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Posted by Boris B | Jul 23, 2015 @ 06:39 AM | 575,494 Views
Due to many questions about my latest Cleanflight improvements and tests here is some more central information about it. The motivation for this project is to bring the endusers closer to the development of cleanflight. As my main focus in cleanflight is the flight improving development. A flight test group like this is very usefull.
The betaflight fork is from the current Cleanflight Master with possible future Cleanflight flight performance enhancements.

The original intention of this project is only to improve testing of the current cleanflight and new features for those who are not familliar with github and compiling of own firmwares.
After a while I realised that some things in cleanflight are not being done on the most optimal way to give the maximum performance out of our machines. My main focus is to prioritize acro flight behaviour and give that the main priority, but still maintain good and solid level modes. Also we do want to prevent advanced tuning and stick to only PID's adjustments.
Some parts of proccessing are not being done efficiently like acc reading when flying acro mode, which was delaying the control loop. With this firmware disabling acc is not anymore necessary.
Also many jitter prevention have been done to maintain a steady and stable control loop and F1 targets like naze have overclocked i2c speed to be able to give same performance like standard F3 targets in terms of flight characteristics. F3 targets with i2c are...Continue Reading