SMALL - Telemetry SMALL - Radio
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Posted by 6sharky9 | Feb 11, 2013 @ 08:56 PM | 3,233 Views
Well; i was curious and read about this model and watched many youtube videos
and decided on wanting to get my hands on a V911 and have some fun. My first
heli was a Blade CX Scout and it was fun at first but im after more.

Considering the cost and ease of mods i chose the V911 as my next adventure..My eyes were set on the Xieda 9958 till i saw the V911 reviews in various places. Anyway; this blog will be dedicated to the WL toys V911 ive purchased from

One is a RTF version and the other will be a BNF version (Red/white-Blue/white)

Ive seen alot of inspiration from other blogs and threads and have chosen the path on which the V911 will endure..Im still awaiting my order of helis and parts.

My first order consists of a V911 RTF (Red/White- new battery version)
Spare blades (x5)
Spare flybars(x4)
Spare tail blades(x2)
spare landing skid (x1)
200mAH batteries (x2)

I will be visiting the local hobby shop and hardware store to purchase some items needed for the build as well.

I still have much to order please bare with me.

Hope you all enjoy the build when it starts.

Update 2/28/2013
My RTF and spare parts have made it to its destination..will post some pics as soon as i can...I have the spare parts but have to pick up the heli from local post office.

Ok..I picked up my heli and all looked good...but a few of the screws throughout were not fully tightened.
Also the main gear has alot of burs and its pretty wobbly...This...Continue Reading