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Posted by Lou | Dec 14, 2014 @ 07:59 PM | 6,918 Views
The Hyperflight Sapphire is is a lovely lightweight 2 meter electric glider designed for the Czech/Slovak Small Outrunner electric glider class. You can find the plane at Hyperflight in the U.K.

I want to acknowledge Neil Stainton and his HyperFlight site. Neil has been excellent to deal with and has always responded to all my pestering emails. The HyperFlight site starting from the organisation of it all, the cart/purchase transaction side of it and the overall top quality of information, should be the bellweather for U.S. vendors and other sites to emulate. For any in the U.S. that are considering a purchase from Hyperflight you can do so with utter confidence in Neil.

Time to add some pictures.