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Posted by ahub | Nov 30, 2013 @ 12:29 AM | 1,959 Views
Please leave a comment about my sales views and polices. I would like to get a feel of how you see these and how they can be improved.
Posted by ahub | Oct 31, 2013 @ 10:28 AM | 2,492 Views
credit A gentleman ( punkindrublik) I have had the pleasure of dealing with shared his sales and buying procedures on his blog. I modified to my own needs they are as follows
My personal policies for classifieds

#1. DELIVERY TIMES - I can only ship 4 times a week, so PLEASE DON'T PANIC if you don't see your item in 7 days. If I receive payment right after a trip to the PO, you can most certainly add a extra day to the delivery date. Sorry, I have a real life RC is not my business, and that comes first...

Unless stated in my posts, I ship small stuff via 1st class and larger stuff via Priority Mail or FedEx. If you have a problem with this, please make this clear in your offer. I will ship anyway you like but I will also pass on the costs to you.

#3. I RESERVE THE RIGHT TO SELL TO WHOM I CHOOSE. I will usually work on a first come first serve basis, If you are the "first buyer" to respond to my ad, you will have 12 hours or less to post payment or the sale will fall to the next buyer in line with the same "12 hours or less" rule. This is at my discretion. But I reserve that right in special circumstances. I WILL ALWAYS HONOR MY WORD

#4. I AM WILLING TO ENTER OFFERS, but if you ASK A LOT OF QUESTIONS or HAGGLE, please don't expect to be the first considered just because you were the first to contact me. As soon as somebody says "I'LL TAKE IT", the item is SOLD (pending payment within 24 hours). I certainly don't...Continue Reading