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papadwight's blog
Posted by papadwight | Yesterday @ 05:42 AM | 898 Views
Well was feeling so good so I got out my slower planes in the afternoon. I figure it would go better for me that way. I figured wrong again. the ember 2 would not turn left but was still turning right so I just keep flying. Wrong move I could have landed and fix tail but I keep flying. The wind pushed her over the front porch of a house near by I was turning right hard but the wind just turn me back. And on the roof she was. The tail looked like it worked and the throttle did. So up and down on the throttle I went and she did fly to the edge of the roof. After a wind came up and a throttle up she let go and off she came. I turned to the right came around heading toward my front yard off with the throttle ?I well walk out and get her. The control rod was connected but had slipped out because of angle of rod so it would pull tail just not push in other direction. The new night Vapor motor flys but not high or long I" looking at that. The work table has got the tools now but seems like you clean it up all the time. Started a dollar tire airplane. Been sanding her down trying to make the wings wings,and and a working tail. I want to get the cg and balance right on this one....Continue Reading
Posted by papadwight | Apr 16, 2014 @ 07:51 AM | 1,385 Views
Yes its papa and the Champ 22.4 inch wings 14.3 inch long with a 4 channel spectrum transmitter for a 3 channel plane. Easy to fly forgiving and light so most times planes ok after crash. Unless flow right into something than that wing or tail may take damage. I have flow this plane with 5 wings from 18 inch to 24 inch one wing two wings taped glued. It still flow most times or was easy to get flying again with a few adjustments. I can still land this plane any where I want and go home and fly another day. It well fly right out my hand no need to even throw. Its a backyard and front yard flyer. True to much wind on bad day but learn when to fly it. If not your going to crash it on a super windy day. As you get good with it there well be some windy days you can fly it high and fast being careful when landing and takeoff. Great price 89.95 great plane great fun I love this size plane and yes the size puts limits on the plane. But all planes have limits as you have. You must learn to fly in these limits or crash. Most of us are going to crash sometimes it just happens. Get something easy to repair keep flying ,parts can be gotten and there lots of info in on net about the plane....Continue Reading
Posted by papadwight | Apr 15, 2014 @ 08:13 AM | 957 Views
Well no real flying around here, the rain keeps coming slow but still going. Very high wind last night and wet. There was no time to get a flight in. So getting some stick time on my simulators. I should be flying them a lot each day till my flying shows a turn in any direction is just nice easy with no correction needed. I reading other post and there are few I can answer now. Just when thanks are getting better I go back and read I answered a hard question right found a hobby shop flying field in another country for some one. And than I see I put the answer to another person so its the wrong answer. But I am reading and working the PC much better. I must go back and check what I am doing. Made some videos of clearview and put on you tube. Its wild I flew the night vapor for months same prop. Put new motor on it must replace the prop in one day. Got to find new battery for my coxs cruiser control line plane. Hobby town wants 17.99 for that little battery. I beleave I can order one for about 7.00. It uses cox A5805 7.4 volt 250 mah....Continue Reading
Posted by papadwight | Apr 14, 2014 @ 06:41 AM | 1,979 Views
Late night flight out front in the front yard. Been a while sense I flow out there on left side. It lets me fly in front yard which is ok with small plane. Seem to need a lot of power early. It also would not get to high, which it can go into the 100 s of feet for a long time most times. The new prop had a big chip out of it. I have learned if a prop twist or gets a good chip out. I have replaced a few motors only to put them back on. Because a new prop fixed it. Which was the last thing I did in each case. Well the battery is coming up on the cox,checked with meter. It does have a low volts in it. The cox cruiser is done its a control line plane. I learn don't put you foamy's near your solder iron they dont mix well. But this was nrver coming to be a looker. Still ok to fly and thats want I care about. Want to fly bad but wind 13 mph to 18 mph all day. Still did not stop me from going out side a looking many times. Looking at scatch building or just getting flying wing I can fly in about 12 mph winds. Got to do a lot of reading or order a crash hobby plane to put togather. Still want one of these this summer....Continue Reading
Posted by papadwight | Apr 13, 2014 @ 01:05 AM | 1,219 Views
