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Posted by slothy89 | Oct 15, 2013 @ 08:22 AM | 2,002 Views
Well I finally got all my stuff from Hobby King to get started on cutting the plane apart.

The motor turned out to be a perfect fit for the nose both in diameter and length.


Then I proceeded to hollow out the fuse to make room for everything to fit inside, and cut holes for the servos to fit into. I also added Carbon straps to the H-Stab to straighten it out and get rid of the anhedral.

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Posted by slothy89 | Oct 03, 2013 @ 07:16 AM | 1,783 Views
So with the new Disney Planes movie out, I've gotten myself hooked in making the main characters RC. They're going to be based on FliteTest's Swappables and their already made Dusty and Ripslinger. However, that's a project for later on.

The Idea:

Instead, I have something even more challenging! Came across this little 30cm (12") toss glider at the local Target for AU$18:

After a little CG tweaking (rubber band behind the cockpit) it glides really stable and level for a good 10m (30ft).

Now so I didn't spoil the fun of the little thing, I thought that for an electric RC conversion I needed a second one, so if I totally wrecked the conversion I still had a good one left over.

Getting Dirty:

First step was to find a way to make room for the electronics. To do this, I found that the front half was in 2 main pieces and lightly glued. So I got out my trusty xacto knife and cut along the join to separate it. Here's how it looks now:

Eventually I will hollow it out to make room for everything, but I'll leave that until I receive all the electronics.

Only issue I can forsee is that the RC gear might make it too heavy, causing it to lose its nice glide tendencies.


Due to the size of the plane, I figured that 4ch would be over kill, so 3ch it is. Next I considered Rudder/Elev or Aile/Elev, and with the vertical stab so small, bank and yank seemed more suitable. Plus I've always preferred to have aileron control over rudder anyway....Continue Reading
Posted by slothy89 | Aug 06, 2012 @ 10:42 AM | 2,202 Views
MJX-F45 Indoors (4 min 27 sec)