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Posted by rexless | Dec 13, 2013 @ 05:59 PM | 4,630 Views
When I recently had some problems with a couple of defective OrangeRX R615 receivers I decided to try some alternatives. Since I'm flying with the Devo 10 on Deviation firmware I thought it'd be fun to try the tiny little RX601 Devention receiver.

At first I had no idea how to bind it. It came with a tiny screwdriver and a bind plug but there's no port marked for battery/bind. I searched and searched but could not find any online documentation. I managed to piece things together from other devention documentation and some trial and error.

*** Before doing this I recommend removing propellers, etc. ****

First - Created a new model in your devo transmitter. I did this by copying a previous one so I could edit it. Change the name, set the type to DEVO and then delete all the numbers in the fixed ID field (if there are any). Save the settings by exiting and turning off the transmitter.

Next - Get the little screwdriver ready as you'll need to push down the little "clear" button hidden in the little hole in the RX601 case. Holding that button down, plug in the battery. The red light should flash once per second while the button is held down. This should indicate any previous fixed ID is cleared. You can let go of the button and power on the transmitter. The receiver should flash more quickly now.

The transmitter should power up and give a countdown for the binding procedure. Usually if it went correctly the rx01 should stop flashing and...Continue Reading
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Here's some recent photos of my Armattan 258 series Quads.
Left is my favourite so far - Milled Carbon Fiber 258. No landing gear and no protective top plate. Nylon screws holding on the motors for reduced weight. Aluminium Nuts to reduce weight. Tri-props for more thrust.

Middle - my latest CNC 258 build. Pretty much a standard Armattan DIY kit.

Finally an amazing Armattan Prototype. Featuring prototype carbon fiber plates, Carbon Fiber/G10 Arms, and Carbon Fibre protective top plate. This is a very strong and tough looking build.
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Here is a shot of most of my fleet as of July 20, 2012