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Old_Pilot's blog
Posted by Old_Pilot | Today @ 09:37 AM | 793 Views
3/16x1/2 Bass with a piece of 1/16x1/2 x5 aluminum strip, sandwiched, epoxied and riveted. (My father owned a boat company so I've got a gillion aluminum rivets) And it's adjustable.....so long as you don't adjust it too much and work harden the aluminum strip......it'll crack

(4) 3/32" soft aluminum rivets with backing washers.

Solid aluminum spar weighed 2.34 oz....hybrid spar weighs 1.23......
Posted by Old_Pilot | Yesterday @ 01:43 PM | 734 Views
Since I totaled the Ugly Stik a few days ago, I've been trying to decide whether to build another one just like the first, or something different......decided on something different.....

48 Swept Stik

Pink foam wing core, art board fuse and tail feathers, CF spars and a bamboo stiffener in the stab R/E/A/T. May forego the landing gear just to keep the weight down........Cut her out tomorrow....didn't get a chance to fly the Jetstream today...honeydo's
Posted by Old_Pilot | Sep 15, 2014 @ 05:43 PM | 798 Views
Have already cut her out.......

Cartwheeled the Stik this morning, like Nadia Comaneci....broke everything except the electrics.....field hadn't been cut due to rain, and I hung the L/G on some taller grass.....she looked like the end of a floor exercise dismount ! Glad I was by myself, 'cause I'd have never heard the end of it from the guys at the field.

Update...should be able to fly her (Jetstream) tomorrow. It'll be interesting to see what the difference in performance is compared to a flat wing ........I used a 50% Kline-Fogelman airfoil.....my first.

She's kind of a cross between a foreshortened SR-71 and a B-2.....
Posted by Old_Pilot | Sep 15, 2014 @ 12:38 PM | 1,044 Views
Flew it this morning....sorta......plenty of watts, not enough kV (1000) for the little prop (5.5x4.75)....always on the edge of stall.....flew like a drunk butterfly

Ordered (2) 2200 kV motors.....should be here Wed.
Posted by Old_Pilot | Sep 11, 2014 @ 11:19 AM | 1,616 Views
Since the combat ship has to wait for smaller components (or a larger airframe) I scaled down the Hellberg Mig 29 to a 24" wingspan and fit the parts to (6) of the 14x18 foam trays .....here's the templates

Cut the decals this morning...

"Stu" has been with me a long time (1975). I did a caricature of one of my superintendents way back when. He's graced a lot of drawings as a "scaled" HIM (Human Interface Model). Most of the time my boss(es) would make me change him to a more ergonomic representation, but he did manage to make it all the way through to "released-for-construction" drawing sets several times, usually causing a chuckle or two.

Used AutoCAD and photo paper....Continue Reading
Posted by Old_Pilot | Sep 10, 2014 @ 02:42 PM | 1,329 Views
David Terrell gave me a stack of 6mm foam trays........so I miniaturized the big blue combat ship....the goal is to make the airplane from one tray, and a bamboo skewer..gonna rain tomorrow, so I'll have time to finish her......
Posted by Old_Pilot | Sep 10, 2014 @ 06:53 AM | 1,159 Views

I had to attend my sister-in-law's 50th wedding anniversary in Columbia MD last week, and, as my wife was part of the planning, prep, and party crew, we went up 3 days early. 'nuff said...

David lives about an hour from Columbia and we'd arranged to try to get together to fly, or something, while I was there, just so I'd have some retreat from 30 OCD in-laws. Well, we spent 2 days flying at his local club field and one day at Udvar-Hazy wandering through aviation history. Winds were light the first time we flew......not so much the second time........a solid 15 with gusts to 20......"exciting" would be a mild description, especially when trying to land...... all aircraft survived, though I bent the L/G on the Stik a few times, and I let the smoke out of a 3S......not sure how.

Long story short......WE had a wonderful time ....despite the efforts of less than mature I-L's who seemed to think that I should be part of the heavy lifting crew....NOT !

Posted by Old_Pilot | Sep 01, 2014 @ 11:15 AM | 893 Views
Actually, this is the second flight...the maiden was a bit exciting while I got her trimmed.

48 Special Ver 2 Maiden (1 min 58 sec)

Posted by Old_Pilot | Aug 31, 2014 @ 02:57 PM | 1,074 Views
Started on her Tuesday afternoon.....finished her yesterday.....fly her tomorrow.
Posted by Old_Pilot | Aug 28, 2014 @ 05:00 PM | 1,584 Views
She flies nice !

