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Posted by austntexan | Jun 15, 2014 @ 09:04 AM | 1,400 Views
Updated vendor list. Most are in North America.

Shipping times are generally never more than 5 days.

Some of the below are very small operations(in some cases only 1 or 2 people) but I've received very good service and fair prices from all.

NEW - Canadian but ships fast to the US/ mini stuff and Naze FCs**
NEW -West Coast/Cali
RMRC - Midwest based
MRSS -West Coast/Cali based - 3rd Coast/So.East/Florida/based - West Coast/Cali - West Coast/Cali (Germany) - Midwest - West Coast/Cali EZ Coast/NC (hey neighbor!) - The Great Southwest/Chandler, AZ - Middle o' the Boot/Central Flo-rida/based - Midwest - asia/usa/canada

**ordered on 6/10, shipped 6/11, received 6/14

Note: Just ordered a Diatone QAV250 ($21) and a couple Naze boards from Rotorgeeks(Canada). Delivered in 4 days! Shipping cost was less than I've paid for most US vendors.

I'll be reviewing the QAV250 in a subsequent blog entry. At first glance, this little quad looks amazingly well built and is based on a great design concept; FPV racing quad, or AV style mini-H quad.

The frame is strong and light. It's not the typical DJI clone arms. It will withstand some abuse. However, at $13 for a replacement frame, I don't expect to be disappointed if I manage to break an arm in a bad crash. I've not seen many pics on their RCG thread with broken frames.

Posted by austntexan | Jun 09, 2014 @ 06:59 PM | 1,579 Views
Fun flying today on 4S. I never retuned the Naze for FPV and I'm still flying/crashing plain ole GemFan 845 Nylon cheap props.

Had a blow out today on the GemFans. Now I know why people say never to fly these on a heavy quad (even though this one is well below 1kg).

Same setup as yesterday's experiment. I'm getting Jello, but that's ok. There are a few reasons for it, I believe. . .

1. Mobius lacks the mass of a GoPro
2. props are not the best for this application. 950 or 850 HQs will work much better.
3. 4S produces a tremendous amount of thrust on these motors, with these props. . . the Naze needs to have the P lowered to accommodate the added power.

3 videos.

1. 3S2200 RMRC LiPo. . . good flight, very little jello and pretty smooth considering
2. 4S1300 Skylipo. . . light weight 4S LiPo. . . worked well, quad was very nimble, vibes were more pronounced
3. 4S2650 Glacier(BuddyRC). . . heavy-weight configuration. . . ended up breaking a prop on this one in mid-air. Lots of torque. The Glaciers are rumored to have a higher C rating than advertised. Tons of headroom with this LiPo. Fun flight.

Warthox Mobius 3S Crash (4 min 20 sec)

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Posted by austntexan | Jun 09, 2014 @ 10:30 AM | 1,221 Views
For Mac users, Photo Booth(part of OS X) will function as a WebCam app with the Mobius.

The Steps. . .
1. remove memory card
2. power on Mobius
3. connect Mobius to Mac via USB
4. launch Photo Booth (free app on every Mac, comes with OS X)
5. in the the Photo Booth app, go to Camera>Mobius (select/check "Mobius")

That's all there is to it.

It will take photos without issue.

Video is choppy in 1080p. I think 720p would probably work better for webcam video.
Posted by austntexan | Jun 08, 2014 @ 07:30 PM | 1,266 Views

Mounted the Mobius and did a few punchouts from my driveway.

Using a 4S2600 Glacier(288g). AUW is ~825g
Warthox FPV 4S Punch Outs w/Mobius (1 min 28 sec)

Naked, I'm guessing it's ~537g.

I trimmed the GoPro mount down some and drilled new holes, to get it closer to the plates. Lowered it about 1/4".

Switched out the aluminum booms for all CF. Added shrink to the motor mount platoforms as well as where it joins at the plates. Listening to the Mobius, it sounds really solid. No rattling at all.

This version of the Warthox is slightly shorter in wingspan, than the aluminum version. CF is around 360mm, m2m.

I've got the Mobius perfectly level and am only just getting the props in view. Mobius sits out farther, off the center axis, than the GoPro. This is prob why it's a little easier to get a clear FOV.

I'll be tilting up for normal FPV'ing. . . hoping to get a clear FOV without a lot of tilt, making landing a little easier.

Will being FPV'ing it tomorrow. Stay tuned for updates. . .
Posted by austntexan | Jun 06, 2014 @ 06:55 PM | 2,382 Views
The mount was a success!

I would include zip ties run through all the rubber anti-vibe mounts. Any hard landing will pop the whole camera assembly off the frame. At the field, I only had one of those bread twisty thingies and used that to keep everything together better on landings. It worked!

