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Posted by Nightstone | Oct 22, 2012 @ 12:39 AM | 3,055 Views
Pulled the trigger on a DX8 tonight after much research. I did not think I was going to stay with Spektrum with all the brownout issues. Price, features and a quick reboot/connect time sold me on trying this once again.

The DX6i has a crappy reboot/reconnect time if you brownout. 4-5 seconds is just to much if you want to keep that plane in one piece. There were other issues as well. Elevons for one. Would I ever recommend a DX6I for a new person getting in the sport? FLAT OUT NO. NO WAY. DON'T DO IT.

Here is a vid that kinda covers my issues.Not my vid!

RCDOX 2012 DX6i brown out problem Rx Tx link RC plane (6 min 8 sec)

Posted by Nightstone | Oct 19, 2012 @ 02:13 AM | 3,830 Views
Made a 60" polyhedral wing tonight. 8 In wide and 235 grams. Plane weight now is at 572 grams. Should get a test flight in tomorrow. I'm designing a new aerial photography plane and eventually going into FPV. If this wing works well I should have my gopro up on it by next week.

Wing is just fold over taped foam with paper removed. Internally reinforced with plywood and CF.

Posted by Nightstone | Oct 18, 2012 @ 01:10 PM | 3,954 Views
I was browsing eBay when I stumbled upon this landing gear. The price seemed a bit too good to be true and I had no dimensions. Well I decided to take a chance and purchased 8 pairs. Price came out to $19.31 shipped.

Received my gear yesterday and you can see the dimensions from the pictures. The main strut is 145mm. Weight is 18 grams for both struts. These seem very strong and should do me well in AP/FPV planes.

I feel I got a smokin deal on this. HK has similar carbon gear for $18.75. No screws and not drilled.

Posted by Nightstone | Oct 16, 2012 @ 02:17 AM | 3,562 Views
Here is a pic of my tester plane. Built this purely for testing wings, gear etc. the fuse is just a square made out of 4 pieces of DT foam glued together and taped. I did try Ed's noob tube fuse but did not like the extra weight.

The wing is a kinda armin/KF one I built. DT paper removed and taped on one side. inside is supported with light ply with an angle for dihedral. 40". This wing works great.

plane weighs in at 475 grams and fly's great. Surprisingly it handles the winds fine ( 8-10mph ).

Posted by Nightstone | Oct 15, 2012 @ 01:21 AM | 3,141 Views
I have been having disconnect issues since the beginning of my journey into this sport. I have totaled 2 planes due to this and damaged a few others. I have not posted about this issue in any thread do to all the controversy surrounding it. Anything from its a myth to user error to 2.4ghz sucks etc.

Every time its happened I have tested every aspect of the plane fully afterwards. ESC, Motor, Receiver, Batteries, Connections. Everything always checks out okay. I have even went as far as load testing batteries. Nothing ever shown up as bad.

After my own experiences I finally came to the conclusion that folks in the brownout threads may have a point about voltage drops, ESC and reboots. To that end I went and put an order in for 10 Turnigy Becs. The 2 I already have were transferred over to 2 test planes that I will be flying for the next 2 weeks or more if needed to see if I Brownout.

I will post my results here as well as a video of my wing tester plummeting to the ground and then pulling up about a foot or so from the ground. I also have a video of my mini F-22 plummeting from the sky. I did get control back on that one but it was too late and I totaled the plane.

Posted by Nightstone | Oct 15, 2012 @ 12:59 AM | 3,268 Views
This post is how I finally dealt with the landing gear issues. Too flimsy and it falls apart. To sturdy and the plane breaks. This was really my arch nemesis. i wanted to throw and break things lol.

Wheels - Wheels are made using 2 EPP disks cut to diameter. In the middle is a round piece of cut up CD ROM. Though the middle is a piece of brass tubing that piano wire can go through. You need the disk in the middle to fortify the wheel otherwise the brass tube will start ripping the EPP. Use the glue of your choice to hold it all together. Cheap, Light, Scalable. Works great.

Landing Struts. I use Home Depot metal rod markers to make the gear. Its very cheap ( $7 for 100 if I remember right).

1.) Use your motor mount stick or a piece of balsa. For a single set of struts cut one hole. For a double cut 2 at opposite end. One end needs a wire sized hole and the other a hole big enough to put a zip tie through.

2.) Put the wire half way though the hole and bend it like in my pictures.

3.) Put the zip tie though the last hole and loop the wire ends through it and tighten.

4.) Attach an axle to the bottom of the V's. Use thread and CA to hold it. This is very strong and the wire will bend long before this breaks.

5.) Attach wheels. Put heat shrink on both ends of the wheels and put some CA over the top.

6.) From there mount to suit yourself.

Send me a message if you have any questions.

Posted by Nightstone | Oct 07, 2012 @ 03:14 PM | 2,538 Views
My latest project is a new type of RC Wing design based on a modern parachute. The wing is open in the front and one section is recessed back a bit. Ribs keep the 2 halves separated and angled. My hope was that the open sections would fill with air and then spill over the recessed section causing the air to curve. There by creating lift.

I have tested 2 versions of the wing so far. a 33" dihedral version and a 40" polyhedral version. Both flew fine. Now the question is how much lift am I actually generating. My next test will be to compare them against an Armin or KFm Wing.

First Wing
RCWing (2 min 35 sec)

Second Wing

WingTest2 (3 min 33 sec)
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