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Posted by OldSpool | May 27, 2012 @ 11:58 PM | 2,077 Views
Hello anyone, I findlly got my 4F180 to pop up for about a 10 sec flight before it started to drift to the left and backwards then crashed I have already replaced two sets of forward tail gears, and about to replace my third main gear from previous crash. My qustion is on my last crash, the tail servo started to buzz for about 10 sec.Also i noticed some moisture on the inside of the servo housing. I read that the servo can burn out on a crash.could this be the case. Also on my last flight, on take off, the heli started to wobble then smooth out right before lift off. After lift off it started to wobble agan causing it to crash. Is it because my gyro is turned up to high. ? Please help thank you: oldspool.
Posted by OldSpool | Mar 29, 2012 @ 01:29 PM | 2,180 Views
Hello everyone, I am new to RC group. Please help. I have a new Walkera 4f180 helicopter. Have had it for about two months, and have not got one flight out of it. I have eye ball leveled the swash plate. Adjusted the servo arms to :90 degrees. Helicopter will get less than one foot up and crash on take off. Sometimes it will spin out of control. Trim not helping. Or just flip over. I believe a adjustment to the receiver would help. Can anyone please tell me how to set up the RX2451V receiver. Thanks for any advice: