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Posted by lasakro | Feb 01, 2013 @ 02:36 AM | 4,634 Views
These are the components I chose:

MicroHeli Rotory frame
Turnigy Plush 12A with BL Heli Firmware Left over from my Spin 8000 2S setup. Since the Lynx draws 12 amps continuous the CC Talon 15 would be a better choice
Lynx 1102 3S 5600KV
OrangeRx R100 DSM2 Remote Receiver
Tarot voltage converter
Blue Arrow DO3010 Cyclic Servos. Very inexpensive but decent quality. Because of the fragile nature of the nylon gears I'm going to try the DO3013's when my 3010 stock runs out before I decide to go the Hitec HS-5035HD route at more than $32 a pop.
Walkera WK-03-4 Tail Servo. Worked well with the original 3-in-1 so I kept it. The link shows it with the 3 hole horn. You can also purchase it with the horn and integrated ball for around $10 less. The 3010 horns fit perfectly on this servo. You will also need to use their servo holder and linkage rod. If using the blade pitch lever the Blade ball link needs to be drilled out to fit the Walkera rod.
Nano-Tech 350mAh 65C...Continue Reading