Warthox was 100% on track with the size of these motors and his quad design. IMO, the 2208 (in the higher KV ratings) is the perfect 'big motor' for mini quads too. They're light enough and tough enough. The limiting factor will be the size of the ESCs. Using sunrise/BLHeli slim ESC (possiby Afros too) will supply enough cushion to run these larger motors at higher KV on the smaller frames.

Next addition will be a servo linked to a switch that moves the flight cam from level(for take-off/landing) to 25-30% for FFF. Maybe link it to the 3 way switch . . . .

Position 1: Level
Position 2: Light Speed
Position 3: Ludicrous Speed

Previously, I'd flown this rig on 2.4, but really missed my UHF link, allowing me to fly behind buildings and such. So, for this flight, I switched the control over to 433. Combined with the low powered and unshielded vTX (5v 200mw 1280mhz), I got a pile of static all over the place. I could still fly but I had to be very careful about what I was doing.

The mini vTX is good but I'd only recommend using it on 2.4. Shielding with copper foil might work but I would prob opt for 5.8 or use the ultra small RMRC 12v 200mW 1.3Ghz vTX next time. Slightly larger but fully shielded and it has an SMA for using a VAS CP antenna.

Why the crash at the end? Massive voltage sag on an old HK NanoTech 4S1300. I was full throttle after the initial drop in and she just kept on falling. Pulled the LiPo and it still had 35% in the tank!

Warthox FPV Iron Man (5 min 53 sec)

Posted by austntexan | Jun 05, 2014 @ 01:15 AM | 1,646 Views
Final got a little time to continue my experiment with the Warthox and a more complete FPV solution.

The idea is to have something that is easy to instal/remove. If I want to fly LOS, the entire unit detaches with 4 M3 screws.

The entire setup consists of. . .

- 2, G10 Plates (50mm square)
-4, M3 plastic screws (breaks or strips away in bad crash)
- 4, HK anti-vibration rubber

Here's my original post back in early March. . .

Some footage of the version 1 mount featured in the above post. Shot this 2 days ago. This was using a Kypom 3300 4S LiPo. You can hear the loose motor rattling. Not sure if the ESCs are desynching under load or if the FC is unhappy from all the vibes. I know everyone says this but my props were pretty chewed up at this point. I'd flown about 6 LiPos already and taken a few spills. . .

I was actually afraid to get on the throttle 100%. I've only got 12A BS/SK ESCs on. She gets a little warm on 4S lol. With nice props, possibly HQ 850 or 950s, she'll smoke. For clear FOV, 8" all CF Gemfans would probably work best though.

Sorry for the 720p. I shot this in 1080/48/wide but Quicktime pulled my resolution down when it posted. I'll do 1080p for the v2 version tomorrow. Stay tuned!

Warthox Alum + Simple FPV Mount v.1 (2 min 29 sec)

Newer version uses a typical gimbal isolator plate, found on many quads. These can be made very easily using common tools.

The FPV setup is modular and based around a previous DIY...Continue Reading
Posted by austntexan | May 26, 2014 @ 02:07 PM | 1,257 Views
No rigs with me, but wondering what's the deal with FPV here? I'm guessing "no"? Didn't see anyone flying, but there are plenty of awesome spots here.

Lots of great spots in Brklyn too.
Posted by austntexan | May 19, 2014 @ 11:14 PM | 1,831 Views
Shot this at the end of last summer with an ADS400Q. It's one cut, no flipping or anything fancy, I was still amazed that I could even FPV at the time.

Obviously, I'd never experienced loss before. . . as evidenced by the over water flying. Today, I don't think I would fly the same route, Murphy's Law and all.

ads400q- exploring colonial parkway (7 min 59 sec)

Posted by austntexan | May 18, 2014 @ 08:15 PM | 11,854 Views
Ever since an unfortunate failsafe, around December, I've been interested in lower power vTX for some of my rigs.

I found this vTX at RangeVideo. It was advertised at 200mW, but I think it's probably closer to 100mW. I'll get a better idea once it's in the air.

At any rate, it might be a good setup for park flying with my mini.

The total weight of the vTX and Pololu voltage regulator is only 8g.

The antenna is a very basic monopole, so I will not have the range or penetration of a full on VAS setup. I'll report back my experiences on flying this setup.

I believe RMRC is now selling these vTXs, or something similar....Continue Reading
Posted by austntexan | May 16, 2014 @ 05:38 PM | 1,938 Views
Shot this last summer in August with my ADS400Q. Had been FPVing for about a month at this point. I was completely in awe that FPV like this was even possible.

I was moving pretty good with the ADS. Unfortunately, I knew shine-ola about mounting my GoPro and was getting some shudder under hard acceleration and FFF. Still, I was able to pull a few shots that were decent.

