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pulserudder's blog
Posted by pulserudder | Feb 28, 2015 @ 11:44 AM | 728 Views
Let's see if I can revive my dormant blog. After years of fooling around with old timers, I got the sailplane bug again. I'm a builder, and I like wood, and flying season is coming, so here we go:

Starting with an old Craft Air Drifter II, a 72" floater for lazy afternoons and gentle breezes. Never built or flew one of these back in the day. Recently bumbled onto an original kit in excellent condition with good wood.

Day 1 session 1. Sketched some options to eliminate the balanced rudder then built what looked about right.
Posted by pulserudder | Apr 13, 2013 @ 09:07 PM | 1,565 Views
While making progress on my build for BBCC 2, which you can follow here....


....I snapped a a of shot of the building and sometimes fixing table that I work from out in the garage - I mean "shop" - when the termperature is agreeable. My favorite neighbor has a big screen tv and a couch in his garage, along with lots of sports memorabilia, oh, and a Harley too, but I've got airplanes.

It's busy and a little small at 30" x 48", but I like it. I've got two layers of shelves above the pegboards that don't show. Plan to add a second workbench next year when the weather gets cold again, that way I can have one table for building things and another table for fixing the things I built.
Posted by pulserudder | Mar 21, 2013 @ 10:02 PM | 2,366 Views
BBCC 2 -- 2nd Balsa Builders Conversion Contest
Announcing "BBCC 2", the 2nd Balsa Builders Conversion Contest Thread


Goal: Build and fly a radio controlled model aircraft, constructed predominantly of balsa, based upon a kit or plans not originally designed for radio control.

Contest Announcement:.....01 MAR 2013
Formal Contest Start:.....01 APR 2013
Entries Close:............30 APR 2013
Contest Ends:.............31 AUG 2013
Polling Ends:.............30 SEP 2013

Just what I need - the excuse to start another build. Maybe the "pressure" of a deadline will spur me along. I'm narrowing down and mulling over three possible choices for the build/conversion:

1: Goldberg Blazer 1/2a free flight to RC
2: Kerswap old time free flight to RC
3: Consolidated "Wow" control line combat to RC

Gotta make the final decision in the next day or so to start getting set up for the April 1 start. This should be a fun addition to the spring/summer. Looking forward to getting to know the other guys in the contest and to seeing what everybody else builds....
Posted by pulserudder | Feb 16, 2013 @ 01:55 PM | 1,641 Views
There's something about model airplanes hanging from the ceiling. For starters, the thought brings back old memories of my dad's garage and the variety of models he used to have hanging from the ceiling. But I also think of the hobby shops of yore, the places my dad took me into when I was a boy, wide-eyed and full of wonder. I remember in particular Art's in Jacksonville, Fl, where my dad was from, the Decatur Speedway (I think that is what it was called) located in what used to be the tiny town of Decatur, Georgia, near and now part of Atlanta, Georgia (where my family once frequently traveled to visit my mother's relatives and family friends), and a little place called the Crafter's Corner that was located in my hometown up until 1978 or so. Those were the hobby shops of my childhood, and they all always had a bunch of model airplanes of every type, free flight, control line and rc, hanging from the ceiling. I always looked forward to excursions to those places, and few things made me happier as a boy when I was "surprised" with a trip to look around a hobby shop. Once inside, I was always looking up, awed by the colorful display that was hanging above me, dreaming and imagining, wishing i could take this or that home with me....

Fast forward to young adulthood, and I think of Randy's, the hobby shop where I worked for a time in the late 80's/early 90's as also having a ceiling well stocked, not only with built planes for sale or display but also rc...Continue Reading
Posted by pulserudder | Feb 08, 2013 @ 08:34 AM | 1,633 Views
New to RCgroups. Good stuff. Enjoying scanning through the classifieds and interesting threads, esp. on half-a and glider. I like the build threads with photos a lot. Presently working my way through a Mark's Models Wanderer 72" build. I am scratchbuilding by using an original kit to make up my own parts. Too cold to glue in the garage where I have my shop, so work has been slow. Also about halfway done with a Holman/O'Reilly Super Sniffer and a 2/3 sized Simplex, from a Penn Valley kit. The Holman Super Sniffer kit is fantastic with excellent wood selection. The Penn Valley Simplex is fun, but the stock wood is heavy. May try an electric in the Sniffer, as my local club is fighting noise issues, but I would really prefer to put a Cox medallion .049 in both and limit the engine run time.