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Posted by DeweyAXD | May 19, 2018 @ 06:53 AM | 5,546 Views
So I recently reviewed the ZOHD Orbit Wing on my channel. I was so impressed with the build quality and thought that went into this affordable PNP stabilsed airframe that I instantly knew right then that I'd want more from it. For those not familiar with this aircraft lets start with that review:

So as you can see a little gem. Lots of flight time, decent amount of space for its size and ridiculously portable.

It wasn't without its challenges and as i mention on that video I, a Futaba user, had some serious issues getting the standard stabiliser to work with my TX/RX. The fix is a little quirky but does work and I did another video of this just in case others have the problem:

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Posted by DeweyAXD | Dec 10, 2015 @ 12:19 PM | 23,303 Views
So yes I am back again with a new blog on another Feiyu-Tech product.

Not what I would call 'easy' to get hold of this sample from Feiyu-Tech as they are, allegedly , no longer giving sample products to reviewers (or so they had told me). I found that a bit hard to believe and after a few back and fourths and a screen shot of the 175,000+ views on my G3-Ultra review and the 115,000+ views on the G4 they seemed to change their mind.

First let's see a picture:

I was also a little concerned that my 'not so glowing' review of the Mini3D gimbal would effect this decision but I have requested a sample of the Mini3D Pro for that very reason because I would love it to dig Feiyu-Tech's reputation out of a bit of the mud it created (see here for details).

Anyway I am in a very fortunate position to be open minded enough on products that are sent without charge so lets hope the Feiyu-Tech demonstrate some learning and improvements with the G4S.

So let's see what is in the box with. To do so it was rude not to do an unboxing video but we will then take a look at some stills after.

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Posted by DeweyAXD | Aug 29, 2015 @ 01:05 PM | 31,214 Views
So anyone that has seen my other blogs or my youtube channel will know that I have had my hands on a few gimbals over the years. Most of them being Feiyu-Tech's.

You will however also be aware that while many of those gimbals have been good... none however have been 'great' and so far none at all have convinced me to walk away from my stalwart DJI Zenmuse H3-3D gimbal which, to this day, i still feel is the best GoPro based gimbal if you want pure quality footage.

With all this attention from the reviews I have been blessed with a few companies stepping forward offering products for review. The most recent was Zhiyun who sent me their Tiny 2 and a couple more.

Before you fall asleep the review I have done (Those less patient can go to 18:33 to see the actual in flight footage.)

Interestingly the Zhiyun products have been out and around for a while. They are a Chinese company but seem to lack the Western presence in terms of retail outlets compared to Feiyu-Tech. For that reason not a lot of people had dared jump into their products but from the whispers in the comments of youtube I'd heard good things. I'd also had people requesting a version of my popular Feiyutech G4 Gopro Clamp for the Z1 Pround and the Evolution. I owned neither and due to the lack of demand on them I never entertained acquiring them either as the G4 was serving its purpose in terms of use and in terms of Shapeways design...Continue Reading
Posted by DeweyAXD | Jun 12, 2015 @ 11:58 AM | 65,088 Views
So for anyone that knows my work then you'll know that I am quite atuned to Feiyu-Tech gimbals having owned, well.... all of them I think. Now I have use of their newest offering and what is maybe the biggest move for 2-3 years..... The MiNi3D 3-Axis.

As always a teaser pic....

Oh and it WORKS WITH FIXED WING.... in case you are interested

Unboxing video (review vid coming soon!)

So as I mentioned I've owned all of these in the past:

G3 (2-Axis)
G3-Ultra (Aircraft Version)
G3-Ultra (Handheld)
G4 (Handheld)

Hell I even own (and actually ruined) the ImmersionRC branded version that the sent with the Xugong v2 Pro (Sorry guys).

Some basic info first:

So ok its "just another 3 axis gimbal" well.... yes, yes it is. Frankly the market is pretty full of these things but I think every product has its place. For many that will come to the factor of performance vs price, others will want customisation and other just want it to do its job.

Feiyu-Tech gimbals, historically have always been the 'mid rangers' competing mostly with the likes of DYS and Tarot. They have all been what I would called 'self contained' in the sense that the brain is housed neatly inside the motor housings leaving control boards hidden. This IMO has always been a strong selling point when you compared them to the usibility of Alexmos based DIY gimbals as you'd always have to hide the control board and live in...Continue Reading
Posted by DeweyAXD | Jan 12, 2015 @ 06:20 PM | 171,610 Views
So I thought I would create a second XuGong based blog (the first being here: I do this especially after my rather close involvement of it since its release and the fact the ImmersionRC are kindly using a few of my videos for the manual and have worked closely with me over the last few weeks while doing the vids.

