one to fly it, great, brilliant plane.
But that new RX and motor sitting in a useless airframe was annoying me. I started thinking about what I wanted from it.
I have access to a small field next to a pub, on the banks of the river Cam. Its about 2 minutes walk from where I live on my narrow boat. People walk through it, moor by it and can see it from the patio at the back of the pub, So slow, floaty, good handling and nice looking where the order of the day.
I found what I was looking for at the Micron stand at one of the shows this year.
The Stevens Aeromodels Liddlebug, they have retooled it to take the RX assy and motor from the Parkzone vapour and similar models.
I was able to build it at lunchtimes at work on my desk, being in the aircraft trade it was noticed by plenty of people including my manager and the lightness of the assemblies was noted from the start.
I must say it went together a treat, the laser cutting was superb, it was difficult to get any of the build wrong, all I managed was one wing rib being glued a mm off to one...Continue Reading
Posted by Punkie | Mar 17, 2009 @ 12:04 PM | 8,845 Views
As I was visiting my Father on sunday, I took the opportunity to visit the club I used to be a member of.
The Stansted Model flying club are based at the site of an old WW2 American airfield, between the villages of Hadstock and Little Walden.
During WW2 first the 409th Bombardment Group (Light) flew A-20 havocs and A-26 Invaders, then the 361st Fighter Group moved in with their P-51 Mustangs. The last days of the war in Europe saw the 493rd Bombardment Group (Heavy) move in with B-17s while their base at RAF Debach was repaired (the runway was cracking up, shoddy building). Post war the 56th Fighter Group used it as a staging post prior to their return to the USA.
Finally it was handed over to the RAF who used it as a storage facility until it was sold off in 1958.
Not many people where there when I got there, as it was late suday afternoon, but those that were there gave me a warm welcome and I got to see some fine helicopter flying....Continue Reading
Posted by Punkie | Nov 12, 2008 @ 07:59 AM | 8,644 Views
Finally have time to post the last of my pictures of Yorkshire.
Whitby is the place where in Bram Stokers book "Dracula" the Count can ashore in the form of a dog.
"But, strangest of all, the very instant the shore was touched, an immense dog sprang up on deck from below ... and running forward, jumped from the bow on to the sand. Making straight for the steep cliff, where the churchyard hangs over the laneway to the East Pier ... it disappeared in the darkness."

from Dracula by Bram Stoker, 1897
Now it is a nice little harbour town, that is happy to celebrate its place in horror literature, by hosting a Gothic weekend a couple of times a year, I might go next year
Its a nice place to visit at other times of the year, even if you are not a Goth....Continue Reading
Posted by Punkie | Oct 02, 2008 @ 01:48 PM | 8,928 Views
Just south of Robin hoods bay is the seaside town of Scarborough, unlike a lot of the seaside towns in England, itís not all chips and amusement arcades. It has got a harbour with some nice boats, a Castle. The Grave of Anne Bronte, a couple of the "Little ships" that took part in the evacuation at Dunkirk.
I arrived early in the morning and had breakfast in a little cafe on a pier overlooking the harbour and listened to the locals gossiping.
Walking along the front I was able to buy fresh seafood, look at the boats and if I had been a few pounds lighter gone for a donkey ride.
Climbing up through the town heading towards the castle I came across the birthplace of Sir George Cayley, one of the more important pioneers of flight, when I was at school, I made a flying model of one of his gliders.
Nearby the walls of the castle is the Church of St Marys, Where I found the grave of Anne Bronte the youngest of the Bronte sisters.
At the end of a pleasant day I went for an evening cruise on the MV Regal Lady a veteran of the Dunkirk evacuation. Its a shame the pleasant trip was to the sound of a bloody awful singer in the salon, if you know the Goons, he sounded like Spike Milligans character Jim Spriggs.
I didn't go to Scarborough...Continue Reading
Posted by Punkie | Sep 17, 2008 @ 04:21 AM | 9,004 Views
Continuing my holiday in North Yorkshire, I found a nice campsite in Robin Hood bay. Only £6 per person, per night, shower block, kitchen and all the other luxuries included.
The walk down into the upper part of the village was across sheep meadows, with cracking views of the bay.
Robin Hood bay is a village of two parts, the lower where the sailors and fishermen lived and the upper where the ship owners and other rich folk lived.
The lower part of the village is down a steep incline and perches on the edge of a cliff now strengthened with a sea wall. There are several pubs serving food as well as real ales, and some shops selling the usual mix of crafts and tourist tat.
It is very pretty and if you ever visit North Yorkshire well worth the visit....Continue Reading
Posted by Punkie | Sep 11, 2008 @ 04:16 AM | 8,696 Views
After the Nationals I decided, that as I had the tent in the car and a few days off work, I would drive up to north Yorkshire and spend a couple of days at the coast.
Here are a few pictures I took whilst on the Moors.