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Posted by sdad | Apr 30, 2015 @ 10:39 PM | 1,670 Views
I decided to use JR instead of Airtronics for the RF on my single stick. This allows me to maintain compatibility with my JR equipment, including the use of synthesized modules. Further, There are a number of plugin modules that allow the use of 2.4 Gig. I did have to make a few mods to interface the encoder with the JR, but I implemented the mods in such a way that the Airtronics can be reverted back to factory at will.

The Airtronics did not have an access door for the battery. The entire rear panel needed to come off to get at the battery. I have standardized on Li-Fe batteries which require a special charger, not a wall wart. I made a door that allows me access to the battery easily. Since I had already destroyed a JR back panel to get at the module cradle, I used the leftover JR cover on the battery hole.

I do have a stock Airtronics rear panel to use if I ever decide to bring this radio back to stock.