Rod remake on control line. Guide for control wire's and 5 cents for weight on outter wing. Night Vapor day back yard flight. Another charger stop's working thats two out in a week. Changed battery's three time's first than to another planes charger works fine. Walked out into the field to fly the champ today doing many loops that day. And getting high and out there A ways for stock control so I moved me and the control closer. There was a few hours of no wind early today. Made sure I got a little flying in first. Well over 100 snapshots of the champ flying today. My you tube is getting fair amount of plaqy each day now. And yes I did dress for flying , check out them designer short's?...Continue Reading
Posted by papadwight | Apr 12, 2014 @ 12:33 AM | 1,145 Views
One of my first planes and one I got more money in than any other and never been in the air just drive's me nut's. If my cox cruiser is going to be a control line plane it needs wheels. So here they are a start on making it control line. Battery dead so far two chargers can not get it to charge so far 2two to three hours of trying. Two all in one est and nothing working so many flying it from a bellcrack. Hate to put bad money after bad money but hate having 170.00 dollars in a plane never flow and it still looks good to. Out 3am a little windy but needed to teest new motor in night vapor. 30 sec after I throw it I could see its a lot of wind out here. Yes it flow right away from me turn after turn it just was going down the road 2 1/2 house's down in no time. It was not coming back under its own power. So I cut the power set down the control and ran down the block to get it, before a car came around the corner another house away. I am never to run but I did and I still here and so is it. Costco trip new Batterys for all my charger's and planes I go throw some battery's and they had $2.00 dollars off name brand making the $5.00 cheaper than house brand x.
Posted by papadwight | Apr 11, 2014 @ 02:09 AM | 1,166 Views
Up early today just a few hours of no wind. Ember 2 up for warm up. It went ok nothing more than you could see me turn as the plane came to me. And not always the right way first. But never bad, and no crash and I got better as time went on. New battery's in my new champ charger and a never flow on lipo charge. AThis payed off because never had a champ fly with so much power. just point her toward the sky, loop after loop no problem even one right off the deck. Champ going toward the sky any time throttle was on. This was my best flight I thnk lots of loops some inverted with the champ not to long it did not seem to like it and the stick had to be held good and far even to do for a min or two. The mini vapor got new engine install from parkzone. 9.95 + tax. much to windy to night so far ben out checked a few times. Just before I quit flying went back and got mini vapor. No crash, but you could see the wind coming up. Me turning and trying to dive back and not crash. But after each turn I was getting out into the field. So I just cut the power and let her come down. Or she would of ended up flying off. Just a nice long walk to get her. tryed one motor I had around to small would not pull night vapor
Posted by papadwight | Apr 10, 2014 @ 12:38 AM | 1,147 Views
Long day and so much done in one day. Plane room clean up and tools and floor spotless. All plane fixed and ready til night vipor twist the motor wires off after motor mount comes off after hard landing in dark. Got to her and she had pull the wire's right out the back of motor. Another motor mount and new motor coming. All my slot cars and tools cleaned up and in good working order. Going racing at the pro track soon. Design and build a sctach lets just call it a grass vapor. Its the same size as my night vapor, now to get it flying good. lawn done and trimmed around the house. My little truck tuned up oil change new oil filter and right head lite. And I made dinner and cleaned up my wifes first day back at work after taking care of me. The 2 hospital bills came today between 170,000.00 and thats not my doctors and many many test run 4 times a day. Affordable care act-sure- tell me another one, that ones so funny. Till it comes time to pay the bill....Continue Reading
Posted by papadwight | Apr 08, 2014 @ 08:09 PM | 1,518 Views
Off to family hobby in Smyrna, tn. today. Getting new props for Champs and night vapor. Gamma 370 and Cessna 182 in Gsw orange props. Very low price and they well work. No more order gamma 370 prop's from hobbytown. As you can see i am not going to run out of props any time soon. But I hate to ground a plane because I'm out of porp's. Got all the props on the right way today with all pulling the right way. Don't know if ever done that right on so many planes in one day. Well there all ready and the wind is to hard for micro's today. But there all fixed and ready for round 2.` Been flying the 182 on clearview se and I am getting better just a little inverted flight after a loop today. Seem to fly inverted but not well and you must use a lot of stick to keep it in the air. Looking at a better control line plan for a electric control line scratch built. Just a nice hard wing slow easy plane to build first. Something small like I built with Ken in wards corner Norfol virginia at 10 years old. It was 049 powered and did fly better good. Him and some friends flew at a church yard at where I grew up. Well till later working on rebuilding my flying skills. A few weeks ago I could not type all this, just had to read and watch RC videos.
