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ztoon13's blog
Posted by ztoon13 | Sep 29, 2013 @ 07:04 PM | 2,141 Views
- flight controller : crius aio running multiwii 2.2
- gps : ublox (right front arm)
- telemetry : 3DR radio 433MHz (back arm)
- rx : FrSky D8R-II (left front arm)
- motors : DT750
- servo : BMS-385DMAX
- tail pivot is a copy from rcexplorer.se made with retractable landing gear from hk
- esc : HK F-20A flashed with simonk firmware. all 3 esc output wires are cut at the same lenght, making spare parts easier.
- batteries : 3S 2,2A-35/70C or 4S 2,2A-25/50C (max flight time about 9 min with my heavy contour hd cam onboard)
- on the top plate, one 3300uF/16V condensator plug in the fc (not sure it is really necessary and really prevents brown out, but couldn't harm anything for sure) besides a "home made hub" for gps, telemetry and bluetooth connection at the front. On the back of the top plate, a lipo alarm 3S/4S
- props : 1045 (all 3 ccw at the moment, cw props on the slow boat...)
- central frame : original David W. ordered from flitetest.com (great design)
- booms : 12mm wood (1/2"), 43cm long.
- up & under plate : 5mm plywood. Isolated from central frame by silicone tubing.

work still in progress.
I'm still not happy with pid settings. Not really sure what I'm doing when I play with that... but can judge the differences when going too far.

Video 1 Lariano (08/13)
Video 2 Collège (08/13)
Video 3 La Gatasse (09/13)
Posted by ztoon13 | Aug 12, 2013 @ 06:28 PM | 2,628 Views
I was waiting for 3 motors to finish my tricopter and, again, reading rcgroups forums. That thread to be precise. Hmmm.
Got some v911 parts. v929 and v939 too. Got an original (great) Alula and here is the thread about "half Lula".

Wings are 3mm depron, what I guess is a simple Kfm airfoil (1 step).
Main board is from a smashed v911.
Two motors and props donated by a v939 wired in parallel.
Barbecue sticks as spars (3) and servos rods (2). Yes carbon rods are better, but I can't use what I don't have, so...
Gift card pieces as horns.
Tape and hot glue elevons hinge.
Battery is the stock v911.
Wingspan is about 55cm = 20"
Weight is about 40gr. (update: tried it with a 2nd 150mAh batt as payload, still flies but limited with power, a 200-250mAh seems an option...)

Could be way better, but it flies... have a look

Here is the eepe file for ER9X.
Posted by ztoon13 | Jul 22, 2013 @ 10:09 AM | 2,324 Views
Due to severe crashes on both my "big" and "small" tripcopters, I scrapped the small frame and canibalized the big one to make that new version. Looks weird, but who care, it flies pretty well after some pid tunings.
All electronics came from my previous tricopter.
Main difference is the tail. Direct copy from rcexplorer.se Excellent design, direct drive from servo to rod, no arm thus no undesirable play. A bit heavy for a tri of this size but motion is perfect. Best part is that in case of crash, the zipties could come off and have a chance to save the motor.
Total weight is about 475g with a 850mAh/3S batt and the contour HD, ouch. Battery get hot but nothing serious. 5 minutes flight per batt. with cam, 8 minutes without.

Test flight video
Tricopter test flight (7 min 31 sec)

update 08/05/13
During some hard manoeuver ("a stop turn with power"), a blade separated from a prop... If somebody told me that, I would expect a nasty ending. I clearly saw the blade ejected from the tricopter and fall not far away with almost no energy (so light). I was happy to react in the good way : thr down all the way and wait for the best. Almost a landing, not a crash.
I added a new item to my "before flight checklist" : inspect props for cracks carefully.
Posted by ztoon13 | Jun 03, 2013 @ 07:08 PM | 2,630 Views
Found a brand new ARF Kinetic 800 at my Post Office this afternoon.
A little preflight check was really necessary.
- Removal of the rudder servo cover plate show the servo arm bind. Had to enlarge the place a little.
- One foldable prop bearing was split in half. Some exopy glue and (try to) balanced it.
- Added glassfiber reinforced tape on the plastic belly cover.
Hope maiden it soon.

Rx : FlySky 6ch
Batt : 450mAh 3s

update 06/07/13
First flight today. Fast bird.
On the second flight, motor stopped. Rough landing...
Discover that one wire from motor was cut sharp at the plug.
Back to the workshop.
update 06/11/13
Great little plane.
Plan ahead is to incorporate a mMWC shield flight stabilisation for testing.
update 05/13/13

One blade broke on landing. My best so far with it, go figure !
Today, 3 birds to the field, 2 grounded back home...
update 06/27/13
27 minutes flight with a 3S/450mAh batt... That field was full of thermals . This bird is not exactly what I'm looking for, too fast for a motorglider making spirals too wide, thus difficult to stay in the rising lift. But great little foamie anyway.
Posted by ztoon13 | May 05, 2013 @ 06:38 AM | 3,610 Views
A bigger tricopter able to carry a Contour HD cam or a Gopro.
I don't think the pinewood arms are going to handle well those big motors. So I'm already looking for 1mmX1mm aluminium square tube with 8mm balsa insert for damping vibrations along the arms.

