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Posted by AirborneRME | Jul 16, 2012 @ 07:16 PM | 3,811 Views
Hey everyone! I'm new to RC groups but glad to be here. Let me start off by saying I am a complete noob to RC Airplanes (I have experience with helis)...but I have big dreams. Today (16 July 2012) I have started an A-10 Warthog build. Rome wasn't built in a day and this A-10 wont be either. I plan on finishing it within about a year and a half but I'd like to document my progress and get as much help as I can from all you experts out there! I will be taking any and all advice as to how to build this thing.

While building this thing I will be learning on some flight trainers and maybe a scratch build Cargo plane with a large wingspan. Then learning flight characteristics of the A-10 with a large scale EDF A-10..

This aircraft will be built to scale using two Jetcat P-20 simjet engines. These
engines have a diameter of 2.34" and a max thrust of 5.5lb.

At the moment I am currently drawing up the plans by hand/utilizing A-10 plans I have been searching online although I havent been able to find many good ones.

Anyone have any words of wisdom....or anyone wanna call me a noob and tell me how crazy I am to try this? Either way I'd love to hear some feedback. Thanks and Happy flying to you all!


Day 2:

After having my girlfriend crunch some numbers I found that I will have to switch to a Jetcat P20 simjet engine. Making the model scale for this size simjet engine the aircraft will be around 34" in length with a...Continue Reading