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Posted by windnsea | Jul 22, 2014 @ 08:48 PM | 4,284 Views
Here is some background on hovercraft models I've produced in the past leading up to my most recent design.
I got the idea to make models to sell back in the early 1980's after coming up with a design that worked pretty good and called it the 'Thruster', not to be confused with the "atomic thruster"( which has nothing to do with me). Even though the batteries and motors were heavy by todays standards it worked well and many were sold through local hobby shops. -See photos.
In an attempt to lower the cost the design morphed into a single engine layout in different versions until after about 10 years of hard work i realised how much more money i could earn just building houses instead. -
After a long break from hovercraft I've recently become involved in developing a practical NSH (non skirted ) hovercraft design. Not just a flat bottomed skimmer for smooth concrete etc but a proper design that can go pretty much anywhere.
There have been a couple of models produced without skirts which perform well but like most skirted models only work on smooth surfaces and not at all on water or grass, which is a bit disappointing.
-The early full scale craft of the 1960's had similar limitations which is why all hovercraft now have skirts.
It has been a real challenge to go 'back to the future' and come up with something that overcomes this but finally its a reality and we have a practical NSH design. The model based on this is called the 'Stingray' which will initially be in kit form.
If anyone has had similar ideas or seen a good design i would really appreciate some info.
stingray rc hovercraft (1 min 11 sec)