Posted by papadwight | Apr 07, 2014 @ 10:39 PM | 1,914 Views
Dx6i back being repaired but. I flew my champ and slower planes ok on stock controls but. I think I showed I am not back when hand take off on a heavy Airplane, Im still to slow for wild tricks and big planes only leaving the ground from runway at flying field s o my hand is already in control. Off to the LHS ored some new gamma props,get 2 night vapor props and 3 or 4 props for the Cessna 182. The big planes can sit tell I'm am ready. I still have fun with my night vapor ember 2 and champs. Both Champs are still flying. Put Microsolf Flight Simulator back on my desk top. I am getting better a week ago I had a hard time typing what I whated to say so I just read and watched was of the flyers I like to watch and read. Windy and cold all day so I just fix planes. Slow down flying some simulator some and some repairs and some new building. What to make my cox skycuiser in to a small electric control line plane. Going to use the control to control speed and a handle and bellcrack to control tail no turns. Already got everything for the convert over for when I am better.
Posted by papadwight | Apr 07, 2014 @ 02:04 AM | 1,623 Views
1) Gamma 370 crash- need new prop.
2) Cessna 182 crash -need new prop.
3) 13 inch nutball crash motor off
4) Albatros Rip top wing off
5) Old Champ fly in to ground during loop two times- Plane Ok.
6) Heli Quad 3 or 4 crash learning to fly its Ok.
7) night Vapor Breaks prop in back yard last night.
If I flew it,I crashed it, hitting the ground many times and I just went back getting planes and crashing them all day. Ran out of prop's for more than one today. Not A good save, some days you need to step back and take the day off. You got to be smart not to tear your whole fleet out from under you. Let them planes live for a another day. The plane that go's in the box today may fly many other days. The wind was wild push the planes all over, I was wild pushing looping much harder and wilder for some reason....Continue Reading
Posted by papadwight | Apr 06, 2014 @ 02:52 AM | 1,100 Views
The new Champ flow today on the stock control RTF. Sent back my Dx6i today to be repaired. I had lots of old stock champ controls to use. One for the ember 2, one for the new champ,one for the old champ, And one for the night Vapor. After putting the ember 2 on stock control took a one min and a half to fix the tail and go flying planes is fine. I can still fly in some wind I am not as good as I was but I'm flying. I guess my Dx6i was bad, But I should have know that and did not. So I do not get a pass as normal ether. Flow the night vapor out back as soon as got dark. Came down after about 3 or so mins whit out in the dark turned up the motor. And what a vibration the prop had broke cant even tell you want it hit in the dark. As far as the Cessna 182 I taxi the plane all over my living room and hall today turning around in hall no problem. Fly her in a few days, with no wind to start with. Love this 30 inch wing aircraft, just seems like the right size plane. Not to big not to small. Its good just tobe back in the air flying. It is great to being coming back and the chance to fly again. And to think last week they could not wake me up. My own wife had sad goodbye. Flying the cessna 182 with my Dx5 for now.