Surfing on the "Third Coast" is trying(we only have cumbs) but on-shore winds make it perfect for Kiteboarding year round. Texas surfers are some of the strongest paddlers. No waves.

It is hot in this part of Texas but the beer is cold and food is spicy.

ADS400Q- South Padre Island (2 min 47 sec)

Posted by austntexan | May 13, 2014 @ 02:38 PM | 2,455 Views
playing around, doing aileron rolls and vertical 360s .

My bearings were bad before this sesh. . . now they are screaming!

Mini300- Crashy Crashtonberg (2 min 38 sec)

Got some new 645 props today and test flew them. AMAZING. I got 9:30 on the Mini300, carrying a GoPro3(with Lumenier 2250mAh 3S battery!AUW 750g)

I was only grandma'ing it around the yard, but still. Also, I did take it down to 12% on the LiPo. . . normally stop at 20% but I wanted to see how close to 10 min I could get.

I was at 8:30 w/18% in the tank. That's not bad, considering the cargo I was carrying.

I'm hoping for 6 min of agro acro, with the same setup, once I get my new motors. Noticed bent prop adapters on all but 1 of the Cobras. lol Still, the frame flew, but you could tell it was irritated.

Getting new motors this week (thursday hopefully).

The break will be good as I've got some tweaking on the frame that needs to happen and I've been itching to fly my modified QX9(MT2216 1100KV) again.

Posted by austntexan | May 10, 2014 @ 01:04 AM | 2,392 Views
Thought this might be helpful, since there is such a shortage of motors for minis these days.

The information was pulled off Lucien Miller's YouTube channel. Lucien's video covers the bearing replacement of a much larger Scorpion motor. Great how-to video. Definitely watch all the way through before attempting this.

I recommend that you purchase one of these.

$30 with the good ole HF 20% single item coupon. God I love that coupon! lol

I'm uploading a bunch of pics, all shot in progression.

. . . post any questions.

Lucien's video. . .
How to change Bearings in a Scorpion Motor by Innov8tive Designs (14 min 30 sec)
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Sticky: Mini300- Cruise
Posted by austntexan | May 09, 2014 @ 02:40 AM | 2,897 Views
Finally fixed my Mobius, after having crashed into a giant mud puddle @ Drummond field (that big ag field I've been flying in all my QX videos. Basically, some of the only standing water in the field and I plop right down into it.

Dried everything off and tried to get the focus correct, but it looks like it still might be slightly out of focus.

Because of the foliage at this location, I was using a heavier setup. 800mW vTX + Mad Mushroom. Weights below.

In a lightweight build, the below numbers should be reduced by ~55g. Will be exploring this in upcoming videos.

AUW w/Glacier 1300mAh: 707g
AUW w/Glacier 1550mAH: 724g
AUW w/Glacier 1800mAh: 733g

More to come!

Mini300-cruise (4 min 38 sec)

Posted by austntexan | May 08, 2014 @ 07:57 AM | 2,536 Views
I've been receiving LiPos all week from stateside vendors. The one that has beat them all is RMRC's 2200mAh 3S. The shrink wrap color is godawful but it puts out a pile of juice, and does it very efficiently.

RMRC has always carried quality equipment, but I have to admit I am very surprised at the fantastic flight times I'm getting! Good stuff.

Runner up would be the Glacier 1800mAh 3S & Lumenier 2250mAh 3S.

Lumenier Weighs the ~same as RMRC(170g) but on my Mini300 rig, I get about 1 min less flight time. I can push it but I'm coming down with 15% in the tank at that point. Still, Lumenier products are top notch and their LiPos are especially durable.

The Glaciers are great. I love their size/shape. Kindof stocky and dense, so you can easily get to your CG with them. The 2200mAh was a little too heavy to get the CG correct, however, the 1800mAh works great and the quad is flies very aggressive with them, esp when I'm flying with a Mobius. The weight distribution is perfect.

Glaciers are also very durable and will take a LOT of abuse. They seem to be under-rated on their output (C rating). Although they're listed as 30C, they perform like a 45C-70C LiPo. Highly recommended.

I will typically fly the 2200 LiPos with a GoPro3 and the Glaciers with the Mobius. Flight times are roughly the same, but the RMRC shines with the GoPro.

As always, there are so many variables in this hobby, so YMMV. All in all, I'm very pleased with all the LiPos and you surely can't go wrong buying either (Glacier, RMRC, Lumenier).

Here's my setup. . .I need to put it on a diet. I could eliminate ~50g by moving to my Pico Wide flight cam and Vee 1.3 vTX. This would obviously help in flight times also.

