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Posted by ssulti | Mar 30, 2015 @ 12:43 PM | 1,564 Views
When HobbyKing announced an 50% discount for Go Discover - at the EU warehouse. I couldn't stop my self to press an ORDER button. Week later I picked up it from a local post office where all GLS parcels seems to end up here...

Got an kit version, so it come without any electronics. For some time now I have planned and ordered parts to this soon-to-be-FPV platform.

Power train:
- EMax GT2826/05 860kv outrunner
- Dualsky 60A ESC with 3A switching BEC.

- Wings : EMax ES08D (nylon gears)
- Gimbal : some random which I had on my billion-thing-box with correct axel size

I spent some time to think which FC to take. Found from local forum an ArduPilot 2.6 board with external compass and gps + other goodies.

Some modifications so far to fuselage and wings:
- 8 pin (Emcotec) quick connectors and circuitboard for leds, servos. Also contains few extra leads for future needs.
- 6 leds per wing, 3 in side and 3 facing forward. Left wing red, right green. All goes thru that single connector
- Cutting out some foam from engine area to give enough clearance for 35mm diameter engine.
- Some extra ventilation holes for engine
- Pushrods changed from original Z-bend+clevis to 2mm metal rod and ball links.
- Both control surfaces changed from foam hinge to plastic/metal pin hinge
- Tail fins designed to be removed, secured with two magnets
- Engine mount to support 35mm engine - two X adaptors on both ends and aluminium tubes over the screws to...Continue Reading
Posted by ssulti | Mar 15, 2015 @ 10:16 AM | 3,848 Views
Title says it all, weather cleared during the week and it has been absolutely marvellous weather since Wednesday. Long week to wait weekend to come. And what a weekend it was.

Found mine passion to rc-planes again, after spending quite lot of time out there. Not even one broken DLG made me unhappy - wings crack to half on launch... happens - no worries. :P

Saturday summary:
2 time on Knuutila Fields. First one at the morning - destroying DLG and flying maiden for FMS F3A Explorer. Quite agile and fast plane, will take a while until it is well in control. Evening was different story, 2 pack with Solius until the sun gone down - it's nice feeling to sit on beach at the car back bumper and look to sun go down behind island. About 50 minutes of flying with two 2.2Ah 3S packs with Solius.

Sunday summary:
Four packs with Solius, it still makes me grin. Gentle giant, even it is not so "giant" (2.2m wingspan), but that's how I would describe it. Almost 1.5h of flying and around 15 minutes with motor - not bad. Fun, but now my neck hurts - looking up 1.5h takes it's toll.

Weather was absolutely great in both days, almost calm at morning, evening a bit breeze (1-2m/s wind). Roughly -2 to 6'c temp, not warm but not freezing either.

Sunday's first launch with Solius. I had camera on board on all flights, have to edit one longer video, now just a first launch...

MPX Solius lauch (0 min 39 sec)

Posted by ssulti | Feb 28, 2015 @ 05:46 AM | 2,365 Views
After long and boring wintertime with no time to take plane out I just got enough time squeezed out from my calendar and headed for local flying area to take Solius for maiden. Solius flies fine, even tail-fin is replaced with home-made (foamboard) one due some mishaps during glassing. Tail-fin got too heavy and I had to strip all fibreglass out of it... Causing major damage to it. Have to order new one. Solius looks ugly as I had to also remove all fibreglassing from fuselage, due getting too badly tail-heavy.

One battery (2200mAh/3S), one flight. That was enough today. 2min 40s on motor, flight time roughly 7min 30s. Not bad at this weather (4-7m/s wind, 0-3'c, low clouds). Battery had roughly 3.9V/cell left after I landed, so I could easily squeeze out 5+ minutes for motor time with this combo.

Also did maiden flight for my son's FMS FHX-800 plane. That was a joy if flying under the treetops. Over the tops, and flying started to feel like there was ape or gorilla jumping on the wing and tail. That small cannot cope 4-7m/s winds... Also did D/R and Expo settings - kept those in 100% / 0%. Due small surfaces on this plane, it doesn't need d/r or expo.

FHX-800 will probably get some gyro/fc to smooth out flying as my son starts to use it.

Total today:
- 2 maidens
- 4 batteries (3 FHX-800, 1 Solius)
- no damage


- Stock PNP set
- 400mAh/2S
- Devo7 + 6ch RX

- MPX Solius Kit
- Emax GT2820/06 500W outrunner
- Emax Budget 50A ESC
- Emax ES09MG metal gear digital servos in all surfaces
- Stock Solius 12x6 folding prop
- 2200mAh 3S 25C LiPo
- Futaba T10J + telemetry-RX

Feeling happy again...
Posted by ssulti | Feb 04, 2015 @ 10:35 AM | 3,271 Views
Bit by bit it comes together, Solius. Today I got out last painted parts for it. Now it's only to do final assembly, some surface installation to wings, servo pushrods... Ton of little things.

Now that fibreglass seems to stick to foam. Bit bad ass looking with flat black paint with some red/yellow wingtips to help see orientation.

Maybe someday soon I have enough time and energy to take that thing for maiden. Weather is not good at all, low clouds, most time snowing and sun goes down quite early...
Posted by ssulti | Jan 30, 2015 @ 01:49 PM | 2,677 Views
Spent some time with soldering iron and built up adapter cable to plug Walkera MTC-01 transmitter "box" to my Multiplex Royal Pro 9 radio. Seems to work nicely.

Long time (4+ months) without flying anything and my thumbs have developed some pain in joints when flying simulators using thumb style. So it's time to start learning to fly with pinch style. Attached longer (as seen in picture, very long) sticks to radio. Those are stock sticks included in package; two long plastic sticks with some curves to support pinch style. Also one of the sticks contains some extra buttons; one momentary and two to act as +/-.

This will take good amount of time, but luckily I have Walkera Ladybird V2 to fly around house.

For the update about Solius - been quite busy at work so redoing fibreglassing is taking quite long time... Weather isn't good at the moment, so time isn't a big problem...
Posted by ssulti | Jan 07, 2015 @ 12:52 PM | 2,487 Views
Since xmas I have been building up MPX Solius glider, or can it be called glider with these mods... Plan is to cover it all-around with fibreglass and paint it to as visible as possible. Few hours have been spent on garage with this, even this is a foam kit. Funny how it seems to take lot longer than expected to get things done.

First, equipment and parts;
- MPX Solius Kit
- Emax GT2820/06 500W outrunner
- Emax Budget 50A ESC
- Emax 3/5A UBEC, option to use 2S LiPo for RX gear or main battery
- Emax ES09MG metal gear digital servos in all surfaces
- Stock 12x6 folding prop

For fibreglassing;
- Z-Poxy Finishing resin
- 25gr/m2 fibreglass cloth

- MPX Royal Pro 9 (SX 9 software) tx
- MPX 7ch M-Link telemetry rx

- 2200mAh 3S LiPo, parts can tolerate 4S...

First of all I cut out the servo connectors from servos and extension cables to get them fit to tail boom inside fuselage. And also to be sure, that I'll not have loose connector inside that small tube. Same treatment was also done to wing servos. Just to be sure. All internal wirings are covered with nylon sock/tube and some heat-shrink tube. After that all control surfaces were cut lose to be covered and later to be installed using Dubro hinges. Most of the wing openings and wire slots were spackled before covering to get smooth base for glass.

This is my first contact with fibreglass and epoxy, so quality wouldn't be pro. Not even close. Not problem for me as long as it will fly well and...Continue Reading