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Pinky_d_brain's blog
Posted by Pinky_d_brain | Apr 03, 2013 @ 02:49 PM | 2,341 Views
This is just a ruff list of stuff I want to build and a way to keep track of the links that won't get lost if my PC craps out

Tallies/SEMFF modified 16" P-39 Fatty
currently working on this waiting for parts to show up

J-3 Piper Cub
Wheel and Wing Mod's

Pinkys $ Tree Foam Board Airboat
simple airboat design that you can build and mod in a hurry (plans are ruff but are there)
This is a work in progress at the moment
I would like to thank ExperimentalAir and dz1sfb from RC Groups for the inspiration

Northrop X-4
Well the plan on this has changed going to go a lot more scale and around 48" WS

FFF Magnum Reloaded ......for 3D
I really like this plane there is just something about how it looks and flies. Thinking about having multiple wings so I can switch it over to a 3D plane

PUAV-01 Jet
This is a pinky custom design/prototype that I am working on

F4-U Corsair
48" wing span hand lunched for now built from my own plans

General info links
J Morgan finishing
Airboat Stuff