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Translated from Russian into English

WLToys V912 - further higher faster.
WLToys V912 4-channel FP flybar helicopter 200 size.

You can order here

For other photos go to this thread :

Helicopter for novice pilots, and so it can be safely attributed to the section more toys than in section serious devices.
However, for the initial dating, this is a very worthy machine.
To date, a version WLToys V912 with brushless main motor, and this version is more preferable (although it is slightly trimmed in functionality, and it is not possible to connect the camcorder, bubble machine, water cannon and crane.

You can order here

If at the time of reading this post you have not bought WLToys V912, or bought and already break it) I advise you to pay attention to the other models of the same size, but without flybar, FX071c

You can order here

This model flies much better than v912. Workmanship she also higher. Well, no flybar Bole makes it reliable and durable.

In this post I want to talk about WLToys V912, so on just about it.

- Not expensive
- Very strong and beautiful stable.
- Spare parts are very cheap and available in many places.
- Flies out of the box, but no wind.
- Pretty good control for toys this level.
- The presence of additional accessories, camcorders, apparatus bubbles, water cannon and crane.

- Quality of performance and balancing of the box is poor.
- Out of the box and requires...Continue Reading
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V912 4 channel flybarless FP

Nose weight added 7 grams
Weight FX071c 288 grams with EOM batery
Weight V912 flybarless 312 grams with EOM batery
TX Feilun Toys 4 channel 2.4 Mhz
RX Feilun Toys 4 channes 2.4 Mhz FX071r

With tail assembly FX071c and you can order at :

Tail Accessories...FX071c-13 ...SKU149470

Video front of my house

V912 Flybarless (1 min 14 sec)

Video back of my house

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VELCRO Then hold RC Lipo Battery Low Voltage Monitor Alarm Tester Buzzer

You have just one RC Lipo Battery Low Voltage Monitor Alarm Tester Buzzer but more heli . Just use velcro to move to other heli.

Photo # FX071c-36

************************************************** *************************************************

RC Lipo Battery Low Voltage Monitor Alarm Tester Buzzer

Photo # FX071c-37

************************************************** *************************************************

1S-8S-Li-po-Battery-Voltage-Tester-Checker-Indicator-Monitor Buzzer-Alarm

You can adjust the low level voltage.

Photo # FX071c-38

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Abbreviations in R/C

A = Amp (ampere )
ACC = Accelerometer
AGL = Above Ground Level
Ah = Amp Hour (1000mAh)
AKI = Anti-Knock Index
ALT = Altitude
AM = Amplitude Modulations
AMA = Academy of Model Aeronautics
AOA = Angle Of Attack
ARF = Almost Ready to Fly
ARTF = Almost Ready To Fly
ASAP = As Soon As Possible
ASL = Above Sea Level
ATV = Adjustable Travel Volume, a.k.a. servo endpoint.
AUW = All Up Weight
AVCS = Angular Velocity Control System
BB = Ball Bearing
BD = Belt Drive
BEC = Battery Eliminator Circuit
uBEC = Ultimate Battery Eliminator Circuit
BL = BrushLess
BNF = Bind and Fly
BO = Back Order
BTW = By The Way
CA = Contact Adhesive
CA = Cyanoacrylate
CC = Credit Card / Castle Creations/ Cubic Centimeter
CCPM = Collective/Cyclic Pitch Mixing
eCCPM = electronic CCPM
mCCPM = mechanical CCPM
CNC = Computer Numerical Control
CF = Carbon Fiber
CF Tail Boom = Carbon Fiber Tail Boom
CG = Center of Gravity
COG = Center Of Gravity
CP = Collective Pitch
CW = Clock Wise
CCW = Counter Clock Wise
DB = Decibels = sound pressure level
DD tail conversion = Direct Drive tail conversion ( see photo # 60 below )
DMM = Digital MultiMeter
DPDT = Double Pole Double Throw
D/R = Dual Rates
DSM = Digital Spectrum Modulation
EPA = End Point Adjustment
EPS = Expanded Polystyrene
ESC = Electronic Speed Controller
FBL = Flybarless
FF = Freeflight
FFF = Fast Forward Flight
FG = Fiberglass
FM = Frequency Modulation
FP =...Continue Reading
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************************************************** ***************************************

Canopy MJX F45 fitted on V 912 by headlessagain

Photo # 50

************************************************** ***************************************

By Doctor_X

Photo # 51

Finished up the Xtreme CNC swashplate on my 912. As with all my parts, the gun-metal anodized finish was removed and the piece was mirror polished prior to installation Looks and flies great !

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Navigation LEDs on V912

Photo # 30

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