I also want this blog spot to be a location that I can update, converse and help out people (time permitting). There will no doubt be new Firmware (FW) coming out and I will show you on here all you need to know about sourcing it, updating it and what it does!

Ok so to satisfy the less patient (who can blame them) or those building now, here are the videos in question and a choice pic or two of the final product.

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Posted by DeweyAXD | Sep 12, 2014 @ 09:36 AM | 25,797 Views
So I managed to get myself a Bix 3 finally to go along side my rather beaten but still solid Bixler 2.

I decided to do a little blog post where I can document some of the modifications and suggestions for these cracking planes! Some are my own mods, others are just taken from other suggestions. These include so far:

- Removable Tail (Bix 3 and Bixler 2)
- Simple FPV for Bix3 canopy
- Easier wing wiring for Bixler 2
- Easy wing mounting system for Bixler 2

So lets begin....

Firstly we'll start with the mod I've done on both planes and one that makes storeage and transportation so much better....

BIX 3 Removeable Tail Modification

We'll go with the Bix 3 first and the video I've done:

This mod requires very few parts and not much skill.

You will need:

- Rare earth magnets (set of 10):
- 5 min epoxy
- Small plastic adhesive hook (Amazon, Ebay, local DIY shop is best so you can get a good one
- Fibreglass or wood dowl (5mm diameter)
- Rubber band
- Sharpe craft knife

For the purposes of this blog I will be referring to the Tail Fin as 'Fin' and the horizontal tail as 'Tail'

First job is to remove the tail wheel.... this is a simple case of carefully un-screwing the round plastic nut and then spinning the gear out of the hole:

The problem with the Bix3 compared to the Bixler 2 is that the fin, once glued down,...Continue Reading
Posted by DeweyAXD | Aug 15, 2014 @ 08:16 AM | 16,781 Views
So a few of you may have already seen my blog about the Feiyu-Tech G3 Ultra hand held rig (here: )

My plan with it was to eventually remove the gimbal, buy/build a bracket and get it on an aircraft. This never came about and Feiyu-Tech even told me that the handheld rig was not compatible for flight.

This week the new Feiyu-Tech G3 Ultra 3-Axis Aircraft version arrived. There are a number of differences between the First lets take a look at a pic and a vid (full review to come soon).

So those that watched the vid will have seen the major differences between hand held and aircraft.

For those that havn't seen a Feiyu-Tech Gimbal before the key to them is that the control board is actually inside the motor housings. One of the biggest issues with most BLG's is where you put the control board, protecting it and of course the extra weight.

The 2-Axis G3 had a board that came with it. This handled power distribution as well as having 2 very handy buttons to control pitch manually. The power distribution was actually just a one way diode chip that prevented shorting the motors out and while the buttons where good for a DIY handheld rig, they really weren't needed for RC flight as you could use your TX to control it anyway.

The G3 Ultra has done away with the buttons AND the power distribution board fully and there are no buttons to control the modes so you HAVE...Continue Reading
Posted by DeweyAXD | Jun 12, 2014 @ 08:36 AM | 60,367 Views
Feiyu-Tech FY G3 Ultra - 3 Axis Brushless Gimbal - First look/review

So anyone that has seen my other blogs would know that I've got quite fond of Feiyu-Tech products. Why I have nooo idea.... I just like them.

Today I recieved their all new 3 Axis Version of the FY G3 gimbal (in hand held form but don't think that will stop me from flying it!).

Ally @ Feiyu-Tech was kind enough to sell me a pre-release version of the final product which should be heading out to distributers this week. The only reason I have it so early is because, according to Ally, the product packaging has yet to be finalised.

Not caring too much about the final box I opted to have it shipped ASAP anyway so here we are.

I'd like to state here that I paid for this item.... it is not freebie sponsor deal or business relationship (not that I would have really complained if it was I guess).
I got a slightly discounted rate for agreeing to do some test videos within 2 weeks of reciept of it but don't think for a second that it means I will be anything but truthful about the product itself. If it is I will say it

So of course the real thing that people want to see is the footage from it.... So for the impatient here you go!

So before we take a look lets just think back to its little brother the 2 Axis G3. It retailed at £130 originally which was £20 shy of the Tarot 2-D and at the time £300 of the DJI...Continue Reading
Posted by DeweyAXD | Apr 28, 2014 @ 05:06 PM | 25,596 Views
So if you've been a follower of mine in here via the blogs or via my YouTube Channel then you will know my experiance all revolves around mulitrotors.
I've built them, flown them but in the grand world of RCG (and RC flight in general) I am a self confessed novice compared to a vast array of folks in here. Sure I know my way around a soldering iron and a NAZA but having not even dabbled in KK2 or APM's even that could be seen by many as a little 'amateur hour' (but hey we all have our skill levels).