Posted by papadwight | Apr 04, 2014 @ 09:55 PM | 1,559 Views
Trip to Family hobby today as they were binding my Dx6i to that plane. ?He ask have you been crashing in the last few days. I said had to replace one champ and repair ember 2 tail all last night. I just was thinking it may be me after being sick. His head came up and said no bad radio, you must call them and send it back. It well not turn sometimes. Well a lot of new Hobbyzone planes too. Just was thinking may be me but nice to here. So I'll fly on my small Champ controls and my dx5i, They ask if I have some and as I said many many controls that I love the with my small planes only fly faster planes on my dx6i. Look all over family Hobby today. Great planes truck cars and boats hanging from the roof and all over 4 or 5 people so many to wait on. They are always every good to me, I may have there repair man put me electric Army Racer togather for control line springs not long now....Continue Reading
Posted by papadwight | Apr 04, 2014 @ 01:17 AM | 1,629 Views
I know who was going to clean it up. Plane room done cleaned tool box tables carpet cleaned. All the trash up, take me a good while. Both one Champ and Ember 2 are ready for tail repairs from me flying in high winds. B ut you know mw came home brand New Champ today and 2 inch dupro wheels with 2 battery's. Also hav e always love this used 30 inch wing Cessna 182 family hobby has. He's getting it ready with 5 channel spectrum to go for my dx6i. May find my new antenna and take to him to replace. I got it from him. Champ 30 inch cessna and gamma 370 3 planes all growing for wind and me. I looked at this cessna over a year ago. I can not tell you why I just love 30 inch wing aircraft. Maybe tomarrow we well get a look at all the super aircraft hanging up in Family Hobby for sale. Leave the carpet to dry over night with fan on carpet work on getting my other planes back in the air now. If my mind is still not all there I can take them to family hobby for repair right now. They don't need much. Way to windy today but a lot done and some quad flying around the house.
Posted by papadwight | Apr 03, 2014 @ 09:37 AM | 1,196 Views
5am flights out on the wet road. Both put up on u tube. Flights went well no problem's. Not a super long flight but ok I guess. Wake up went out front and no wind.
Posted by papadwight | Apr 02, 2014 @ 09:09 PM | 1,496 Views
While came out champ took off fine out into the fieild wind push her around and over right into deck. Bring her back take off again around to the right she go's. Can't seem to stop her now or get tail to come back to center. So I go get some other planes. Ember 2 and night vapor seem hard to handle too. There was just too much wind for micros to be flying today. There are many days I fly at midday here but some times a mid day flight can be very bad and some days not. You must fly to see and I now seem to need the smarts to know. I was very slow today to get it in hand. Many times I was just able to keep the ember 2 from flying off on me. turning back over and over. In the end I picked it up and ran the battery's out in my hand. I tryed to order A hobbyking slow stick aqnd went down got a 100.00 dollar gift card after getting a orange rx and battery but with shipping it went to 140.00 and they keep wanting to use paypal and i had the card. My wife was helping me we just quit going to repair one champ and add other new one with 2 sets of 2 1/4 inch tires and order peter Rake designs and 2 control line planes.
Posted by papadwight | Apr 01, 2014 @ 08:40 PM | 1,277 Views
I started to fly my heliquad 2.4 today. Start flights first t ill running in to walls many times today. The little blade runner seems well built and takes some good hits today. Never even a hint of stopping. My son flew with me and did a litttle better which is ok with me. Its nice to be something fun with him. It well be a little while before I'm good at this. But for inside this is the perfect little machine for around the house days for me. And for the price a very nice toy I like having one to bad I was so so to try mine.
Posted by papadwight | Mar 31, 2014 @ 08:17 PM | 1,148 Views
Mini vapor up first inside around the house. Yes got it to fly, but needed more power and more restart's. But I did get to fly. The ember 2 and than the night vapor 1 than 2 battery's and some restarts. Getting longer each time. But I was flying better than I was walking I think. My Champ may need to wait some. Wife came out and watched. She thinks I need to slow down. But when your still not sure of your future you seem to push just a little. But Its looking a lot better for me each day. But each and everyday I am glad to just get any type flying in.
Posted by papadwight | Mar 30, 2014 @ 01:37 PM | 1,374 Views
It take more than one time just to get the control working for me. And more than a few crashes to get off the ground with my simulator. But it was just nice to hold one of my planes and to watch a few of my favorites fly. Hopefully in a week or two , I will be flying again too. Just wanted to say hi and i'm home.
Posted by papadwight | Mar 14, 2014 @ 08:48 PM | 2,193 Views
in hospital trying to get better now