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Posted by siriusflier | Feb 16, 2016 @ 09:46 AM | 2,015 Views
Tarantula X6

I have been interested in the X6 quad for a couple of months. I have read a lot in the X6 threads and read about the change of fcbs. I never had a quad bigger than a 250mm until I received two JJRC H26Ws the last week of December, 2015, and the first week of January, 2016. I like the fight characteristics of the H26Ws and read that the YZ X6 is similar, plus it uses the V2x2 protocol, so I already had a few transmitters I could try it with. Then I also realized that some of the parts were interchangeable between the X6 and the H26. I had ordered 6 X6 motors to use as spares for my H26 quads.
I also wanted to order some main gears and prop shafts and direct replacements were not available for the H26, so I did some checking and decided that the X6 gear/shaft would fit the H26. Then I decided to look and see what it would cost to buy the rest of the parts to build an X6. When I found out I could probably do it for less than $30 with things I already had on hand, I got serious about ordering the parts. I found out I could order the body and gears on Amazon for $1.19 using my Amazon points. I got the fcb and battery door from Banggood. Ordered the motor mounts from Gearbest. And already had bearings to replace the bushings. Not counting the bearings because the motor mounts actually come with bushings, I ended up spending $25.73 US for the parts.

I couldn't really start until I got the body, because I had to solder wires to the fcb and...Continue Reading