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Posted by davyg | Feb 03, 2013 @ 11:03 AM | 1,148 Views
Decided to have a bash at constructing a homemade magentic prop balancer...

I had bought 11 x 4.7 slow fly props which I was unable to balance in the normal cheapo manner

I had to add a cutdown rawplug to the metal rod so that the slow fly prop would fit snug, as It just wouldn't work with just using the rod on it's own..

well, here is my attempt... will try and get a little vid to show it in action..

homemade magnetic prop balancer (0 min 13 sec)

Posted by davyg | Jan 25, 2013 @ 08:25 AM | 1,845 Views
Started building a new Quad, just waiting on the USB ASP so as I can reflash the board to X-copter configuration (pay attention to hobbyking website location next time I order....LOL... HK instead of UK.... DOH!)

arms were 15mm basswood with 2 x 50mm end pieces glued and then drilled and then I added 4mm wooden dowel with wood glue for extra strength, also added 1mm double sided foam to the top and then stuck on 3mm ply to give a solid base for the motors, which are held in place with 2.5mm zip ties, body is 3mm ply, I used M4 X 30 nylon plastic bolts/washers/wingnuts. and drilled 10mm holes to pass the ESC plugs through

used an old DVD tub as a protective housing, this was held in place by 2mm x 20mm bolts and nyloc nuts.

navigational aids consist of green/red electrical insulating tape, and for the rear it is 4mm wooden dowel pushed through a piece of pool noodle (I drilled about 6mm into the side of the rear arms using a 4.5mm drill bit).

I implemented Rcexplorers battery and camera mount and glued a piece of non slip matting to keep the battery in place.

Have built up a vibration dampening base for the KK Board to sit on...

Total weight of the copter incl battery and motors (without props and prop mounts) is 950g ......lets hope this things flies... as I never ever managed to get my Tricopter build off the ground properly....

Motors are 4 x Turnigy 2213

ESC 4 x 18a Plush ESC http://www....Continue Reading