I love the hobby, I love the building, the video making, the photos and the blogs and especially of course the flying.

So now like many I'm heading down a new path (for me) and that is toward the fixed wing world!

To take me on this journey I give to you.... my Icon A5 (Ta da! )

So if you are reading this and thinking 'OMG its so old news' well yes... yes it is. For those that have never seen one then firstly get yourself on youtube and look it up (the real thing) and then check out the Flite Test guys review of the RC plane.

Now I'm not going to go doing this as a review for reasons that will come clear as you read on but I will say a few things about it for those here who are reading purely cause they are following a similar path to me.....

The Icon A5 is a sports plane in development (still!). It is designed to be stored in your garage, on your trailer and can then be towed to the lake for take-offs as it is amphibeous (a word I will mis-spell a lot so...Continue Reading
Posted by DeweyAXD | Mar 02, 2014 @ 02:07 PM | 27,449 Views
When did DJI make a Phantom 1.5 ??? - don't worry. Don't worry they didn't!

A Phantom 1.5 is the name we've all given to the end result of moving your Phantom 1 guts into a Phantom 2 shell and thus giving you the option to use either standard lipos with more space or the Phantom 2 battery.

Full details/vid on how to do the conversion here: Phantom 1 into Phantom 2 Shell with Can-Bus

Of course if you do this mod and you are running standard lipos then you need a door. If you are running the P2 battery then you need a place for your status LED.

That is why i designed a few 3D parts for the Phantom 1.5 that I sell on Shapeways along with all my other Phantom based parts already there.

This Blog thread will be dedicated to the options available....

All are available to buy here:

Phantom 1.5 - NAZA v2 LED Battery Door

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Posted by DeweyAXD | Jan 25, 2014 @ 05:23 PM | 34,695 Views
I thought I'd do a seperate blog on this as it might open up some questions and discussion. This mod allows people with a Phantom v1 (with upgrade board) or Phantom v1.1.1 to have a CAN-BUS port without the need to have a PMUv2.

All you need is 4 wires, some soldering and connectors!

First off this is not my technique. I fully believe in credit where credit is due all the research came from here:

I couldn't find a video with more detail on it so made my own:

As you can see it works a treat, isn't actually that hard to do. Combine this with moving your Phantom 1 into a Phantom 2 shell (see here: and you can get really close to all the pro's of a Phantom 2 but not get tied down to using the P2 batteries.

EDIT - added a video of the actual prep and soldering.

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Posted by DeweyAXD | Jan 25, 2014 @ 02:08 PM | 63,994 Views
So rather that add this to my Phantom Blog I thought I'd start a seperate one. It is, potentially a project that might last a while and I am sure it is something that others will be doing themselves.


While I have now moved onto bigger platforms I still love my Phantom. I wasn't about to let it go stale and with all my Shapeways parts for the Phantom 1 still selling well, I wanted to be able to offer things to Phantom 2 owners. Only problem with that is that I don't really need a Phantom 2 and certainly cannot justify the cost of one just to make parts!

So i decided first to get a spare shell. This in itself was a long winded process as they are, at the time of writing, really hard to come by! After a few months on a waiting list (on like 5 sites) I finally got an email from Build Your Own Drones. They are my closest supplier and a trusted seller where i get a lot of my kit. Happy man.... weirdly they only had 1 in stock (not a batch of loads) so I snapped it up!!

I should note that I actually purchased the DJI Phantom Vision Shell - Don't get too worried about this though. They are the same shell and the only difference is a small sticker on the side of the box!

When it arrived I did a quick un-boxing video:

My intention was to use if for measurements but I had seen another video on youtube that suggested it might actually be cross compatible with the Phantom 1.

On initial look...Continue Reading
Posted by DeweyAXD | Jan 03, 2014 @ 08:48 PM | 38,583 Views
So anyone that has not seen my F450 blog and fancy getting up to speed with things should do so now (it'll take a while... but I won't forgive you for flicking through the pictures).

For those that know me well enough... you know I'll start with a teaser:

I love the F450... I've only owned it since October 2013 but I still love it. I love the Phantom too and still do but the F450 provided me a platform of space, heavier loads and the freedom to chop and change.

Not only that but strapping the 5800mah batt on board allowed me 10-15 mins flight time with... well... everything onboard (Zenmuse, retracts, iOSD mini, vTX, power filter etc).

What the F450 didn't provide me with was a portable 'get up and go' machine like the Phantom did. The Phantom sat in its Maplin case (fake Peli) with batteries, TX, Goggles and everything needed for the field. If I wanted some fun I'd grab the case get out there and in 10 mins prep time I'd be in the air.

When I got the 450 I breezed past this minor point "sure its bigger but I'll find a case".... much searching later and this statement changed to "sure its bigger... i'll just carry it on the passenger seat!"

