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Posted by craigiri | Dec 27, 2015 @ 08:01 AM | 2,847 Views
Definitely a popular topic at this time of year as newbies take their toy models outside. I had to learn the hard way myself....

Getting your drone out of the tree

If you fly quadcopters, it’s only a matter of time – usually a very short duration – until you get it stuck up in a tree. Given murphy’s law and your luck, it will naturally be quite high up. My first tree landing was about 40 feet up, which is quite a bit taller than my house! Here are some hints for the uninitiated on how to get your toy back…

Note – do not attempt rescues which are beyond your physical and mechanical ability!

First, consider how badly it seems stuck and the type of limb or branch it is lodged in. If the tree or the branch is thin and spindly, then you have a good shot at getting it out using the “shaking” method. That is, if you are shaking the entire tree or a branch leading to where the quad sits, it might fall out on it’s own accord. Here are some of the crazy ways to do the Shake…

1. The Ladder Shake – if the tree is somewhat flexible – say up to about a foot or so in trunk diameter, you may be able to set a ladder up against it (hopefully into an area where branches meet the trunk for stability) and then climb up the ladder. Just the act of climbing up the ladder and then perhaps shifting your weight forward and backwards while holding on with both hands and feet, may shake the entire tree enough to free your machine.

2. The Big Stick Shake – if your quadcopter is not...Continue Reading