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Posted by RC911 | May 08, 2013 @ 09:21 PM | 15,358 Views
In 2011 and 2012 I purchased a couple of QUAD frames, one 450 and one 550 size, plus some spare parts from www.hoverthings.com. The cool thing about these frames is that the 450 and 550 arms will fit on the same center plate without modification, so I wanted to take advantage of this and try building something special.

The first copter I built from these parts was a T-shaped Y4. I used the 450 sized arms in the front and the longer 550 arm as tail. I used a Quadrino ZOOM (1E) controller with 2.0 firmware and it flew, but the yaw authority was horrible (almost non-existent). An Internet search revealed that many had tried building Y4 copters but with limited success. The problem lies with the Y4 motor layout itself where you at full yaw (and at best) will have two motors rotating in the same direction and one motor in the opposite direction. This will of course give slow yaw speed and low response, so I decided to scrap this copter and build something else. I didn't even take any pictures or record a video because of the big disappointment with this build.

Converting my crappy Y4 into a V-tail was quite easy. All I had to do was make the tail from some 3mm aluminum and reconfigure my Quadrino controller. I found a lot of useful information and inspiration in DialFonzo and Bledi's thread. My T-shaped V-tail flew great, but would sometimes just wobble out of control and fall to the ground. I found that this behavior was caused by vibrations and lowering the...Continue Reading