Mini300 -300mm m2m
Cobra 2204 1960KV
APC 6X4e
Acro Naze
HK BS 12A ESC (SimonK)
AUW: 690g GP3
AUW: 650g Mobius

1250mhz RMRC 800mw vTX +VAS MM
Lumenier 25mm 650TVL mini cam
Posted by austntexan | May 05, 2014 @ 11:31 PM | 2,553 Views
Shout out to all my friends back in my home state. Have a Dos Equis for me, will ya!

Missing Texas today. Where I'm from, Cinco de Mayo is a pretty big deal. It's nice to see it spreading, even in VA. Dragged my better half out tonight to get some Fajitas. It's sorta like a law in Texas.

Doing a few hot laps before the rain chased me off. Good weather tomorrow. hoping to try out some 5.5X4.5 APC props. Fingers crossed they're good performers. More to come on that. . .

Mini300-Chingon (5 min 38 sec)

Posted by austntexan | May 05, 2014 @ 08:39 AM | 2,073 Views
I'd read where someone had reduced range when using their LaserBGC modules when flying on UHF. I've shielded the interior of my Fatshark Dominators and added additional copper shielding to the tin shield included with the LaserBGC 1.3Ghz vRX module.

The results are really nice. I'd shot this a month or two back, flying my modified QX9.

QX-9 :LaserBGC 1250Mhz range test (9 min 22 sec)

As you can see in the video, I'm seated, and flying low altitude the entire flight. The field has a slight convex bowl shape to it, so, depending on how far away I am, I get some Fresnel Zone penalty, if dropping too low. Still, I think I'm around 6' at my farthest distance, which would be slightly below the relative horizon to my LOS.

Very pleased with the module.
Posted by austntexan | May 04, 2014 @ 04:07 PM | 2,080 Views
Very strange behavior when flying. When slowing, or hard braking in turns, the quad wants to sit back, it pitches up. You've really got to ease up on the gas when braking or slowing down.

It's really bad with a GoPro3, not as bad with a Mobius. Still, I really can't say I'm looking forward to FPV'ing these guys.

Maybe it's b/c I'm using them on an H Quad? Seems like I've seen others fly them on X quads and the performance was really nice.

I will say, they are a lot more efficient than the APC 6x4 Speed 400s. I'm easily getting an additional 2 minutes in the air with them. I guess they might be the ticket for just cruising around. Agro flying, however, I'm no sure how to tune out the odd pitching behavior.

Any ideas?

300mm Mini-H Quad
Cobra 2204 1960KV motors
BS 12A Simonk ESCs
AUW w/Mobius: ~750g

edit. . .
I think I'm going to send these back, which pains me as I really like HQ props (the 950 is amazing) and the build quality is soooo nice, even on these mini props.

However, in order to use these, I'll need to create a separate FC tune setting, which isn't convenient, obviously.

Never experienced this with any other prop. . . at least on larger quads. Maybe it's different on minis?

I've run APC 847, APC 947, Gemfan 845 (Nylon, CF, Nylon/CF), HQ 950. . . all on the same quad, with no change in the FC. The only tuning issue is a slight oscillation on some of the APC slow fly, which you can fly around, by using less extreme throttle.

I get no weird pitching with the above props. I've actually never had that issue before.

I'm hoping HQ comes out with a 650 mini Graupner e-prop style prop. It should have higher RPMs and be glass smooth, with thrust similar to a 5x4.5, I'm guessing? Fingers crossed.
Posted by austntexan | May 03, 2014 @ 11:09 PM | 2,425 Views
Looking forward to loosing a few grams and gaining some space back on the mini.

I'd like a 5v version but FPV seems like a 12v world. I've seen a few places with the 5v Lawmates, but I like dealing with RMRC.

Also got some of their 3S 2200 LiPos for the Mini300. These will be the first I've tried from RMRC.

Also got some 6x3 and 5x3 props (HQ). My hope is to run 4S on the 6x3. More on this once I do some testing.

Posted by austntexan | May 01, 2014 @ 11:57 PM | 3,104 Views
Death of a LiPo, at the hands of the Mini300.

Death of a LiPo: Mini300 Quadcopter (5 min 28 sec)

Posted by austntexan | Apr 30, 2014 @ 11:24 AM | 2,436 Views
update/edit. . . been using this tool a lot lately. Very handy. You need one if you go through bearings on your builds and like reusing your motors instead of buying new ones.

There are ready-made tools for this purpose, but I needed one today and it's dead simple to make yourself.

Tools Needed: Dremel, Dremel cut-off wheel, 220 grit sandpaper, polishing compound(optional).
Sacrificial Screwdriver: We all have a pile of these sitting around our tool boxes. If you need to buy one, give harbor freight a look. Super cheap tools, perfectly suited for this application.

Motor I'm working on is Cobra 2204 1960KV. It's currently being used on my Mini300 quad....Continue Reading