48 Special II (2 min 40 sec)

Posted by Old_Pilot | Aug 21, 2014 @ 06:52 PM | 1,800 Views
I liked David's 55 special so much I had to build a foamie of it........sorta.... Started on her Monday morning....little or no dihedral, thinner airfoil (DF-101), no landing gear. Maidened her today in gusty winds......she's a handful......no video, my cinematographer said it was too hot....soon though !

See comments for notes and drawings
Posted by Old_Pilot | Aug 15, 2014 @ 07:02 PM | 1,399 Views
Stik 2 (1 min 39 sec)

...Continue Reading
Posted by Old_Pilot | Aug 09, 2014 @ 05:30 AM | 2,509 Views
Some blue fan fold, some aluminum duct tape, a bit of lite ply, some foam board, a couple of servos (well three 'cause my transmitter won't mix), and a big motor (.10 1250 kV) and prop (10x7P)...24 oz AUW... Flew one a couple of weeks ago and they're a hoot....

It does have three pieces of balsa.......the spars.....instead of a pizza box wing, it's a shallow symmetrical airfoil...
Posted by Old_Pilot | Jul 24, 2014 @ 07:10 PM | 2,015 Views
The first virgin flung into the volcano......got about 20 minutes total time on one battery.....Took me a bit to get the trim right

First Flight Ugly Stik (1 min 18 sec)

...Continue Reading
Posted by Old_Pilot | Jun 27, 2014 @ 05:56 AM | 2,240 Views
Well, I guess I got carried away once I started drawing again......

I've been fooling around with the Fane for more than 6 months and I think I'm close to a buildable little bird, though I'm still tweaking the wing shoulder/fuselage marriage, material thicknesses, and the windscreens/canopy. (I think she's heavy and has too many formers)

If any of you have any suggestions, please feel free......


Build log

Posted by Old_Pilot | Feb 24, 2014 @ 10:17 AM | 3,356 Views
Drawing so far.....snagged what I liked from the drawings of (5) different trainers I got off O'zone
Posted by Old_Pilot | Dec 31, 2013 @ 02:01 PM | 2,667 Views
I've decided to forgo the Barovkov D until I get some serious stick time.....I still have 0...yes zero.....hours so far. Weather has not cooperated, but at least it's not -17 like it is in Ontario....My condolences, JohnAV8R.

So, to keep busy (ahem) I'm going to build Peter Rake's 58" Eastbourne Monoplane. (Yep, went from 1940's swept wings and 500 mph to 1913 straight wings and 50 mph....where's my goggles and scarf ?). He kindly sent me the drawings, and I balked at first because of the pull-pull control surfaces, wing rigging, and wire undercarriage. (I suffer from ABWAUSS.. Asymmetrical Bent Wire And Ugly Solder Syndrome) But I've decided to give it a go under his watchful eye......and y'all's. This way I can stay up with BBCC 3, and keep building, though I'm not too sure about how well I can do with such a detailed scale model, mainly because I have to cut the parts by hand. We'll see.

I'll start a build log. Here's the link

Posted by Old_Pilot | Dec 26, 2013 @ 05:32 AM | 3,125 Views
OK......to prepare for BBCC 4, and advice from David Terrell, I'm going to attempt to build the Barovkov D Soviet fighter.. out of foam. I know, I know, the dreaded F-word to us balsa builders....keep reading. However, for the "D" to qualify for a BBCC contest, the aircraft has to be converted from one form of control to another. To my knowledge, this bird has never been kitted in any flying configuration, so I'm going to build a 24" WS glider as the first iteration......then I'll have something to convert to balsa/RC ! David suggested that I could try to make the static model fly......NOT !

Sketched up the parts I'll have to cut...see attached. For all you military vets out there.....the fuse bears more than a passing resemblance to a 55 gr FMJ boat tail......flashback !

My mind started to wander forwards to the BBCC 4 build, and the powerplant(s) that might be required....Can you imagine this girl with (2) 50 mm EDF's (one in each boom) AND a 400 or 480 pusher.....ballistic would be inadequate.....but that's a long way off. "builderdude" is ordering the motor and EDF's as we speak ! LMAO

Here's the 24" 3-view and the templates for the parts (to scale) and the "parts" sketch, not to scale.

link to the build log: