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Posted by Boris B | Jul 23, 2015 @ 05:39 AM | 6,609 Views
Due to many questions about my latest Cleanflight 1.10.0 improvements and tests here is some more central information about it.

The fork is from the current Cleanflight Master:

My PR's:
#1156 Luxfloat more precision in Configurator tuning
#1103 Luxfloat Optimisation and new defaults
#1128 RC Smoothing
#1028 + #1071 Improve soft filtering function for reuse
#1158 Remove TPA from Iterm PID1

Blackbox pause feature on switch
ESC passtrhough programming through Cleanflight
Improved Failsafe (Separately configurable channels for failsafe)

See link for full merged list.
My Local Cleanflight fork:

Links to firmware:


CC3D (The bin files might not work as reported by some):

Link to Cleanflight Configurator mod with more decimals for luxfloat tuning of this build (not needed):

My spracing Mini H example PID's. Tuned on PID1 and PID2