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Posted by Moto Moto | Nov 06, 2015 @ 05:24 PM | 40,976 Views
Moto's Axiom

"I've done everything right and it doesn't work" usually means you haven't done everything right.

New Firmware Sources

BorisB has added the MOTOLAB target to his Betaflight fork of Cleanflight. This is the recommended firmware. The repo for that is here:

The Betaflight hex files for the MotoLab boards are here:

Betaflight pror to v2.4 had a firmware problem that could cause failure to arm. This is reliable version with that bug fixed:

Cleanflight releases are available here:

Cleanflight version 1.11 and later include the MOTOLAB target. However, as of the 1.12 release, a pull request to add MPU6000 gyro support for the Cylone has not been added, so Cleanflight from the upstream source can only be used on the Tornado or MotoF3 boards until the maintainer adds that code. In the meantime, I've posted a forked version with Cyclone support added. This version will work on any MOTOLAB target board.

Boards have been shipped with various versions of Cleanflight or Betaflight as development has progressed. I'd recommend installing the latest stable version of either one from the links above when you receive a new board.

Installing New Firmware

The MotoLab boards all use the built-in USB device to...Continue Reading
Posted by Moto Moto | Aug 20, 2014 @ 11:33 PM | 7,513 Views
Be sure to read post #3 on the Warpquad thread. This is meant to supplement that information.

This section details modifying and installing the custom version of MultiWii using the Arduino development system

The MotoWii uses the Arduino development system for editing and installing the firmware. If you're not familiar with Arduino, please see the tutorials here:

I have used Arduino version 1.0.x (current version is 1.0.6), which is available for download here:

The MultiWii_MotoWii_RevB_V3 contains a folder called "MultiWii_MotoWii_RevB_V3". To open the sketch in arduino, browse into that folder and select the file "MultiWii_MotoWii_RevB_V3.ino". Make sure you're in the right place.

config.h should be the only file you need to edit. The only changes you'll need to make might be:

For Spektrum-compatible satellites, the radios may bind at either 1024 or 2048 resolution. The sketch is set for 2048, but if your receiver channels seem scrambled you may need to change #define SPEKTRUM 2048 to #define SPEKTRUM 1024.

To switch from Spektrum satellite to a PPM_SUM receiver, comment the #define SPEKTRUM line and uncomment one of the #define SERIAL_SUM_PPM lines that corresponds with the channel order in your transmitter.

To enable 125uS onshot mode on the KISS ESCs, uncomment #define ONESHOT. You'll need to short the J1 jumpers on the ESCs too for this.

To enable the discovery buzzer...Continue Reading