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Posted by cyberbillp | Mar 23, 2014 @ 11:38 AM | 1,352 Views
I did smash testing on the Bullet Proof Quad (BPQ) today at our Sunday flying spot.

I took a pipe, used it as a bat, and used the BPQ as a baseball, and tried to hit a home run. It took hit after hit before I finally managed to break the frame on the 5th or 6th home run attempt.

Try that with Carbon Fiber or G10.

It broke on the only sharp cut corner on the frame, the battery strap, Velcro cut out.

So I will update the CAD files and remove that sharp corner and make the design flow better, removing this weakness. Though arguably, if you smash it with a pole, this hard, this many times, at far greater speeds than you can achieve in flight, you you might expect it to break. Any other materiel would have been completely destroyed after the first hit.

After reflecting with Massiveoverkill on the stiffness and design, I have decided to abandon the Gecko arms and go purely with an H configuration. I will also step up to the next material thickness for the main frame. This added with the corner removal in the Velcro strap cut outs should finalize the design.

Another session smashing it around the field should prove durability to my satisfaction.
Posted by cyberbillp | Mar 12, 2014 @ 08:31 PM | 2,794 Views
What do you want in a Mini H Quad?


When you smack a tree head-on at 40+ mph, you want to know you will not have to go buy another $100+ frame. Knowing that your quad will bounce, and bounce and bounce again, is a great relaxation factor, taking the tension out of FPV, allowing you to fly with wild abandon, balls out, going places you've never gone and pushing your skills to new levels. You need a quad that you aren't afraid to fly like a bat out of hell.

It's time to introduce the Bullet Proof Quad.

Literally made from the same material that protects Military Bomb Disposal Teams, this frame is lighter and stronger than G10, does not, can not, and will not; crack, break or shatter like Carbon Fiber. It's lighter and stronger than G10, near Carbon Fiber and Kevlar in strength and positively can not be broken without an axe or chainsaw.

The main quad air frame is fully vibration isolated from the motors and is specifically designed to carry a Mobius 1080p Action Cam/DVR and use the Flip Series (30mmx30mm) flight controllers.

Yes, you can strap a GoPro on the front.

You can assemble the quad as either a Reptile, a Hex Spider or an Mini H-Quad. You can even build it as an X-Quad if you desire. Designed from the ground up to be like nothing else available, the standard Gecko configuration is for inverted motors, but if you prefer the classic "box on top" style Mini H-Quad, you can certainly assemble it that way as well. It was designed symmetrically to allow as much versatility as possible, far beyond anything else available.

Motor to motor distance varies depending on your choice of configuration. Nominally it is 250 class and supports 5 inch props.

Weight is roughly 185 grams. I weighed the prototype at 135g, but there are upgrades that should bring it up to around 180 grams. I will update once the frames arrive and I can weight the final product.