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R.C. Man's blog
Posted by R.C. Man | Aug 09, 2013 @ 05:17 PM | 3,824 Views
Fresh from the laser table,
Trex 450 Sport Frame Plates.
Made from Grade 2 Titanium. The DXF I made myself, without the oval holes for a better look.
I flew with the carbon frame plates, crashed, and had to buy new ones, flew again, and was buying new ones again, I got tired of buying, so I made some from Aluminium, crash, and straighten, ok, I had to rebuild anyway, but saved the price of the framing.
Got better at flying, noticed the Aluminium frames were flexing under load, and sometimes stayed bent, Hmmm , what do I do there, Tried SS and was to heavy,
Titanium came to mind, 1mm, 1.2mm, 1.5mm.
So I made some frames from Ti, and am on testing them out at this time.
Looks good so far. No flexing so far as I can see, The 1mm top frame is strong enough for the massive pitch pumps (12+ 12-) from 40ft. 3800 rpms.
Crash tests are coming tomorrow.

Was putting it together today, almost finished.

A pic with the Ti 450 and the Alu 450


My dream is to build a heli for beginners and Pros alike, same bird, just a different pilot. Durable Heli for a beginner, takes the goof ups better.
You add your favorite electronics, and up ya go.
Posted by R.C. Man | Aug 09, 2013 @ 04:25 PM | 3,788 Views
Well, I was at it again, I made some main and tail shafts from steel stamping rods,
Yes, the very hard rods that you punch holes in steel with, Drilling was a PITA, none the less ,I accomplished it. I just dare someone to bend 1.
I haven't managed to yet, and after 30 crashes, its still on my heli. Straight as an arrow. (I used a press, and bent one 8mm in the middle, and it went back to straight , try that with a steel 1)

I will be putting them on the market sometime, would be about 16$ a Mainshaft
(tailshafts come for free) Buy a main, and get a tailshaft for free.

I test all my parts , before they go out, so you wont have to worry about the craftsmanship afterwards. Good comes to you, bad goes in the trash...

Posted by R.C. Man | Feb 08, 2013 @ 04:58 PM | 3,847 Views
Ive been at it again, was foolin around with making some stuff, and found some old cabins from a 350 size heli, narrower as a 450 size heli, so lo and behold I tried 1 on my f-45, cut to fit ,the width was perfect, mounted it and looks like a big boy 450. Lucked out on the size.
Look for yourself at the pic I think, but than ya know , who the f..k am I anyway lol.

Looks like I found the right scale for this bird.

Posted by R.C. Man | Jan 20, 2013 @ 06:11 AM | 4,330 Views
Well I was a testing today,
Rear rotor motor on the F-45 from MJX

Unloaded rpm test

Here are the stats
Posted by R.C. Man | Jan 19, 2013 @ 01:46 PM | 4,020 Views
So now I have found some more pics on the F-45
Posted by R.C. Man | Jan 19, 2013 @ 12:53 PM | 4,126 Views
Well I guesse I have to put something in here,
1st pic is of my center of gravity stand,
I made it from aluminium, cut it and whipped it together,

The top boom is adjustable, has hole for (I use fishing line) wire, on the end of the line I used a m5 screw with a 1mm hole through the middle,
Cut a thread in the mainshaft for the screw, simple but works and looks good 2.
When helis a swingin on the string, you can turn it around to see and measure
your C/G. (crooked or tilting) and add weights or remove to get it evened out.
I will be posting more stuff as I work on it.