Frame : BlueSkyRC
Motor : Emax 1250KV
ESC : 30A
Prop : 1045
Servo : ES08MD
Rx : FlySky 8ch
FC : Crius All In One Pro running MultiWii 2.2
GPS : ublox
433mhz radio telemetry kit

Mini 'ground station' is a 2007 Asus eeepc701 (recycling is great) running Android-x86 with mwii EZ-GUI. The usb 433mhz radio telemetry kit is plug and play, nice. I already use ez-gui with my bluetooth module.
For radio telemetry, just choose "use serial port" option, select ftdi in config and done.
Great for gps lock inflight checking, flight mode engaged, logging...
With an internet wifi connection, google maps are available.
Android-x86 is stable enough to operate wifi, bluetooth and radio telemetry at the same time. Of course, a tablet would be nice, but I dont need one, so my black eeepc would help me one more time.

Update 05/17/13
Tried megapirateng, cool stuff, but too much options for me atm, I'll have a go later with that.
Update 05/26/13
Got some noise clicks from all motors. Change timing mode from medium to high, a little better but still got some loud clicks at low throttle.
Rx/Tx & telemetry range test to come.
weight = 685g (without batt.) which is about 3 times the auw of my previous tricopter...hopefully, expected thrust is also 3 times greater.
Update 07/13/13
1 motor holder broken after second flight. Bad luck...
Posted by ztoon13 | Apr 19, 2013 @ 11:39 AM | 3,156 Views
I decided to scrap my quad build after few "jumps" in the air.
Two options from here : ask for one spare motor (and maybe had to balance it) or go for a tricopter. That comes quickly in mind when you try to get rid of vibes from one arm and never succeed. Less motor --> less prop --> less vibes sources --> less troubles.

3 motors and esc... and I have a metal geared servo in hand, some pinewood 1cmx1cm. I will try a homemade tricopter frame.
I re-used some frame parts of my quad. The tail is made with a carbon rod (3mm) and a carbon tube (4mm) inserted about 2cm in the rear arm.
I'm still in tuning phase with the PID. Hopefully, I purchased the bluetooth dongle, don't imagine plug on and off each time you refine your settings...

Frame : pinewood and glassfiber sheets
FC : Crius SE running MultiWii 2.1 <-- updated to MultiWiii 2.2 05/06/13
ESC : Hobbyking 10A
Motor : Suppo A1510
Servo : Emax ES08MA
Prop : 5030 3 blades
Rx : FlySky 6ch
Low voltage alarm buzzer
Bluetooth dongle
Batteries used : 850mAh 3s
Front payload : #808 cam
auw (with batt.) = 320g

Flight test video :
Tricopter flight test (5 min 20 sec)

update 05/13/13
Crashed after flip over. Crius works strangely now it's been updated to 2.2
But wood is cheap.
update 06/16/13
Back to mwi 2.1
update 07/13/13
One more hard crash, but this time, the frame is trashed. Lifetime is about 100 batts. Next one.

Posted by ztoon13 | Mar 28, 2013 @ 05:29 PM | 3,327 Views
At least got some free time to continue my build...

Frame : BlueskyRC microquad
Flight controller : MultiWii Crius SE
ESC : Hobbyking 10A
Motor : 1510
Prop : 5030
Rx : FlySky 6ch

After few "jumps" in the air, seems obvious I got it wrong. Even with balanced prop, I don't think it's gonna work.
What I learned ?
1- Balance a prop is not that hard, but a 3 bladed is a pine in the glass. How to balance a small motor ? don't know, with luck ?
2- If purchased separately, keep the motors and props in the range of your frame as advised. The 1510 motors with the 3 bladed prop just twist all arms longitunaly at full power thrust! they banked as the torque increased and one of them is just a shaker full of (bad) vibes. Yes the xcopter calculator gives good flight time and power with this set but the frame is barely able the sustain such power.
3- When purchasing "average" quality parts (as motors) take one more as spare.

This config must work (add little carbon rods), but in my case, vibrations was a real concern, be advised...
I'll try it with another set of motors "later" as I had to choose and purchase another set.
OK. Now, what to do with 3 balanced motors ? Is that a metal geared servo ?
Posted by ztoon13 | Jul 06, 2012 @ 01:53 PM | 5,836 Views
The v911 fp helicopter and the v929 quadcopter are able to fly either in Heli or Acro mode when bind with the stock Turnigy 9X Tx. After testing the 2 options, I found no handling advantages (or more reactivity) in using the acro mode over the heli mode.

REVERSE (ELE) REV // reversed elevator is needed
NOR L=0% 1=20% 2=40% 3=65% H=85% // take-off position (full thr isn't necessary)
SUBTRIM (THR) -30% // negative value insure no power when thr hold activate
E. POINT (AIL ELE RUD THR) 100% // 100% is enough indoor
THR HOLD (STATE) ACT - (HLD POS) -30% // negative value insure no power when thr hold activate
D/R EXP (AIL ELE RUD OFF) D/R=100 EXP=0 - (AIL ELE RUD ON) D/R=65 EXP=0 // off=enough reactivity on=t/o position, precision flight
FAILSAFE (AIL ELE THR RUD) 000% // failsafe active, THR CUT (back left button) is used to cut both motors (servos still working).
TIMER (STATE) ACT - (MIN) 5 - (SEC) 59 // TRN (back right trigger button) is used to start/stop 6min timer (chime start at 5).
PRO <123>
MIX1 (STATE) ACT - (MASTER) GEA - (SLAVE) RUD - (OFFSET) 000 - (UPRATE) 15 - (DNRATE) 15 - (SW) ON // HOV THR (back right rotating button) is used for RUD fine trim.
MIX3 (STATE) ACT - (MASTER) THR - (SLAVE) AIL - (SW) NOR - (CURVE) L=100% 1=67,5% 2=50% 3=50% H=50% // mix used with thr curve position NOR to (try to...) counter-act the fact that I modified the...Continue Reading