I own 2 cars. Well ok.... 1.5 cars. A pretty sleeping lion of a Subaru Impreza 2.5 Sti and a Smart Car (yes yes stop laughing). Suffice to say that neither like to carry things about too much. One is tiny and one throws your stuff, you and your internal organs about at every change! Frankly anything...Continue Reading
Posted by DeweyAXD | Dec 11, 2013 @ 09:26 PM | 21,545 Views
Having recieved my latest batch of 3D designs today from Shapeways (a teaser below), I decided it best to create a blog post about them and all my other designs (especially as the numbers are growing!).

All of my 3D work stemmed from the original purchase and instant love of my DJI Phantom. Since then I've designed and sold plenty of add ons for it, done some for the Hero 3 designs and, now owning a F450, have moved onto some for this and other Gimbals.

If you want to see how it all came about you would be wise at this point to read my Phantom blog:
Here you will see how some good old fasioned balsa wood and plastic tinkering lead me toward the 3D part.

I firmly believe that, with a company like Shapeways, anyone with some creativity and a basic knack for computers can do this (digital calipers help too!).
I am actually a qualified computer aided product designer (by which I mean that many moons ago I got a degree in it). Does that give me a leg up on 3D print design? Well a little but not as much as you'd think... why? Well my degree taught me about manufacturing processes, moulds, tooling, mass production (blah blah yawn). The joy of 3D printing is you can design a LOT more freely and even design things that you could actually never produce in any other way.

Anyway onto the design work!

Before I begin just be aware that all you see here is indeed available to buy via my Shapeways shop: http://www....Continue Reading
Posted by DeweyAXD | Nov 19, 2013 @ 08:54 PM | 47,410 Views
Feiyu Tech G3 (FY G3) 2 Axis Brushless Gimbal Review
For those who don’t want to read I have done 4 videos of this. I don't love doing video reviews much and I tend to bumble on (as you will see) so I did a full write up which is a bit more structured and has lots of stills.

...Continue Reading
Posted by DeweyAXD | Nov 14, 2013 @ 08:14 PM | 33,163 Views
So having done a full long winded write up of the Phantom and all the Shapeways parts it is time to move onto bigger things. As always a little preview:

If you havenít already read it, you can see how I came about to opting for the F450 artf + Zenmuse + NAZA v2 kit on my Phantom Blog.

There are a bunch of proper build threads on building a basic f450 so rather than do a full blow by blow I simply filmed the most of it as I went. The head cam angle could be helpful to some so I thought Iíd at least post it and then talk about the key build points and problems:

Generally it was an easy physical build. First thing to talk about is solder/soldering....

Actually no, wait... first thing is to mention I used the DJI Flamewheels build video first, then the NAZA Mv2 specific video. THIS CAUSED ME BIG PROBLEMS (read on!).... so if you are reading this before you build an F450 take heed!... ok back to soldering.

Before this build I had been using a small gas powered soldering iron for my work. I thought this was really good back in the day as it doesnít tie you down to a cable like an electric one does but given it is 10 years old I decided to splash out a whopping £40 (joke!) on a 60w Electric temp controlled station.

Now I know that this is pretty basic as stations go but it can achieve 450c, heats up in a matter of seconds and was, frankly, amazing!

The first task it had actually before the F450 build was to de-solder the Phantomís old MC Board which I swapped...Continue Reading
Posted by DeweyAXD | Nov 07, 2013 @ 05:54 AM | 26,025 Views
So this is going to start as a retrospective blog highlighting the last 6+ months and hopefully lead into a more regularly updated one especially being that I will soon have my hands on a full 450 kit!

To wet the appetite a bit... this is where Iíve got to with my Phantom:

-- NEW FOR DECEMBER 2013 -- Zenmuse Ready Kit --

Anyway that is a long way off so scroll through if you want to get to the meat.
Firstly though, for those that are interested (and those that arenít just scroll down and look at the pics ;-).

In May 2013 I decided to get into RC flight as a hobby. I do web design and I.T. for a living so anything to get me away from a computer had to be a good thing (yes I know the irony of typing this up thanks!) and I have always loved gadgets, photography and tinkering! It all seemed a perfect.

I like to do my research. I love forums and I love learning information and applying it so I took a look at the market. First I looked at planes, trainers, Bixlers, Easystars and of course the SpyHawk. All seemed like good starting points but as I owned a Hero3 Black since 2012 I knew itíd end up Ďin the soupí. This got me a little paranoid. What if I crash out of my reach, what safety net was there for my yet to be purchased equipment?

Now I appreciate that the above paranoia is probably something that most new comers go through. Indeed it is only in the last couple years where affordable Ďfail safeí solutions have really come to the domestic market to...Continue Reading